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    Bought Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation 2 months ago on my flight back from England, duty-free. CAD$46 for 1.oz bottle on Air Transit flights.

    It is surprisingly lasting for a tiny bottle. It doesn't offer the coverage of a traditional foundation, but it provides skin care benefits. More like a B.B. cream, I'd say. It sets on the skin within a minute and stays on for the rest of the day. I'd go to the gym with it and doesn't rub off on my clothes. It minimize pores and give you glow. It is like the Estee Lauder Spotlight but less sparkle and more pore-concealing.

    But it smells bad, like Chinese the medicine Dang-Gui, I got used to it. The main problem is that it is sticky. Like wearing lip gloss on the face. My hair get stuck to my face. I learned to blot my entire face with a tissue to reduce the stickiness and shine. So it isn't a problem anymore.

    My skin looks better after 6 weeks of use. Less break out and dryness. Amazing product. Will definitely buy again. It truly lives up to its name. When you use it, it looks like you are not wearing make up. You just look better and no one knows why.

    Note that I'm in my mid-30s, my skin is combination, very oily on the nose with large pores, acne, and uneven tone. I rarely have sensitivity from cosmetics, only break out when using certain "natural" stuff. The oil from my nose often wash off any foundation or B.B. cream within an hour. This product stay put until you soap up your face.

    Almost forgot to mention that it is SPF 30. We all know that we should wear sunscreen everyday, but it is just too uncomfortable. I suspect that the stickiness comes from the sunscreen.
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