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Thread: Belleville Walmart - problems with coupons ...AGAIN!

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    GRRRR My daughter and I just got back from Belleville Walmart and I ran into the same issue yet again. The assistant manager claimed that we are not allowed to use a price match and a coupon together because coupons "can't be combined with any other offer" even if it doesn't say so on the coupon I had a good sized order all laid out at the checkout and I was prepared to walk away and leave it all there. There were two girls on cash that were both bring trained so they had to have the manager come over and help them. The manager told me no coupons with price matches and that has always been the policy. I used to work there and I know that she is making things up. I asked to hear it from another manager so she left for a minute and came back saying that the head manager said it IS the policy but they will let it go that one time. Sure, sure, I knew she was lying. When I left she told me again that from this day on I can't combine coupons and PMs. I had this issue once before with the manager Rod. I am not sure of this lady's name. She was short, chubby and had shoulder length dirty blondish hair. It could have been Karen or something like that.

    Can we keep this thread updated with any further issues since this is the second time I have had this problem. It really made me angry and I think I will send an email to the head office. I don't think it will change anything even if they do say Belleville is wrong. They are pretty stuck in their ways there and I am going to avoid the place unless I really need something I can't get at Freshco.

    Edited to add: I have the head office number and I am going to call Monday
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    Call head office on monday they will get the store manager or someone higher up to call you back and you can speak to them directly about what is going on in the store. If they agree you are allowed then get their name and pull that little pretty name out whenever you have a problem. Worked for me for quite some time. Now my WM cashiers usually don't mess with me

    Last night they tried to limit my PM's to 6 which I have never heard of but apparantly has always been policy. She went and asked manager and manager confirmed. I told her to call the manager here. Manager wouldn't come. So they called higher up manager who came from back office and said yeah, of course, do it. Then original manager came over, saw who I was and apologized to me. Shes given me problems in the past and knows that I will raise hell if they make up rules on the fly that aren't legit so she doesn't do it to me anymore.
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