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Thread: Furnishings2day scammed me

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    This store has two locations, one in Oakville and the other located in Markham. The Markham store is located at 8400 Woodbine Ave., Markham, Ontario, L3R4N7, phone #416-499-2001, website

    I purchased an expensive leather sofa from Furnishings2day (Markham location) in April 2012. When the sofa was delivered to me, I immediately noticed that it was NOT identical to the one displayed in the showroom. Although the sofa I received was similar in size and appearance to the one displayed in the showroom, it was obviously different in quality and features. When I complained to the storeowner about this, he immediately refunded me a portion of my purchase price, so I thought the storeowner was sincere about what he described as a "mistake".

    A few days after the sofa was delivered, I noticed the paint was coming off the sofa (see attached photos). The paint appeared to come off at locations where the leather stretched and bended the most, such as crease lines, and along the side of the cushion where the leather bends when sat on. About 50% of the paint on the vertical sides between the cushions, which does not come into contact with anything, came off (this is the location where the leather bends the most).

    I was shocked to see the paint come off because the sales staff reassured me that the leather was high quality "genuine leather". In fact, the sales staff even told me that their "genuine leather" is what distinguishes their store from other furniture stores which sell a low quality "bonded leather".

    When I complained about the paint problem, the storeowner accused me of using a "chemical cleaner" on the sofa and told me the warranty does not cover this. I insisted that I NEVER used ANY cleaner on the sofa, NOR did I ever clean the sofa (it was brand new), NOR do I possess any chemical cleaner. Furthermore, I cannot imagine ANY household cleaner, even bleach, which would cause so much paint damage in such a short time (see photos). However, the storeowner continued accusing me of using a "chemical cleaner" and used this as his excuse for not accepting responsibility for the faulty paint.

    My wife and I have no children (meaning no jumping on the sofa), we are strict about no eating or drinking in the living room (so there's no reason to clean the sofa), and we only use the sofa about 20 minutes each day.

    I also own two other leather sofas purchased 13 years ago, and own other leather furnishings, none of which are from Furnishing2day, and none of them have the slightest mark on them, so my usage habits are certainly not the cause of the paint problem.

    Furthermore, there is one spot on the sofa which is "hollow" and sinks when I sit on it. As result, the leather on this one spot stretched and formed wrinkles (see photo of the wrinkles on the right cushion, compared to the left side which is smooth).

    The storeowner refuses to return my phone calls now. Sometimes, I catch him on the phone and he promises to call me back, but he never calls back. On some occasions, the store simply hangs up on me.

    The attached photos were taken about ONE MONTH after I purchased the sofa. Each day, more and more paint keeps coming off.

    I must admit, Furnishings2day has a beautiful, well-decorated, showroom, but my experience has been what you see is NOT what you get.

    I realized I have been cheated. The sofa which was delivered to me was substantially and undeniably inferior to the one displayed in the showroom.

    Anyone reading my review is welcomed to contact me at [email protected] and welcomed to my home to see the sofa.


    Several days after I posted the above review, I was contacted by another victim of Furnishings2day who purchased a sofa identical to mine. This person informed me that the sofa which was delivered to him was also different and inferior to the one displayed in the showroom. He said that he was also lied to and given the run-around about why the sofa delivered to him was different than the one displayed. He told me that he was successful at taking Furnishins2day to small claims court and suggested that I do the same
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    Holy crud.

    Good luck in getting your money back.
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    That is awful !! Just take it back to the store and demand your money back. When u are in the store make sure you go when it is busy and make sure you are loud!! I would not stand for this!!

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    That is bad, I would take them to court. I would call them back one more time asking them to return the rest of your money. If not your taking him to court. I would also have your lawyer also call him. See than if he starts listening.

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    Wow, I'm so angry for you! Thanks for this, I'll be avoiding them in the future for sure! A similar thing happened to me many many years ago when I ordered furniture from Bad Boy. They sent me the WRONG dining table set and fridge, then accused ME of lying. Scammers, the lot of 'em! Defo take them to small claims court! I would also inform the BBB about your situation....not surprising they already have an F rating!
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