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    this is more a rant than a product review..

    as there were too much problems with the front load ones, there was a Collective Lawsuit and a settlement

    but what about us , those who have top load ones....and experienced and still have lot of trouble with, just to mention some...odors,mildew,rust,teared clothing..

    i'm totally fed up with mine......

    P.S. i already had a part of the top changed because of the rust problem and would need to be changed again.....

    i'm not a washing machine designer but i know what is causing the rust problem and they have to be blind no seeing it ....

    soooooooryyyyyyyyyy, ahhhhhh, i feel a lot better now !
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    Oh, that's too bad! Might be a good idea to write to the company who made your machine and explain your problems with the machine.

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    Yikes! That's not good! We've got a front loading machine and they told us when they sold it to us to help battle the mold and mildew problems, to keep the detergent tray open after using it and keep the door ajar so that the moisture can evaporate. So far, 2.5 years later, no smells!

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