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Thread: Official Produce and Grocery Staples - July 4 - July 13

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    Expired on: Sun, Jul 15th, 2012

    If brand is not stated, it is the store's brand

    Don't forget, shop the outside of the store and only venture in for coupons!

    Make sure you check the hot deals thread for stock up deals!

    Co-op Atlantic

    Food Basics
    Lean Ground Beef (tubed) $1.88/lb
    Cherries $1.77/lb
    Gold Seal Canned Fish $0.99
    Deli Meats (twin packs at $5 each) B2G1
    Canned Beans/Chickpeas $0.75
    3L Saputo Oil $1.88
    Broccoli $0.97
    Mushrooms, Dole Salads, Grape Tomatoes 6pk mini cucumbers 3/$5


    Extra Lean Ground Chicken $2.49/lb
    Lean Ground Beef $2.49/lb
    Black Diamond Cheese 500g or Sargento $4.77
    Unico Pasta or Pasta Sauce $0.99
    Chicken Breast (bone in) $1.99/lb
    Tomatoes $0.88/lb
    Cucumbers $0.79
    Lettuce $0.99ea
    Cabbage $0.69/lb
    Jake’s Bake House Bread $1.67

    Black Diamond Cheese 500g $4.44
    Cheesestrings 16s or Sargento $4.44
    Astro Yogurt, various small cups 8-16pk $3.97
    Kelloggs Cereals $2.99
    Bicks Dill Pickles 1L $1.99
    Dempsters Bread $1.99
    Chicken Legs $1.69/lb
    Strawberries 1lb $1.44
    Broccoli $0.99
    10lb potatoes $2.99

    Giant Tiger
    Primo Pasta or Beans $1
    D’Italiano $2
    Lactantia Cream Cheese 400g $2.50

    Highland Farms
    Cherries $2.99/lb
    12cup Astro Smooth & Fruity Yogurt $2.49
    Broccoli $0.99
    Green Peppers $0.99/lb
    Jumbo Cabbage $0.99ea
    Unico Tuna $0.69
    Rainbow Trout Fillets $6.99/lb
    Sirloin Tip Roast $3.49/lb (Steaks $3.99/lb)
    Pork Sirloin Chops $1.99/lb

    IGA (QC)
    Prime Rib Steak $5.99/lb
    Trout Fillets $6.99/lb
    Blueberries 3/$4.98
    Cabbage $0.69/lb
    Gold Seal Tuna $0.99

    Loblaws (ON)
    Skinless Chicken Breast (bone in) $2.99/lb
    2lb Blueberries $3.99
    10lb Potatoes $3.99
    Whole Chum Salmon $3.99/lb
    Salmon Fillets $5.99/lb
    Salmon Steaks $4.99/lb

    Loblaws (QC)
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $3.49/lb
    Broccoli, Avocadoes or Cucumbers $0.99
    Tomatoes on Vine $0.99/lb
    Leaf Lettuce $0.99
    Salmon Steaks $6.99/lb
    NN Tomato Paste or selected canned vegetables 2/$1

    Maxi (QC)
    Pork Tenderloin $2.97/lb
    Cauliflower $1.49

    Metro (ON)
    Chicken Breast (with bone skin) $1.99/lb
    Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries 3/$5
    Cracker Barrel Cheese 500g $4.99
    Black Diamond Cheese Slices 24s $1.99
    Skinless Bone-In Chicken Breast $2.99/lb
    Chicken Leg Quarters $1.69/lb
    Irresistibles Pasta $0.79

    Metro (QC)
    Cherries $1.79/lb
    Lactantia Butter 3/$9.99
    Irresistible frozen fruit $2.99
    Sole Fillets $6.99/lb
    Tasters Choice Coffee $6.99

    No Frills (ON)
    Jane’s Chicken $4.88
    Peaches, Red or Black Plums $0.77/lb
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs $3.99/lb
    Whole Pink Salmon $2.49/lb
    Tomatoes $0.77/lb
    Cucumbers $0.77ea
    Pineapple $1.77
    Iceberg Lettuce $0.79
    Cauliflower $1.47
    3lb Onions $1.27
    Barilla Pasta $0.97
    Ragu $0.97
    Gold Seal Tuna $0.97

    RCSS (ON)
    SAT – NO Tax (usual conditions)
    Pork Tenderloin (2pk) $2.98/lb
    Strawberries 2lb $2.98
    Broccoli $0.98
    Salmon Fillets $5.48/lb
    Trout Fillets $6.98/lb
    Lean ground Beef $3.48/lb

    Extra Foods & RCSS (West)

    Safeway (West)

    Sobeys (ON)
    Whole Chicken $4.99ea
    Black Diamond Cheese Slices $1.99 (Thur-Sun)
    Strawberries 3lb $2.99
    Red or Green Grapes $1.29/lb
    Seedless Cucumbers $0.99
    Unico Beans or Tomatoes $0.88
    Himalayan Basmati Rice 4.54kg $4.99
    Chicken Legs $1.69/lb
    3lb Red Onions $1.49

    SuperC (QC)
    Raspberries 3/$5
    Chicken Breasts (skin/bone in) $1.99/lb
    Clementines $0.99/lb
    Minute Rice 1.2kg $4.99
    Extra Lean Ground Pork $2.69/lb
    Lettuce $0.79
    Smithfield Bacon $2.99
    Salmon Fillets $6.99/lb

    Thrifty Foods
    Cherries $1.88/lb
    Pacific Cod Fillets 1lb pack $10.99 – BOGO = $5.50/lb
    Bottom Round or Rump Roast $3.49/lb
    Compliments Bacon $5.49 – BOGO = $2.75

    Walmart SuperCentre

    Your Independent Grocer

    Zehrs (ON)
    Chicken Breast (boneless skinless) $3.99/lb
    10lb Potatoes $3.99
    Blueberries 2lb $3.99
    Salmon Steaks $4.99/lb
    Whole Chum Salmon $3.99/lb
    Unico Canned Beans or Tomatoes $0.99

    Tasters Choice Coffee $6.99
    Golden Mill Bread $1.99
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    Thanks so much

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    Thanks! Love the flyer links.
    Couple of my staples that I also found in the flyers to stock up on...the 907g Medjool dates at Freshco for $8.99. And Zehrs/Loblaws has the Nature's Path Organic cereal on sale for 2/$7. The Crispy Rice tastes just like Rice Krispies! There's also a $1 printable coupon that can be used for those. Link for the coupon is on my Save Money/Eat Healthy page.
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    Thanks you for posting The Maestro Rib are 50% off make 2 portions and they are delicious...roasted tomatoes...I eat those for diner Great price for meat this is at metro qc):

    Or if you want a great price for those check the deal of b1g1 on iga compliment rib with chipotle sauce its happen at least 3 times in the summer!!!
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    Romaine Lettuce $0.99 - Sobeys Ontario

    Romaine Hearts 3-Pack $1.98 - RCSS

    (You wouldn't save much price matching both above but you should be able to save atleast $0.25 dependent on where you go)

    Broccoli $0.97 - WM

    Canteloupe $1.47 - WM (Normally $1.97)

    Kiwi's 1KG $1.97 - WM (Not sure if good price, but hardly ever see them in store besides when advertised)

    EDIT: Just realised I could add these myself. Will do so.

    EDIT #2: Nevermind, it won't let me edit it because I do not have permission. Odd.
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