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    Our family like a lot of the sidekicks flavors....last night we tried one of the newest flavors....sweet Thai chili....lets just say it was horrible.....unpleasant smell, and a very chemical taste.

    We are use to cooking with sweet Thai chili sauces, so it wasn't a first time just not caring for flavor experience.

    Just wanted to gives a heads up.
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    Good to know. I like Sidekicks when we're camping because they are quick and easy to make. I will avoid this one then because i can't stand a chemical smell/flavour either. But then again, I'm not a fan of the "sweet thai chile" flavour at all. Back when Clover leaf introduced their flavoured tuna, I bought some sweet thai chile flavour with crackers to pack in my lunch one day. Ugh. It was gross. All of it was yuck and I tossed it in the garbage.
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    It always kind of grosses me out that the sidekicks all share the same few kinds of noodles. This is essentially chicken noodle soup noodles with a different sauce.

    I avoid their asian dishes, they taste kind of weird and combining that with noodle soup noodles just makes a texture and flavor combination that is a no-go.

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    Thanks for thr review

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