I am slowly trying to type out my entire TL. I have completed the food and beverage finally
Food and beverage

4x $3.00 on any 675g bread (from Ziploc) Oct 31/13
$.75 IOGO(any) Aug 31/13 (multiple)
4x Free Knorr Sidekicks when you buy 3 Dec 31/12
$1.00 any Ivanhoe cheese variety Dec 31/12
$1.00 any Saputo product Nov 30/12
$.75 Natreldark chocolate milk Oct 31/12 (multiple)
3x $.75 on any Sensational Soy beverage Dec 31/12
$.75 on any Milk2Go Nov 30/12 (from magazine)
Free 2L Coca Cola product wub an Old El Paso kit Sept 30/12
$1.00 any Ultimate Recovery product (325 mL) Nov 30/12
3 x $1.00 Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale Dec 31/12
$.75 BlackDiamond Cheesestrings Ficello (8ís or 16ís) Dec 31/12
$1.00 AstroBiobest smoothie (4x200mL) Dec 31/12
$2.00 any Becel pro active margarine Dec 30/12 (multiple)
$.75 LactanciaCream (any) Dec 31/12
2x $1.00 Yoplait Yoptimal/Asana Sept 1/12
$.75 OasisNutriSource juice 1.89L Dec 31/12
$.75 OasisSmoothie 1.75L Dec 31/12
$.75 Oasisjuice (8x200mL, 5x200mL) Dec 31/12
$.75 OasisHealth Break 1.75L Dec 31/12
2x $.50 Lactancia Smart Growth milk product Dec 31/12
3x $1.00 Astro Bio-Best Superfruit Yogurt 12x100g Dec 31/12
$1.00 wub2 Del Monte fruit twists, mini fruit twists & fruit stripes 180g,Del Monte twists or mini twists 18 pkg variety 324g sizes Sept 30/12
3x $1.00 V8 vegetable cocktail (1.89L) Dec 31/12
$1.00 GayLea Gold Premium Sour Cream Dec 31/13 (multiple)
2x $2.00 Carnation Breakfast Essentials Dec 31/12
$1.00 any Lipton Tea product Dec 31/12
$.75 Lactanciabutter 454g Dec 31/12
3x $2.00 Van Houtte ground or whole bean coffee 280g and up Dec 31/12
$1.00any Egg Creations 500g liquidegg Dec 31/12 Different UPCís Ė 42406378, 42406091, 42406046, 42406512(multiples of each)
$1.00 Egeations French Toast Dec 31/12 42406059
$1.00 Egeations French Toast June 30/13 42406525 (multiple)
3x $.50 V8 Fusion (1.06L) OR PFGoldfish Pretzel OR PF GoldfishColours Aug 31/12
3x $1.00 Melitta Coffee Dec 31/12
3x $.75 Melitta coffee filters Dec 31/12
$1.00 Activia Plain 650g pack Oct 27/12
3x $.50 Nestle Pure Life (2 1L Sparkling bottles or 1 6x500mL case) Dec31/12
4x $1.00 Astro Original Greek 500g Dec 31/12 UPCís 11910060, 3x 11910002
9x $.50 Nutrigrain Superfruit flavours Sept 30/12
$1.00 DrOetker Shirriff Mousse Dec 31/12
3x $.75 Cheese Makers cheese 250g Dec 31/12
2x $1.00 Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese slices Sept 30/12
$1.00 any Gay Lea real whipped cream Dec 31/12
FPC LiberteGreek Yogurt Aug 31/12
3x $.75 Wheat Thins Stix 226g any variety, Ritz Munchables 200g any variety Aug 31/12
$1.00 RiceKrispies Brown Rice Gluten Free340g Dec 31/12
$1.00 any 2 Pringles snack stacks Aug 31/12
2x $1.00 Alpen Cereal Aug 31/12$.75 Post Honey Bunches of oats Sept 3/123x $2.00 Weetabix or Weetabix organic 400g Aug31/12Free Sensations hamburger buns (8 pack) wubany 4 Campbells products Aug 31/12$.50 Cinnamon Pops 340g Dec 31/12$.75 Honey Nut Cheerios 685g, Cheerios 525g, Oatmeal Crisp Triple Berry 650g, Oatmeal Crisp Maple Nut 700g, OatmealCrisp Almond 710g Sept 20/124x $.50 Orville Redenbacherís Ready to Eat PopcornJune 30/13$.50 Wheat Thins 175g any variety Dec 31/12(multiple)$1.00 wub2 any Bickís products Dec 31/12$.50 Mottís Fruitsations Fruit Rockets(4x90g) Dec 31/12 (multiple)$1.00 Mini Wheats Little Bites 430-445g boxOct 13/12 (printable)$1.00 High Liner Pan Sear Selects Dec 31/12$2.00 High Liner Flame Savours June 30/13$.75 High Liner Crusted Dec 31/12$.75 High Liner VAC IQF Fillets Dec 31/12$1.00 Maple Leaf Prime Fully Cooked and SlicedChicken or Turkey Breasts Dec 31/12$1.00 wub3 Clover Leaf Flavoured tuna Dec 31/13$1.00 Olymel 150g shaved meat product Dec31/12$.50 Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kit Dec 31/12$2.00 Maple Leaf Prime Chicken breastfillets, butterflied or thin sliced chicken breasts Dec 31/122x $.75 Franks Redhot sauce Aug 31/122x $1.00 any Newmanís Own all natural pasta sauce,salsa or dressing Sept 30/12$.75 Keebler Waffle Bowls or Cones Dec 31/122x $1.00 Fibre 1 brownies, Nature Valley GranolaThins or Fibre 1 Chocolate Caramel Pecan Oct 27/123x $.50 Uncle Benís rice Oct 31/122x $1.00 Hidden Valley Ranch dressing 473mLbottle Aug 31/12 (printable)7x $1.00 Hidden Valley Ranch dressing 473mLbottle Dec 31/12 4x $.75 Uncle Benís rice Sept 31/125x $1.00 Kraft Parmesan Grated Cheese 250g Sept30/12$.75 Skippy Natural product Dec 31/12$1.00 Hormel Compleats Aug 31/125x $1.00 VH Steamers Sept 30/12 2x $1.00 VH Steamers Dec 31/12$.50 Sharwoodís Curry Sauces, Pastes,Powders, Chutneys NED $1.00 Dole Spinach Cherry Almond Bleu salad kitor Endless Summer salad kit NED4x $1.00 Europeís Best Roasted Gourmet VegetableDec 31/123x $2.00 Europeís Best Fruit Essentials Dec31/122x $.75 Minute Maid Frozen Novelties Sept 1/122x FPC Good n Natural Bar Sept 1/12$.75 Mazola Rightblend canola and olive oilblend Dec 31/122x $.75 Luigiís Real Italian Ice Sept 1/12$1.00 Bertolli Olive Oil 500mL 6 x Oct 31/12,4 x Sept 30/12, 6 x Dec 31/12-(also good on 1 and 2L)3x BOGO Free Uncle Benís Bistro Express rice Ė Rice andsauce Dec 31/12$1.00 Smuckers Sundae Syrup 1x Dec 31/12, 1xApr 30/135x $1.50 wub any2 Patakís products (excl naan) June30/13$.50 Stagg Chili Oct 31/12$1.50 wub2 Nestle Cello bags Dec 31/12$1.00 wub2 Nestle Cello bags Dec 31/12$.75 Frenchís Mustard Oct 31/122x BOGO free Egg Creations Dec 31/12$1.00 wub onebox of Quaker Harvest Crunch (750g)and one tub of Astro yogurt Aug31/12 (multiple)$2.00 Dr Pepper wub 2 12x355mL or 2 6x710mLor 4 2L bottles of Dr Pepper, Crush, Schweppes Aug 31/12 (multiple)$1.00 Smuckerís Simple Blends March 31/13(multiple)$1.00 Smuckerís (any) Mar 31/13 (multiple)$.50 Robin Hood Oats Mar 31/13 (multiple)$1.00 Carnation (any 370mL evaporated milk)Mar 31/13$1.00 any Folgerís coffee or 12 count carton ofk-cups Mar 31/13 3x $.50 Mottís Fruitsations + Veggies Aug 31/12$.50 Nestle Pure Life 12x710mL, 6x1.5L,12x330mL, 9x330mL or sparkling 6x550mL Dec 31/12 (peelie)$1.00 Jello refrigerated pudding, gel ormousse snacks (printed) Dec 31/127x Special K Cracker Chips 113g Apr 30/13$.50 BettyCrocker Fruit Shapes Disney Princesses,Fibre 1 brownies or choco caramel pretzel, nature valley granola thins Dec 31/125 x $1.50 12count carton of Folgerís GourmetSelections k-cup packs$1.00 Schneiderís Hot Rods Dec 31/12$1.00 Lactancia milk 4L or 2x2L Dec 31/12 andFeb 28/13 (multiples)2x $1.00 Minute Maid wub2295mL frozenconcentrate Sept 30/12$1.00 Hellmanís with Olive Oil Dec 31/12$.75 Dole Live Right bites 170g March 31/13$2.00 Orville Redenbacherís 5 pack, 6 pack or8 mini Dec 31/12 $1.00 Minute Maid 10x200mL juice Sept 14/12(printed)6x $1.00 2Lcarton or 4L bag of Natrel LactoseFree milk Jan 31/1310x $1.00 Del Monte fruit snack 108g and 324gsizes Dec 31/12$1.00 Dofino Havarti cheese Feb 28/13$1.00 Ivanhoe cheese 300g-500g Feb 28/13$1.00 Organic Meadow 340g cheese May 31/13$1.00 Black River cheese (minimum 300g) Feb28/13$1.00 Silani Omega 3 cheese Feb 28/137x $.75 Black Diamond Cheesestrings Ficello orFuncheez Dec 31/12 UPC 46216188

Wish List (in no particular order)

Vaseline FPC or $2 off
Fresh chicken/beef from Old El Paso kits
Fresh chicken (ziploc)
Produce (ziploc)
Bread (ziploc)
Old El Paso kits
Arctic Gardens frozen veggies
Black Diamond cheese blocks (500g)
Goldfish crackers (good on any)
Becel (good on any)
Redpath sugar
Neilson's milk
Kraft Peanut Butter (not natural kind)
Cereal coupons - Lucky Charms, Cheerios, Mini Wheats original, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes (expiry after Aug)
Catelli smart pasta ($1)
Maxwell house coffee tins (if they exist)
Heinz (if they exist)
Quaker minute oats or instant oatmeal
Oasis FPC's (expiry after August)
$2 wub 2 dozen eggs
Tenderflake pie crust
Royale $2
Egg whites FPC's (Burnbrae Farms)
$3 strawberry coupon on cereal boxes
Premium Plus crackers
Chrsitie's $2
Banana FPC's
Weight Watchers bread
Kraft cheese slices (cheddar)
Vitality bread by Country Harvest
Tuna (not flavoured)
Yoplait (good on any - or at least on Source and Minigo)

I will consider other offers (send me your trade list) as well as stamps, gc's, Stouffer's pins, etc.
FPC doesn't have to be for FPC but does need to be something I really am looking for.