Surprised that no one has posted this deal so I'm posting it.

I was at Bathurst/Stclair on Thursday and they had a small blue stand with a bunch of horror movies for Halloween all for $2.00 each.
All of the movies were b-grade(although a few said they won awards)
Some of the titles were:

Big bad wolf
Gamer(not the one with Girard)
Leprocan 4
Haunted forrest
Blade:House of cythlon(from the tv series blade)
24 day(with james madison)
dead tone

There was more the csr said but people bought them up fast. Went to 4 other Dollarama's but none had the stand let alone the movies. Very YMMV as I also called most of the stores in Toronto(not G.t.a/scarborough) and none of the csr's knew anything about these horror movies I mentioned but that could mean nothing as well.