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    Peachykeen's Quick & Easy Meals VWT

    This train will consist of two parts

    Part A : Regular VWT

    Part B : A Quick & Easy Meal Receipe

    Please familiarize yourself with the boarding rules before you agree to join!

    PART A :

    This will be a train for 9 riders plus me, so 10 in total

    Riders must have a trade rating of 50+

    Note : If you have not left me feedback for any trade or train we have done you will NOT be able to ride until feedback is left (sorry)

    Mail date : TBA

    Wishlists must contain 35+ coupons including easy to find coupons, online and tear pads

    You MUST send 2 coupons from each rider's wishlist

    Wishlist's must NOT have any FPC's / Call-Ins / Rare Coupons listed

    Wishlist's must be done in a points system when submitting them to me
    (i.e. worth 1/2)

    One postage stamp = One to Two missing coupon

    $0.50 Canadian Tire Money = One coupon

    Expires must be Sept 30 or later unless approved by rider (must send me pm confirming)

    *Please rider's check your wishlist, I will assume if it is on your wishlist you are AWARE of the expiry*

    Please include the following with your wishlist:
    Printables: Y/N
    French: Y/N
    TFT: Y/N Y/N
    Stacking: Y/N
    Store specific: Y/N
    Accept early expiries: Y/N

    You must separate and mark who each group of coupons is for and who it is from so we will all be able to rate each other on the train. Also, mark down how many coupons are in each bundle

    Please attach the coupons for the other riders by using a baggie, paperclip, post-it note ~ NO STAPLES or TAPE

    I WILL be checking each envelope to make sure they are on rider's wishlists. I understand that mistakes happen, but if you have 3 errors in your envelopes of coupons to other riders (ie. Early expiry, incorrect brand, something that was not on their wishlist) and you have not ok’d it with the other rider via pm to me, your boarding pass will be used to return your envelope back to you

    If you would like a seat, please post in the thread and pm your wishlist.

    Seating is not confirmed until I have your wishlist

    PART B :

    Every rider must include in their envelope to me 1 Quick & Easy Meal Receipe

    Please only send 1 copy - I will make sure all the other rider's on the train get a copy of everyone else's receipe


    Boarding pass is

    4 permanent stamps plus 1 sheet of girly stickers


    3 Permanent Stamps plus 1 extra wishlist coupons


    1 FPC (No Protein Bars) = (no stamps required)


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    I am interested in the ceaser wet dog food coupon if you still have, Thanks

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    My kids and I have been pigging out at Cora's all month LOL. They had no issue letting me use a coupon for each child that was with me as the wording isn't restricted to one per table.
    Keep Smiling!
    Super Mel

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