Food and beverage
FPC DrOetker Mug Cake Aug 7/12
FPC x 2 Pure Protein Bar 31/7/12
FPC Kellogg’sMini Wheats Centres July 15/12
BOGO free box of Tetley Infusions Dec 31/12
BOGO free Dempster’s WholeGrains Sept 30/12
BOGO free Olivieri fresh pasta (360g or less) Dec 31/12
Free KnorrSidekicks when you buy 3 Dec 31/12
$1.00 CrackerBarrel Monterey Jack cheese (400g or 600g) 08/15/12
$1.00 CrackerBarrel Natural cheese slices 08/15/12
$1.00 any Ivanhoe cheese variety Dec 31/12
$1.00 any Mozzarellissima product (500g or larger) Nov 30/12
$.75 any International Delight product Nov 30/12
$.75 Natreldark chocolate milk Oct 31/12
$1.00 any Dairyland organic product Nov 30/12
$1.00 any Ultimate Recovery product (325 mL) Nov 30/12
$1.00 any La Crème Cow spreadable snack cheese Aug 03/12
$.75 BlackDiamond Cheesestrings Ficello (8’s or 16’s) OR Funcheez products Dec 31/12
$1.00 AstroBiobest smoothie (4x200mL) Dec 31/12
$2.00 any Becel pro active margarine Dec 30/12
$.75 LactanciaCream (any) Dec 31/12
$1.00 YoplaitYoptimal/Asana Sept 1/12
$1.00 wub2 Del Monte fruit twists, mini fruit twists & fruit stripes 180g,Del Monte twists or mini twists 18 pkg variety 324g sizes Sept 30/12
$1.00 V8vegetable cocktail (1.89L) Dec 31/12
$2.00 CarnationBreakfast Essentials Dec 31/12
$1.00 any Lipton Tea product Dec 31/12
$.50 Welch’sjuice (1.36L) Sept 30/12
$2.00 VanHoutte ground or whole bean coffee 280g and up Dec 31/12
$.50 V8Fusion (1.06L) OR PF GoldfishPretzel OR PF Goldfish Colours Aug31/12
$1.00 MelittaCoffee Dec 31/12
$.75 Melittacoffee filters Dec 31/12
$.50 NestlePure Life (2 1L Sparkling bottles or 1 6x500mL case) Dec 31/12
$.50 NutrigrainSuperfruit flavours Sept 30/12
$1.00 DrOetker Shirriff Mousse Dec 31/12
$1.00 any 2 Pringles snack stacks Aug 31/12
$1.00 Alpen Cereal Aug 31/12$.75 Post Honey Bunches of oats Sept 3/12$2.00 Weetabix or Weetabix organic 400g Aug31/12$1.00 High Liner Pan Sear Selects Dec 31/12$2.00 High Liner Flame Savours June 30/13$.75 High Liner Crusted Dec 31/12$.75 High Liner VAC IQF Fillets Dec 31/12$1.00 on any 2packages Schneiders Countrynaturals, red hots, juicy jumbos grill ‘ems or ham steaks$.75 Franks Redhot sauce Aug 31/12$1.00 any Newman’s Own all natural pasta sauce,salsa or dressing July 31/12$1.00 any 2 Catelli healthy harvest products Aug 03/12$.75 any 1 Pure Kraft Refrigerated Creamy SundriedTomato Dressing 08/15/12$.50 Uncle Ben’s rice Oct 31/12$1.00 Hidden Valley Ranch dressing 473mLbottle Aug 31/12 x 2$1.00 Hidden Valley Ranch dressing 473mLbottle Dec 31/12 x 7$.75 Uncle Ben’s rice Sept 31/12$1.00 Equal July 31/12$.75 Skippy Natural product Dec 31/12$1.00 Hormel Cpmpleats Aug 31/12$1.00 VH Steamers Sept 30/12 x5$1.00 Buitoni Pizza Dec 31/12$.50 Bush’s baked beans any July 31/12 x4$.50 Bush’s baked beans honey baked beansJuly 31/12 x4 $1.00 Europe’s Best Roasted Gourmet VegetableDec 31/12
I also have a few copies the the most recent Oasis FB mailout.
Medication andVitamins2 x $7.00Centrum Men or Women May 31/133 x $5.00Centrum Forte or Select Dec 31/13$3.00 CentrumCardio July 31/12$10 HydraSenseAllergy Dec 31/12$6.00 anyHydraSense for babies, kids or adults$8.00 CanesOralCombi-Pak Jan31/13$3.00 wub 2Aveeno Dec 31/12$10.00 Similaccheque Feb 06/13$10.00 SimilacMom cheque Feb 06/13 $5.00 on anySimilac Nov 30/122 x $5.00Similac Advance with Omega 3 and 6 ready to feed nursers June 1/132 x $5.00Similac Sensitive to Lactose April 30/13$7.00 GerberGraduates Toddler Drink Aug 31/12FPC 1L NatrelBaboo2 x $3.00Pediasure Feb 28/13$1.00 PampersSplashers 06/30/14All Pampers frominsertDive into Summer Savings – All expire July27/12 and are good at the following: No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Maxi,Maxi & Cie and Extra FoodsI will trade the whole pamphlet orindividual coupons (I have a few copies of each)$1.00 wub2 any 2L PepsiCo products $1.00 wub2 any 12x355mL cans of PepsiCoproducts$1.00 wub2 any 6x710mL PepsiCo products$2.00 wub1 24x591mL pack of Gatorade$1.00 2.84L jug of Tropicana Tropics juiceblend$1.00 wub2 1.75L Tropicana juice, juiceblend, cocktail or vitamin enhanced juice beverage$1.00 wub4 any 100g bags of Crispy Mini’s(Quaker)$1.00 wub2 150g bags of Twistos Baked SnackBites$1.00 wub2 any 140g – 200g boxes of QuakerOatmeal to go oatmeal bars, Harvest Crunch Ancient Grains, Trail Mix, Yogurtand Fibre & Omega-3 granola bars, Café Squares$1.00 wub2 any 216g-430g boxes of QuakerInstant Oatmeal/Instant Multigrain Hot Cereal$1.00 wub2 any 350g-750g boxes of Quaker orCap’n Crunch cereal any flavor/variety$1.00 wub2 any 235g bags of Ruffles potatochipsMyWL:
Looking for: Vaseline FPC, fresh chicken, produce, Old El Paso kits, Cereal coupons or FPC's (Mini wheats original, lucky charms, froot loops, cheerios), LYC or SYB pin codes, Catelli pasta ($1), maxwell house coffee tins, heinz, quaker minute oats, oasis FPC's, Tenderflake pie crust, Lactancia Milk 4L, I will consider other offers as well as stamps and gc's.