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    Can trade full book or seperate coupons... Pm me i am easy to trade with... Please remember coupons exp july 27 and can only be used at no frills and companies...

    15x $1 wub 2 (6x 710 ml, Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Schweppes, Crush, Dr Pepper and Brisk)
    15x $1 wub 2 (12 x 355ml cans Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Mug, Schweppes, Crush, Dr Pepper and Brisk)
    15x $1 wub 2 Doritos tortilla chips 245- 260g bags
    15x $1 wub 2 Miss Vickie's potato chips 220g
    15x $1 wub2 Quaker Instant Oatmeal/Instant Multigrain Hot Cereal 216g-430g
    15x $1 wub2 Quaker or Cap'n Crunch cereal 350g-750g
    15x $1 wub 2 Ruffles potato chips 235g
    15x $1 wub4 Crispy minis rice chips 100g
    15x $1 wub2 twistos baked snack bites 150g
    15x $1 wub 2 Quaker Oatmeal to Go oatmeal bars, Harvest Crunch ancient grains, trail mix, yogourt, and Fibre & Omega-3 granolar bars and Cafe Square granola squares 140g-200g
    15x $2 off 24 pk Gatorade beverages 591 ml pack
    15x $1 off Tropicana Tropics juice blend 2.84L jug
    15x $1 off Tropicana juice, juice blend, cocktail or vitamin enhanced juice beverage

    If i cant find coupons from your trade list, i will accept stamps (only for the dive into summer books)
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