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    Expired on: Tue, Jun 26th, 2012
    I have 12x FPC Protein Bars (from Redplum insert - July 31/2012)

    ~~~3 for the price of 1~~~

    Will trade 3 Protein bar FPC for one of my wish list FPC’s OR $10 in my wish list coupons listed below.

    FPC Wish list
    FPC Bread / Bagels
    FPC CheeCha Puffs
    FPC Pop - (good on 12-pk cans or 6-pk bottles - no diet)
    FPC Gardein or other meatless products (ie. Yves ect. not Tofu)
    $5 Ice Cream / Chapmans
    FPC J&J replacement (good on first aid kit)
    $5 McGavin’s bread card from Entertainment book (must be valid in BC)
    FPC Mott’s Clamato
    FPC Oasis Smoothie (1.75L)
    $4+ Quaker call in
    FPC Silk Soy Milk
    FPC Sunlight laundry
    FPC Swiffer dry kit
    FPC Tassimo discs **RLF (will give 6 fpc’s for this)
    FPC Tostitos / Kettle chips

    If you think there is another FPC I would be interested in, please pm me.

    3 Protein bar FPC for $10 in wish list (multiples welcome)
    $2 wub2 Dozen Eggs (2013)
    $1 Hain Celestial (call in good on any product) (worth $3)
    1 Pin Code for Kelloggs “Love Your Cereal” Promo (worth $3)
    2 PIN codes for free flip flops from nature valley bar boxes (worth $5)
    $1.50 / $2.50 Silk Soy Milk
    $2 Stayfree (J&J call in)
    $2 Tylenol (J&J call in)
    $2 Band-aid (J&J call in)
    $1 Becel (good on any)
    BOGO Buitoni Pizza (worth $3)
    $2 wub2 Christie products 115-550g (Dec 31 - What’s cooking mag)
    BOGO Dempsters/D’Italiano (worth $3)
    $1 Fresh Express bagged salad (dec)
    $0.75 any Fresh Produce product (from ziplock)
    $1 Pepsi/7up ect. 12x355ml cans (84211721)
    $0.50 Coca-cola/sprite cans
    $1 Tostitos salsa/Dips (Dec 31)
    $4 wub3 Bear Paws
    $4 wub2 Nestle snack size bars
    $2 Maxwell house coffee
    $4 Mach or Gillette Fusion razor on one
    $2 Variety oack chips 18ct
    $0.75 Chips Ahoy cookies (Dec 31 - what's cooking mag)
    $0.75 Crispers baked snacks
    Dempsters / Wonder bread (or any others good on white bread)
    $1 Dr. Oetker pizza (dec expiry)
    $2 Old Dutch chips (or $1 Kettle chips)
    $0.50 Leclerc cookie product (NED)
    $0.75 Stagg Chili
    $0.75+ SunRype juice or fruit snacks
    $0.75 Thinsations (tear pad or from magazine)
    $1 Tostitos artisan chips/twistos snacks
    $0.75 Yves veggie cuisine
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    hehe your in the train section lol

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