i have these to trade:

35x FPC Pure Protein Bars...they expire 07/31/12

looking for the best offer of these wl items:

FPC Oasis juice (1.75L) - RRRLF
Oasis 1.75L - $1.25 - 2250877 - (Allen's juice cans) - RRRLF
FPC Sunlight laundry detergent - RRRLF
FPC Timothy's K-cups - RRRLF
FPC V8 Fusion - RRRLF
FPC yogurt (from SYB pins)

FPC Silk Soy/Almond milk
Free M&M's WUB4 Old Dutch - RRRLF
M&M's/maltesers pouch tops (for movie tix)
Haagen Dazs - 10035216 - RRRLF
Quaker Instant Oatmeal (FPC or $ off) (from "dive into summer" booklet)
Kellogg's share your breakfast pins - RRRLF
Popeye's bucks or gc's
International Delight
L'oreal hair expertise $2 - printable RRRLF
$5 chapman's
Walmart gc
Sobeys gc