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    Have a whole bunch of wagjag coupon codes that are expiring. There are a few options, such as free iphone/ipod charger, 20 dollars worth of DQ stuff and other various stuff depending on your region for free.

    I am basically giving them away so people can make use of them, but if anybody has any food coupons, even low value ones I might be able to use like Cottage Cheese, Catelli, etc. I would be grateful to get some use of those. Just let me know and send me a pm in the next little bit.
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    Wishlist (If coupons do exist for these): Kashi Cereal Coupons, one of those Pomegranate coupons from old Smart Source, Fruits and Veggies (Produce/Frozen/Cans too), Eggs, Milk, Nuts (Almonds/Pistachios/Cashews), Cottage Cheese, Liberte Greek Yogurt, Catelli Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Pasta, Chicken Breast

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    pmed you..

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