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Thread: Glade Expressions Bottles: What do you thing of them and what is your favorite one?

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    I absolutely Love the Pinneapple -Mangoustan one...very refreshing and exotic.
    I never found the Red one Bottle.
    But last night I took my last FPC and decided to try the Linen and Italian Mandarine...I was sure to hate it because I dont like the Febreeze Noticable Linen Kind...Too Strong...but the Linen and Italian Mandarine is okaie because the 2 scents are mixed...Now I regret to have not purchase with my FPC other of this variety...I dont think If I go with my first idea to test it in the grocery would be a good one...and they have no how we suppose to know if we like the scent?

    Any opinion on those products?
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    We just stuck with getting the pineapple because it's awesome!
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    We LOVE the Linen and Italian Mandarine scent. Never would have tried it without the FPC. But, very glad we did.

    Of course, then I traded my butt off for them. Have them stocked

    This is one scent my hubby and I agree on. For this reason, we will continue to purchase only this "smelly" from now on. (I hope I always have a coupon for it though.......)

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    I too love and use the linen one and the pineapple one. They are really nice scents. As for a tester, I didn't notice but look at the other products glade has with the same scent to see if they have a scratch n sniff...I did this on a glade product a while ago to test the scent and I got a good idea of what it would smell like. Now if only LYSOL had this for their version of fabric spray, I would have been happy. Bought one with coupon to try out and HATED the smell!!
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    I bought 3 in one each of linen, apple, and pineapple and they are all quite nice. I would definitely buy them again.
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