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    Expired on: Sat, Jul 7th, 2012
    I have all the cents off and BOGO Kelloggs coupons (Corn Flakes, Vector, Rice Krispies, Mini Wheats, All Bran) to trade from the recent websaver mailing. If interested, PM your trade list.

    My WL:

    FPC Fruit
    Food FPC – just ask
    .75 cent produce (from Ziploc) RLF
    2.00 Old Dutch (no more than 3)
    Egg FPC or tear pads good on any
    5.00 Chapmans good for 2013/2014 RRLF
    Danactive 2.00
    Maltesers etc movie tops RRRLF
    Bear Paws Save 4.00 wyb 3 (no more than 3)
    Tropicana FPC or cents off
    M&M/maltesers FPC from
    T-shirt pin from Gen Mills Cereal (cheerios)
    GC – HBC/Zehrs/Sobeys
    Timmies GC
    Heinz Ketchup – any
    Kraft Miracle Whip
    Kraft marshmallows
    Unico products
    Minute Rice – good on any
    Food FPC – not sure what is available – just ask.
    Purex 3.00
    No smellies/No pet/no baby coupons needed, thanks
    I don’t need cereal coupons either
    I don’t need Sunny D
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