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Thread: Most helpful tip you wish you could go back in time and tell yourself?

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    Mine would be not to have worked 7 days a week for most of my adult life. I am now going to be a grandparent and am very excited about spending time with her and just realized how much time I missed out on my kids lives

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    Our son is 4yrs old and he is already leaning important life skills. He likes to check the grocery flyers with me for sales and he'll point out things that he knows we use. He also knows about coupons and how I take pictures of my receipts in order to get money back from the various rebate apps. He likes to bake with me in the kitchen and helps with our organic vegetable garden. He also clears his own dishes, puts laundry in his basket, tries to help do the laundry, he puts his clean clothes away in his dresser, etc.

    All of our children had education funds set up with monthly deposits before they were 6 months old. We had to wait for birth certificates and SIN numbers before their education investments could be set up. They each have individual personal savings accounts that Dh and I can deposit into. We put Christmas and birthday cash gifts into their accounts. Our son was given a piggy bank last Christmas. He is very interested in putting coins in it. He came up with the idea of depositing the money into his savings account once the bank is full.

    Dh and I both obtained university degrees, but we had to take out student loans in order to do so. We were both raised by single parents with limited financial means. We do not plan on being able to pay for an entire university degree for any of our children, but they will all have more than we did.

    Neither Dh nor my parents taught us how to use an actual budget. I've always been a saver.
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