I recently recieved this product from the Born Pretty Store (www..com). It was glow in the dark nail polish. Yes, i said GLOW IN THE DARK nailpolish. It literally glows in the dark!!! After about two coats, my nails glowed more than a cosmic bowling bowling ball! It dried quick, didn't chip, and it lasted for a couple weeks! I was surprised! PLUS, it was pretty cheap too! Cheap and quality product? Only expected form the born pretty store! The only con of this product was the smell. The smell of the nail polish was very strong, but it dissappeared after the nail polish dried! FOR This product:
15ml Fluorescent Neon Luminous Nail Art Polish varnish Glow in Dark #02


I seriously suggest you buy a bottle! I LOVE IT and i will be buying a couple more bottles in different colors!Name:  IMG_20120927_173932.jpg
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