Hi everyone,
I was at my local walmart last night (McPhillips in Winnipeg) and noticed a side aisle display with Lever 2000 4packs on sale for 1.97. If you used the $1 coupon from a recent insert (dont remember which one), you would pay 97c for the 4 pack. I didnt do it, because i have a pretty huge stash of soap already...but figured i'd share the deal with all of you! I didnt see an end date for that price, so I'm hoping it'll be there for a little while. The coupon expires July 31st, so go quickly!

I have one coupon left, if someone local wants to meet me somewhere, it's all yours. (PM me pls, i wont remember to check back here) If i dont hear anything in a couple days, i'll just leave it at Walmart next time i'm there.