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Thread: Airmiles sucks collect anything else

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    I love airmiles!!!! I have my balance set to 80% cash and 20% dream, so when my dream miles get big enough I'll cash in for A Boston Pizza or HBC GC, it works fine for me!!!!!

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    Well, comparing old air miles to new air miles, it sucks now. I was talking to someone who had no idea of the changes when she went to the website to check things out she was blown away about how the rewards & gift cards are terrible. As a side note it is just a joke in the rewards area they put stuff that you can only buy with cash, I think they changed their definition of rewards! Rewards programs all seem to follow the same path
    1-easy points, good rewards -- builds their card carrier base
    2--make the points harder get and rewards more expensive -- to make people spend the most and get the least this puts money in the reward providers hand.
    3-- Change the program completely --after you reach so many people you can only increase your card holders by a very small percentage so you wont grow, but you now have millions or billions of points owing. Everyone of these points that goes unused puts money in the pocket of the program provider. To do this they do things like, put an expire date on points eg- Air Canada, or change to a completely different and limited rewards offering like air-miles.
    I will still use them at Metro & the Liquor store, something is better than nothing but it is not close to what it was.
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