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Thread: ** Fall mega coupon organization & cleaning ~~BRAG~~ **

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    ** Fall mega coupon organization & cleaning ~~BRAG~~ **

    Spring makes me want to go out and garden, but fall has this thing, I just need to clean and organize for the cozy winter nights to come…

    I have been itching to buy an etsy coupon purse but the lack of compartments and space for my regular stuff turned me off. I did not want to carry 2 purses, so I made one! I’m in no way good with sowing but it turned out quite nice considering I do not own a sowing machine so it was all hand made and best of all it was FREE since I had all the required material!!!

    So new coupon organization means, coupon clean up, so here goes my train….

    The big picture:

    • 10 Riders maximum + me (I’m sending prizes only)
    • Every rider will get a surprise for riding! (most generous first pick)
      • Kellogg’s Gas MIR form --> Jemwars
      • FPC PopChips 31Dec --> Bluzsuz
      • FPC KitKat (45g) 31 Dec --> JulieJolie
      • FPC Dole Fruit Crisp 31 Dec --> DebraLK
      • FPC Dare Candy (180g) ned? --> Littlenom
      • 4$ Chicken or beef WUB old Elpasso --> Masid
      • 15$+ random coupon bundle --> KK7
      • 15$+ random coupon bundle --> Surfacerising
      • 15$+ random coupon bundle
      • 2 packs of girly stickers --> Leymi

    Boarding requirements:

    • No minimum trade rating & no negative FB!
    • Boarding pass is: 4 stamps OR 1 FPC (no smelies)

    Train rules:

    • You are sending 3 pts worth of coupons per rider (1stamp per missing coupon)
    • Coupons must expire no earlier than 15 Dec. 2012.
      (pm me the ok if you took arrangements)
    • Bundle carefully (no staples) & and indicate your alias and to whom it goes.
    • Please indicate pts value, makes it SO MUCH EASIER to verify!
    • Please clearly mark on the envelope the train name.
    • More then 2 mistakes and I will bump you off the train.
    • I will wait a maximum of 10 business days for you envy.
    • Make sure you have your envy weighed prior to mailing.
    • Mail Date is: 2 days after train fills.
    • You MUST update the Thread when you mail and receive the envy.
    • You MUST give rating to everyone!

    Wish list:

    • Your wish lists must have a minimum of 40 items on top of FPC.
    • Indicate what you consider 1, 2, 3 points… Be reasonable as you more likely to get something you really really want if it counts as 2+ points
    • You must Indicate: (failure to do so I will assume that its YES to all)

    French: Y/N
    Printable: Y/N
    TFT: Y/N
    Store Specific: Y/N
    Stack: Y/N
    Duplicates: Y/N

    Now if you are ok with my rules:
    Please post in the thread if you want a seat. Very soon after send me your address and wish list together, do take the time to revise your WL as some coupons may have expired…

    The disclaimer:
    Failure to follow with any of the train rules will result in your envy being returned to you using your boarding pass & loosing any prize that you may have won on this train. I will verify your envy!

    I will not accept responsibility for any postal issues that may arise nor any riders who do not follow the rules.

    Now for the good stuff!!

    Point counting:

    • I will add a additional 10 pts and 5pts on my wish list for my top wanted.
    • I will count coupon max value x point value

    ex: 5$ x 5 Point = 25
    ex: FPC sunlight max value 8$ x 10 points = 80

    1. leymi15 --> Received --> FB Left

    2. JulieJolie --> Received --> FB Left
    3. DebraLK --> Received --> FB Left
    4. masid --> Received --> FB Left
    5. Surfacerising --> ?
    6. Jemwars --> Received --> FB left
    7. KK7 --> Received --> FB Left
    8. Couponsrule --> MIA
    9. Bluzsuz --> Received --> FB Left
    10. Littlenom --> Received --> FB Left
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    Leymi15’s Wishlist: Yes
    Store Specific: Not
    Printables/ Inserts : Not (only if specified)
    Multiples/stacking : Not
    French: Not
    TFT: Not

    Count as 5 (all)
    any GC's. (WM, SDM, President Choice, FB, Future Shop.....)

    $10 Schneiders (2013)
    $10 Pampers mail out
    $10 Colgate/Palmolive
    $10 SC Johnson (Glade, Ziploc, etc.)
    $10 any Marc Angelo
    $10 Hasbro
    FPC Huggies diapers ($8+)
    FPC pampers diapers
    FPC J&J Replacement
    FPC Huggies Wipes
    FPC Charmin
    FPC Tide
    FPC Kelloggs
    FPC Aveeno
    FPC Trial J&J Pack
    FPC Oasis Juice
    FPC General Mills
    FPC Cavendish (Call In)
    FPC Dove
    FPC Sunlight
    FPC Pepsi or Coke
    FPC Neutrogena
    FPC SC Johnson
    FPC Clean & Clear
    FPC Vaseline
    FPC Coke/Pepsi
    FPC Canada Dry Gingerale
    FPC Ground Beef (not WUB)
    FPC Royale Items
    FPC Crest Pro-Health
    Single Cineplex Movie Pass
    FPC from pepsi promotions, lays , pepsi , juice
    FPC Natrel (Not organic)
    $7 Huggies (peelie NF Dec 2012)
    $6 WUB charmin, Bounty & Puffs
    $5.00 Saputo voucher (good on any)
    $5, $4 Advil Children (spin U Win)
    $5 Pampers Mail Out
    $5 Chapman's
    $5 Playtex bucks from Company
    $5 any Colgate/ Palmolive Mail Out
    $5 any Kimberly Clark
    $5 kelloggs cash gas (RLF)
    $5 Olymel (NED)
    $5 Ziploc
    $5 Hasbro Game
    $5 WUB3 Garnier products

    Count as 4
    $4 WUB3 bear paws
    $4 Ground beef or Chicken (old el Paso)
    $4 Listerine Smart Rinse (RRLF)
    $4 iogo from Newspaper
    $4 Quaker (Aunt Jemina)

    Count as 3
    FPC Old El Paso
    FPC Scrubbing Bubbles (facebook)
    FPC Dempsters Bread
    FPC Oasis Juice Box
    FPC Banana's
    FPC Lays Chips
    FPC Tostitos
    FPC Lunchmate
    $3 WUB2 any Charmin, puffs or bounty
    $3 Royale
    $3 any Kimberly Clark
    $3 Strawberry
    $3 Marc Angelo
    $3 Skinmate or Edge Gel
    $3 Bread from ziploc
    B1 Gillete Deodorant G1 Body wash free 2013
    BOGO coke
    B2G1 Mss Vickies
    FPC Wonderbread

    Count as 2
    $3 Aveeno call in
    $2.50 WUB2 Bounty, Tide pods or cascade (sept 2013)
    $2 J&J baby (
    $2 any Kellogg's from company
    $2 Natrel mail out (not organic)
    $2 Band-Aid call in
    $2 Stayfree or carefree call in
    $2 wub2 12eggs (june 2013)
    $2 Orville Redenbacker pop corn
    $2 Coca Cola, or Fanta 12 packs
    $2 WUB2 oasis 8x100ml
    $2 Cotonelle
    $2 Johnsonville product
    $2 on any Drumsticks 4 pack
    $2 Gerber Cereal 2013
    $2 Heinz Cereal
    $2 Old Dutch
    $2 any Bicks pickles (HH)
    $2 WUB2 Christie products
    $2 Hershey Drops (Dec 2012)

    Count as 1
    $1.50 Nestle Pure Life water (Nestea)
    $1.50 on 12x335ml Canada Dry
    $1.50 Sunlight (
    $1.50 Thinsation (printable)
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken(from Ziploc)
    $1.50 Sunny D
    $1.50 Franks red hot (HH)
    $1.50 Eggs creations (HH)
    $1.25 Oasis premium refrigerated.
    $1 on any 12 pack Nestea product
    $1 on any Gerber product (websaver)
    $1,$2 on any Gerber baby cereal
    $1 any White Swan
    $1 Nestle Pure Life water (24x500ml – Nestea 4226)
    $1 Playtex bucks from Company
    $1 any Kimberly Clark
    $1 any Colgate/Palmolive mail out
    $1 Amstrong cheese
    $1 any General Mills.
    $1 Old el paso (
    $1 Campbells Vouchers (sent out from company)
    $1 Clorox Wipes
    $1 Johnsonville Sausage
    $1 Marc Angelo (good on any)
    $1 Philadelphia regular cream cheese (not dips)
    $1 Grillems (from Villagio)
    $1 Oasis box Classics (8x200ml-.960ml)
    $1 Cheerios
    $1 cool whip Dec 2012
    $1 Fresh chicken (ziploc)
    $1 WUB3 Jell-o powder product
    $1 Post Honey Bunches Cereal (2013)
    $1 Robin Hood Flour
    $.75c Fresh Fruit (Ziploc)
    $.75 Christie Oreo Cookies
    $.75 Christie Chips Ahoy
    $.50 Pop Start June 2013
    $.50 Canadian tire Money
    $.35 Swanson or Hungryman
    $$ Allen juice boxes
    $$ Minute Maid Juice Boxes
    $$ Imperial Margarine
    Pampers GTG codes (RRRLF)
    Stouffers Pins/ Lean Cuisine Pins (RRRLF)
    iCoke pins
    Pins from cereal box (banana, yogurt, cereal)
    SDM Points
    New unused stamps
    Pepsi coupons (from pepsi box)
    Nestea Crystal singles serves
    $ off Pizza Pops
    Downy Unstopables Sample
    Any Laundry Detergent Sample
    Olay Regenerist sample

    JULIEJOLIE'S Wishlist

    Toonies for Tummies – No
    French – No
    Can you stack – No
    Store Specific – No
    Printables – Ask me first please, needs to be in colour
    Multiples - Yes

    FPC Amooza
    FPC Always
    FPC Gerber Graduates
    FPC Natrel Baboo
    FPC Naturegg Simply Egg Whites
    FPC Nordica Cottage Cheese
    FPC Oasis (refrigerated or shelf) 2013 exp.
    FPC Pampers diapers and/or wipes (name ok)
    FPC Purex laundry detergent
    FPC Scrubbing Bubbles
    FPC Simply Orange
    FPC Tropicana
    FPC Sunlight laundry detergent
    FPC Tide laundry detergent
    FPC Silk Soy, So Good, or True Almond
    FPC Yogurt
    FPC Hair dye
    FPC Juice, any
    FPC Tea (hot tea)
    FPC Carefree liners
    FPC Dove
    FPC Garnier Intensive Lotion
    FPC Bassili's Best
    FPC Cracker Barrel
    FPC McDonald's Coffee and/or muffin (DH loves this stuff!)
    FPC Lil Ones Yogurt
    FPC Goldseal Tuna, no drain (March 31/13)
    *Any FPC (no pets please)
    2 pins for free Kellogg's snack redemption
    Any replacement coupon or call-in worth more than $3 (Schneider's, Maple Leaf,etc)
    $5 Chapman's Ice cream
    $5 Colgate-Palmolive (from company)
    $5 Maple Leaf, good on any (complimentary coupon)
    $10 Maple Leaf (complimentary coupon)
    $10 Pampers diapers (name ok )
    $5 Pampers diapers (name ok)
    $5 Pampers wipes, multipack (name ok)
    $5 Playtex bucks/voucher
    $5 Royale (from company)
    $10 Similac cheques (good on formula, 2013 expiries only)
    $10 Schneiders (complimentary coupon from company)
    $5 Ziplock (from company)
    $5 Vileda (from company/NED)
    $5 Gas form or card from cereal box
    $10 Goldseal, good on any
    $5+ code --- RRLF
    $10 Hasbro (from cereal box)
    $3 Strawberries (from cereal box) --- RRLF
    $$ Starbucks GC
    $$ McDonalds GC

    COUNTS AS 2:
    $5 Similac coupon, needs to be good on Go & Grow (April 1, 2013 expiry from baby time show)
    $3 Purex laundry detergent
    $5 Hasbro game (July 31/13)
    $4 Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief
    $3 Aveeno call-in
    $2 Tylenol call-in
    $2 Reach call-in
    $2 Stayfree call-in
    $1 Heinz (NED)
    Pampers GTG code (equal to 1 code from diapers or 3 codes from wipes)
    $1 Colgate Palmolive call-in
    $3 Edge Shave Gel
    $3 Skintimate Shave gel
    $4 Advil Nighttime, good on 10's
    $2 box of Gerber Baby Cereal 227g, any variety (May 31, 2013)
    $2 J&J Baby (
    $2.50 Pampers diapers, good on one
    $3 Pampers diapers, good on one (not wub)
    $1 Pampers wipes
    $1.50 off Pampers wipes (192ct or larger)
    $2 BOIRON any product from the Children product range (Dec 31/12)
    $3 Cetaphil, good on Retoraderm Eczema (Dec 31/12)
    $2 Stayfree pads/pantiliners/wings or any
    $2 Carefree liners
    $2 Royale toilet paper
    $2 Royale facial tissue, good on multipacks
    $1.50+ any brand Soy milk
    $2 Black Diamond Shredded Cheese
    $2 Pillers meats
    BOGO Amooza

    COUNTS AS 1:
    $3 Infants Tylenol (Dec 31/12, from doctors office)
    $2 Pampers diapers, good on any jumbo pack or larger (not wub)
    $2 Pampers cruisers (2013 or later exp., not wub)
    $1.50+ toothpaste, any (not sensitive)
    $1.50 Colgate Total Advance toothpaste (Dec 31/13, no size restriction)
    $1.50+ manual toothbrush, any (not sensitive)
    $1.50 Pronamel toothpaste (2013 expiry)
    $$ Fresh fruit (not wub)
    $$ Driscoll's Berries
    $1 Fresh Express, on any Fresh Express packaged salad (Dec 31/12)
    $1 Ziplock (not wub)
    $2 wub2 Ziplock
    $2 Maple Leaf Prime Chicken (websaver)
    Vaseline (regular petroleum jelly)
    $1 Revlon/Almay, good on any
    $2 any Jamieson vitamins (expiry of Dec 31/12 or later)
    $1 Playtex bucks (good on diaper genie 2 refills)
    $1 Playtex peelie, good on any product
    $3 Listerine Total Care
    $4 Listerine Smart Rinse
    $2 Lever2000, good on bar soap
    $1 Diaper genie 2 refills
    Babybel (good on 6 pack) - enough of the Nov 11/12, thanks! Any others?
    Kraft dressing
    $1 Dole salad (NED)
    Colgate manual toothbrush, good on any
    Irish spring bar soap
    Allen's juice boxes
    Minute maid juice boxes
    $1 Oasis juice boxes (from Allen's cans)
    $1.25 Oasis juice, 1.75L (from Allen's cans)
    $1/$1.50 SunnyD
    Softsoap liquid hand soap (must be good on refills)
    $1 any Gerber product (June 30/13 from
    B2G1 Gerber graduates snacks
    $1 Gerber Toddler Purée (April 1/13)
    $$ Baby mum mums
    $$ Aleve Naturals baby product, good on any
    $0.50 off Boogie wipes (Dec/12 expiry)
    $0.50 Pampers wipes
    Premium Plus crackers
    $1 Always pads (2013 expiry, not Radiant)
    $1 Always pantiliners (2013 expiry, not Radiant)
    $0.25 Chef boyardee
    $$ Michelinas frozen entrees
    $1 Royale, good on any (NED) from company
    $0.50 any Crest (June 30, 2013)
    Koolaid jammers juice boxes
    $1+ on Nestlé Purelife water bottles, 24pk or larger
    $1 Yoplait, good on any peelie (April 30/13)
    $2 Highliner, good on any
    $0.50 Italpasta, any
    $$ Smoked salmon
    $1 Sabra, good on any
    $$ Summerfresh dips, good on any
    $0.75 Blue Diamond nuts/almonds (NED)
    $0.50 Blue Diamond (NED) peelie
    $$ Kraft Dinner, regular (not smart, not cups)
    $$ Cloverleaf regular tuna, not flavored or kits (wub ok/low sodium ok)
    $$ Goldseal regular tuna, not flavoured or kits (wub ok/low sodium ok)
    $0.75+ Uncle Bens Bistro Express, any (2013 expiry)
    $$ Mann's Vegetables, good on any
    $$ Pure Protein bar
    $1 Amooza (Dec 15/12 or later)
    $1+ Astro yogurt, good on any
    $0.55 Bolthouse Farms Carrot product (Dec 31/12)
    $$ Bolthouse Farms, good on any
    $1 Fontaine Sante Classic Hummus (Dec 31/13)
    $1.50 Black diamond shredded cheese (Dec 31/12)
    $0.75 any Black Diamond Cheese (not natural slices)
    $0.75 any Armstrong block cheese
    $3 wub2 Black Diamond Shredded or 500g Block
    $$ Cracker Barrel cheese block
    $$ Kleenex brand facial tissue, good on multipacks (not Royale)
    $$ Scottie's facial tissue, good on multipacks (not envirocare)
    Royale bathroom tissue (2013 expiry, 1 per rider only)
    $1 Cashmere bathroom tissue (good on any)
    $$ Marina (pet product, good on any or filters)
    $1 off Dole Fruit Bowls, Parfait, or Gel. (Sept/30/2013)
    $1 off Dole Fruit N Crisp (Sept/30/2013)
    $1 off Dole Live Right Bites (Sept/30/2013)
    $$ Cadbury dairy milk bar
    $1 Naturegg Simply Egg Whites 500g Liquid egg product (Dec 31/13 only, 1 per rider)
    $1 Lactantia milk, good on any (June 2013)
    $$ Airwick freshmatic compact refills
    Avery Note tabs SAMPLE
    Boogie wipes SAMPLE
    Breathe Right Strips Advanced SAMPLE (sealed in plastic)
    Penaten SAMPLE
    Sudocream SAMPLE
    Febreze Set & Refresh SAMPLE
    Unused postage stamp

    Coupon Wishlist, DebraLK

    The dates beside the coupons are so I know when to take them off my WL. I will accept coupons with different dates then what’s listed!
    stack/french/TFT/store specific –no thanks
    printed –only where stated
    websaver/ –yes please

    Count as all:
    FPC Garnier Intensive 7-Day body lotion, Dec’12
    $5 Gas card form (kellogg’s cereal box)
    $5 actual Gas Card
    $4 off iogo products, Dec’12
    FPC Yoplait e.g. tubes, from cereal box, Feb’13
    FPC Nestea 12-pack, Dec’12
    FPC Aero, Aero peppermint tree or Aero bar
    FPC M&M’s, July’14
    FPC Cheerios, Dec’12
    FPC Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ, Dec’12
    FPC Vaseline lotion, Nov’12
    FPC Schnieders Grill’ems , Apr’13
    FPC Quaker Chewy or Dips, Nov’12
    FPC Old El Passo kit
    FPC any Dove product, June’13
    FPC Got 2 be (hair product), Mar’13
    FPC any Kellogg’s product, NED
    FPC any Colgate-Palmolive, NED
    $5 any Colgate-Palmolive, June’13
    FPC Cadbury Dairy Milk
    FPC smelly stuff, e.g. Glade
    FPC Lays/Ruffles/any potato chips
    FPC Fresh Express Salad (call-in)
    FPC Axe (call-in)
    FPC Kashi cereal or bars, June’13
    $3 J&J call in, good on Aveeno/Neurtogena, June’13
    Quaker $4 off any
    $5 Chapman’s ice crm/froz yogurt
    $3 McCain product, good on any

    Count as 2:
    McDonalds ice cream cone, from Halloween treat booklet
    McDonalds soft drink, from Halloween treat booklet
    McDonlads small fries, from Halloween treat booklet
    1 PIN for Kellogg’s free snack promo
    BOGO Peek Freans Lifestyle cookies, Dec’12
    Free Cascade action pac’s WUB Cascade powder, brandsaver
    BOGO Schneiders Grill’ems
    Coca Cola, good on cans (50cents), Dec’12
    $2 on any Kellogg’s product, NED
    Soft soap call-in
    Driscol berries
    $4 chicken or beef WUB old el passo, Dec’12
    $2 WUB 4-pk Nestle Drumsticks, Dec’12
    $2 WUB 2 Dare
    $4 Cover Girl
    .75 or $1 General Mills
    BOGO Oliveri pasta, Dec’12
    Colgate-Palmolive call-in $1
    Dempsters bagels
    Dare cookies
    $3 Edge shave gell
    $1 any Heinz, NED
    Campbell’s, $2 or $3 good on any
    $1 off fresh chicken, Dec’12

    Count as 1:
    $1 Tide pods, Sept’13
    $2.50 WUB 2 Bounty/Tide/Cascade, Sept’13
    $1 McCain superfries, 1/rider, Mar’13
    $2 skintimate shave gell
    iogo Yogurt, Aug’13, or tearpad or GoCoupons
    Green Giant Valley Selections (froz veggies)
    any Catelli pasta (healthy harvest or smart)
    $3 Sunlight laundry not dishwasher,, not $1.50 please
    $1 Kraft shredded cheese,
    $2 Frank’s hot sauce
    $1.50 Frank’s hot sauce, ham. helper box
    $2 WUB 2 doz. Eggs, June’13
    50cent Bush’s beans, Mar’13
    50cent Heinz beans, Dec’12
    $3 Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit products, Dec’12
    Schneiders Grillem’s, June’13
    Kellogg’s cereal good on any kind
    $1 General Mills cereal, good on any kind, June’13, peelie
    $2 Post cereal, good on any, Mar’13, peelie
    75cents good on any Post cereal, Dec’12
    Life cereal
    Duncan Hines cake mix/brownie/frosting, 35cents, Dec’12
    $1 Brookside chocolates, Dec’12
    Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, Dec’12 **love it
    $1.50 WUB2 Aero bubbles, Dec’12
    $1.50 Turtles, Jan’13
    $1 MiO water enhancer
    Peek Freans Life Style $1 or 75cents, Mar’13
    $2 WUB 2 Christie products, Dec’12
    75cents Oreo cookies, Dec’12
    Thinsations (good colour printed ok, magazine/tearpad), Dec’12
    75cents Chips Ahoy/Chunks Ahoy, Dec’12
    75cents Mr. Christie Snak Paks/teddy grahams, Dec’12
    $2 off 1 Dr. Oetker panebello pizza,
    $1 off 1 Dr. Oetker pizza, Dec’12
    $2 Delissio pizza (from ice tea label)
    Oasis juice boxes, Dec’12 or Mar’13
    $1 Marc Angello, NED
    $3 WUB 3 Danone Products for Children, Dec’12
    $1+ Crush/Collusion, Oct/Dec’12
    $2 WUB 2 Crush/Collusion, Dec’12
    $1.50 Villaggio bread, websaver
    $1 Becel good on any, Dec’12
    $2 any Jane’s 1kg or less, Dec’13
    $2 WUB 1 Dove Men+care, June’13
    $2 any Covergirl, Sept’13
    $1 Tostitos Artisan tortilla chips, (pepsi box), Dec’12
    Cool Whip, Dec’12
    25cents Chef Boyardee, Feb’13
    Reynolds parchment paper, Dec’13
    $3 Venus razor, Feb’13
    $1 or 50cents off any Campbell’s product
    $1 Dole salad kit, NED
    $1 Fresh Express packaged salad, Dec’12
    $5 Novartis (good on NeoCitran) printed from SmartSource ok
    Febreze Flameless Luminaire $5 or $4
    Arm & Hammer cat litter deodorizer powder
    .75cents Milk to Go
    75cents D’Italiano buns, Dec’12
    $1 mentos UP2U gum, Dec’12
    $2 Cottonelle t.p., Dec’12 NOT WUB wipes pls
    U by Kotex
    So Good
    Quaker granola bars
    $X WUB X Kraft
    Oliveri pasta, $1+
    Quaker instant oatmeal
    Cheeze Whiz
    chewing gum, eg. Stride, Trident etc.
    Crystal Light
    Hamburger Helper
    Cleaning wipes (e.g. Clorox or Lysol)
    sports drinks e.g. Poweraide
    pudding cups
    Nestle/Carnation hot chocolate
    Ocean Spray juice
    50cents CanTire money
    Anything else you think I may like or that's NEW, just PM me to check, Thanks!


    TfT: NO
    Save/websaver/go coupons:Yes
    Can you stack?: NO
    Store Specific: NO

    3 points/All for trains

    ANY FOOD/DRINK FPC (not protein bar)
    SILK Soymilk good on 1 carton [RRRRRRLLLLF]
    Dole squish'ems
    $4 Iogo
    $2+ mother hen purees
    $5 Maple leaf thinly sliced chicken
    $3 off strawberries
    Kauai coffee

    2 Points
    Chicken WUB Old el Paso
    Carnation hot chocolate
    Classico Sauce
    $1.50 canada dry gingrale
    $1.00 canada dry
    Driscolls berries
    $2 Franks red hot
    $2 Olymel (good on chunkies/frozen chicken)

    1 Point
    Allens apple juice
    Baby/toddler mum mums
    Crest pro health (not sensitive)
    Cattelli Pasta
    Cheerios (not chocolate)
    Cottonelle toilet paper
    $4 covergirl
    Dempsters Bagels
    Dempsters Bread
    Diana Sauces
    Disney Gummies
    Dempsters Rye
    Delissio Pizza
    Fresh produce
    Fresh chicken
    Helmans Olive Oil Mayo
    Heinz/Gerber Snacks RRLF
    iogo yogurt
    $2 Kraft Foods
    Kashi (cereal or granola bars)
    $1+ Lactose free milk good on 2L
    McCain Pizza
    $ off Soda (no diet, no green tea)
    Maple Leaf Stuffed chicken breast
    Natural Defense Dog food (not treats)
    Nice and easy hair colour (good on 1)
    Nestle drumsticks
    Old el Paso Kits
    Oval baby
    Olivieri $1+
    Tuna (not flavoured)
    Toaster Strudel
    Villagio bread
    Venus cartridges (not wub razor) – RRLF

    Surfacerising's wishlist:

    No French
    No Store Specific
    No Printables
    Multiples welcome unless otherwise stated

    Worth 3:
    -Almost any FPC (anything kraft, juice, nestea, lunchables, magerine, egg's, breakfast goods, school snacks, cooking cremes, salad dressings, DRY cat food, cat litter, cottage cheese, any cereal)
    -BOGO Schnieder's
    -BOGO Tropicana
    -$10 in schneider's food (will send extra for these)
    -$5/$10 Olymel certificate (will send extra for these)
    -$10 in Maple Leaf Foods (will send extra for these)
    -$5 Chapman's
    -$5 Danone
    -$5 Pillars
    -$5 Nestle Real Dairy ice cream tub
    -$5 Maple Leaf Prime Naturally Fresh Chicken
    -$4 Iogo
    -$5 MarcAngelo
    -$4 Quaker/Aunt Jemima/Rice a Roni
    -ANY Driscoll's Berries
    -anything fresh fruit or veggies (NOT WUB)
    -$4 campbell's call in vouchers
    -$7 Drano/Fantastik/Windex/Pledge/Scrubbing Bubbles/Shout *1 per rider
    -$5 Maxx Scoop Litter

    Worth 2:
    -BOGO Peek Freans *1 per rider
    -BOGO Cloverleaf
    -$3 MarcAngelo
    -$1/$2 WUB2 dozen or 18 ct eggs (2013)
    -$2 Eggs WUB Pam *1 per rider
    -$3 McCain
    -$1 Hain-Celestial
    -$1 Kraft Cheese Slices (not white)
    -McCain Fries, Breakfast Potatoes or Harvest Splendors (any)
    -$2 Jane's
    -Cheemo Perogies (willing to even try a new brand!)
    -$1 Dempster's Bagels
    -$3 WUB2 Black Diamond
    -Oasis (good on 960ml)
    -$2 SunRype juice
    -$1 Betty Crocker Fruit Shaped Snacks
    -Becel or Imperial GOOD ON ANY (no buttery taste, no proactiv)
    -$1 Red Hots (not WUB)
    -$1 Juicy jumbo's (not WUB)
    -Heinz (must be good for use on ketchup)
    -$1 Quaker Call-In
    -$2 Delissio
    -$2+ Campbell's call in vouchers
    -Gold Fish Crackers (good for any)
    -Popcorn Kernals
    -Pancake Syrup
    -Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes
    -dole fruit cups (no twists)
    -Mr.Christie Snack Packs
    -$2 WUB2 Mr.Christie
    -B2G1 Mr.Christie
    -Pasta Sauce/Bruschetta - Primo, Hunts, Classico, Unico
    -Chips for cookies or Baker's Chocolate
    -$2.50 Cinnomin Corn Pops
    -Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    -$2 Kellogg's
    -International Delights
    -Helluva Good Dips
    -$2 Old Dutch
    -$2 nestle drumsticks
    -$1.50 Krave Cereal
    -Rockstar, NOS or other energy drinks
    -$1 Kanoo Wipes *1 per rider

    Worth 1:
    -BOGO Eagle Brand
    -$1 Jane's
    -$1 SunRype juice
    -$1 Betty Crocker - Gushers or Dunkaroo's *1 per rider
    -$1 Lunchables/Lunchmates
    -Milk To Go (good on any size, not printed)
    -Campbell's Vouchers
    -$0.30 Pepperidge Farms Croutons (looking for any other crutons as well!)
    -tartar sauce
    -$1 Wing Wong
    -V8 Juice
    -$1/$0.75 any General Mills (ones for any food, or ones for any cereal)
    -Chef Boyardee
    -$1 Johnsonville (good for any)
    -$1 Philly Cooking Cremes
    -$1+ GayLea Spreadables
    -$0.50+ any Oreo's or Chips/Chunks Ahoy
    -Cereal - must be good on ANY (example: any kelloggs, any general mills) and $1+
    -Green Giant (good on any, or Valley Selections)
    -$1 Cookin' Greens
    -$1 breyer's/popcicle/klondike/ben & jerries ice cream (december 2013)
    -Black Diamond cheese BRICKS (good for any, 2013 only)
    -MIO water enhancer
    -$1 Old El Paso Kits, Tortilla's or Sauces
    -$2 Schneider's Country Natural's (not WUB, peelie is okay)
    -Mott's Fruitsations (with veggies okay, NO FRUIT ROCKETS)
    -Sunmaid Raisins
    -$1+ Rice Krispie Granola bars
    -$0.50 Pop Tarts
    -$1 Tostito's Artisans
    -$1 Tostito's Salsa or Dips
    -$1 Twistos
    -$1 Hellman's Mayo WUB Tomatoes (NOT olive oil) *1 per rider
    -Renee's Salad Dressings
    -Kraft Salad Dressing
    -VH Sauces
    -$2 Olymel wings or chunkies (july 31 2013 only)
    -canned crab meat *1 per rider
    -$2 Nature's Path
    -$1 Glad Food Storage products
    -Axe Shower Gel
    -Neocitran (powder mix only)

    Jemwars Wishlist
    <------------------------ Click on my name to leave feedback Yes

    Store Specific: Only if listed beside coupon below
    Printables : Some please ask
    Multiples: Yes unless stated otherwise
    Stacking: No
    French: Some please ask
    TFT: Yes if valid in Ontario
    Please Note; Even though I have specific UPC's listed I can not stack. If you have the same coupon but different UPC please feel free to send it!

    Most Wanted

    Canada Dry Mott's, $2 wub (2) 12x355mL can packs OR (2) 6x710mL OR (4) 2L bottles of Crush, Dr.Pepper or Schweppes beverages, 12808465, Dec 31,2012~ Counts as 2
    Delmonte $1 wub 2 No salt canned veggies exp Dec 31,2012~Counts as 2
    General Mills, $1 any General Mills Cereals 330-505g, 76144468, Jun 2013 Counts as 2
    $.75 off ANY Schneiders Lunchmate Product, Dec 31, 2012, 00606413 Counts as 2
    Colgate-Palmolive, $1 any Colgate-Palmolive product ~ Counts as all
    Chapman's, $5 any Chapman's product,~ Counts as all
    $5 Kelloggs Gas Card ~ Counts as all
    Marc Angelo, $1 Marc Angelo Kabobs, 27910898, NED ~ Counts as all
    Marc Angelo, $1 any Marc Angelo product, NED ~ Counts as all

    Oasis FPC ~ Valid on Juice Boxes ~ Counts as all
    Sunlight, FPC 26,32,40-load Sunlight Laundry Detergent, 72613590, Dec 31,201~Counts as all <-----I would love you forever!

    Worth 3 coupons (5 points)

    If you are sending me any of the following coupons please let me know and I will be sure to send extras from your wishlist

    Almost ANY FPC ~ please check if sending one not on my list to double check
    A.Lassonde, $5 any Oasis, Rougemont, Ever Fresh, Orange Maison, Fruite, Graves, Allens or Fairlee products, 2250824, NED
    Arctic Gardens, FPC any Arctic Gardens, 49700523, Dec 31,2012
    Astro, FPC Astro BioBest with Plant Sterols 8X100g or 8X90mL, 11910187, NED
    Astro, FPC Astro BioBest, 11910389, Dec 31,2012
    Aunt Jemima, FPC any Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast Product (max $3.99), 63222132, Dec 31,2012
    Beatrice, FPC any 4L Beatrice Milk product, 13600352, Nov 30,2012
    Chapman's, $5 any Chapman's product
    Christie, $1.50 Thinsations ~ Facebook Printable OK
    Cineplex, Admit (1) General Admission
    Coca-Cola, FPC 12 pack of any carbonated product of Coca-Cola, 65312302, Oct 25,2012
    Coca-Cola, $2 on any 473mL, 1.5L, 12x355mL or any other Fanta beverage, 65313057, Dec 31,2012
    Dole, FPC Dole Can of Pineapple (click for details), 4580075, NED
    Dove, FPC any Dove product (max value $7.49), 89288117, Jun 30,2013
    Egg Creations, FPC Egg Creations 500g Liquid Egg product,NED
    Egg Creations, FPC Egg Creations French Toast Blend 500g Liquid Egg product, 42405506, NED
    Folgers, FPC Folgers Product up to $13.99, 30401222, Apr 30,2013
    Kellogg's, FPC any Kellogg's product, 71384245, NED
    Free (1) Kraft 100% Parmesan Shaved or Aged Grated Cheese (141g) UPC: 05536724 EXP: Feb. 28/12 Max Value: $8.00
    Mc Donalds Game Winners Big Mac, Fries, burgers/sandwiches only

    Maple Leaf, $10 Complimentary Coupon, 74602315, Dec 31,2012
    Maple Leaf, $5 Complimentary Coupon, 74602302, Dec 31,2012

    Marc Angelo, FPC any Marc Angelo product (max value $5), 27910914, NED
    Mars Canada, FPC M&M or Maltesers product 32-49g, 08299693, Jul 31,2014
    Mars Canada, FPC M&M or Maltesers product 32-49g, 08299286, Jun 30,2014
    Michelinas, FPC for (1) package of any Michelina's entree excluding Real Gourmet, 47000298, Dec 31,2016
    Marc Angelo, $1 Marc Angelo Kabobs, 27910898, NED
    Marc Angelo, $1 any Marc Angelo product,NED

    Nestle, FPC 45g Kit Kat bar (max value $1.49), 43812530, Dec 31,2012
    Old Dutch, $2 any (1) bag of Old Dutch Potato Chips 200-235g, 45501861, Nov 30,2012
    Olymel, $5 Gift Certificate on any Olymel product, 2140081, NED
    Olymel, $10 Gift Certificate on any Olymel product, 2200275, NED
    Orville Redenbacher, $2 Orville Redenbacher's 5/6/8 pack popcorn, 44406699, Dec 31,2012
    Orville Redenbacher, $2 Orville Redenbacher's 5/6/8 pack popcorn, 44406761, Feb 28,2013
    FPC PLANTERS Product, 85701276 NED
    Quaker, FPC Quaker Chewy or Dipps Granola Bars (156-206g), 15105149, Nov 30,2012
    Schneider's, $10 towards the combined purchase price of any product(s) from Schneiders Foods, 00606194, Jun 30,2013
    Schneider's, FPC Grill'ems Three Cheese Jalapeno, 00606022, Apr 16,2013
    Skippy, FPC any Skippy product, 87410413, Jun 30,2013
    Strawberries, redeemable for strawberries up to a maximum retail value of $3, 71194585, Dec 31,2012
    Sunlight, FPC 26,32,40-load Sunlight Laudry Detergent, 72613590, Dec 31,2012
    Sweet Baby Ray's, FPC Sweet Baby Ray's 425mL Barbecue Sauce, 53100203, Dec 31,2012
    Wonderbread, FPC Wonder+ Invisibles max value $3.79, 76143755, Oct 31,2012
    Ziploc, $3 on bread wub (1) Ziploc brand product, 33688930, Oct 31,2013

    Worth 2 coupons (3 points)

    Arctic Gardens, $2 Arctic Gardens product, 49701324, Dec 31,2012
    Arctic Gardens, BOGO Arctic Gardens product,Dec 31,2012
    $2 Bandaid Call in (J&J)
    Campbell's, $1 any Campbell's products, 00924274
    Campbell's, $2 any Campbell's products, 00924287
    Campbell's, $3 any Campbell's products, 00924290

    Canada Dry Mott's, $2 wub (2) 12x355mL can packs OR (2) 6x710mL OR (4) 2L bottles of Crush, Dr.Pepper or Schweppes beverages, 12808465, Dec 31,2012
    Christie, $1.50 Wheat Thins Crackers 175g, 05534568, Jun 30,2013
    Christie, $0.75 Thinsations Cookies 115-140g, 05533682, Dec 31,2012
    Christie, $0.75 Oreo Cookies 300-550g, 05533640, Dec 31,2012
    Christie, $0.75 Chips Ahoy! or Chucks Ahoy! Cookies 280-350g, 05533624, Dec 31,2012
    Christie, $0.75 Mr.Christie Snak Paks 138-180g, 05533679, Dec 31,2012
    Christie, $2 wub (2) Christie Products 115-550g, 05533695, Dec 31,2012

    Christie, $0.75 on Premium Plus Crackers 450g, 05533653, Dec 31,2012 -maximum 1 per rider please
    Colgate-Palmolive, $1 any Colgate Total Advanced Health Toothpaste 170mL or 360 Toothbrushes or Speed Stick/Lady Speed Stick Stainguard Antiperspirants 65-76g or Soft Soap or Irish Spring Body Wash 443-532mL, 80004405, Dec 31,2012
    Colgate-Palmolive, $5 any Colgate-Palmolive product, 80003948, Jun 30,2013
    Colgate-Palmolive, FPC any Colgate-Palmolive product, 01320291, NED

    Delmonte $1 wub 2 No salt canned veggies exp Dec 31,2012
    Eggs, $2 wub (2) dozen eggs, 35001524, Jun 30,2013
    Gay Lea Foods, $1 on any Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze or Ivanhoe product, 02707310, Dec 31,2013
    Gay Lea Foods, $2 on any Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze or Ivanhoe product, 02707323, Dec 31,2013
    Gay Lea Foods, $2 on any Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze products, 02703943, NED
    Heinz Dollars
    Heinz, $1 on any Heinz product, 05721870, NED
    BOGO Hunts Thick and Rich ~Possible Unicorn?
    $2+ Kimberly Clark (good on anything)
    Milk2Go, $0.75 any Milk2Go product, 5070569, Nov 30,2012
    Nestle, $2 on any Drumstick 4 pack product, 10035652, Dec 31,2012
    $1 off Nestle Water cases
    Buy any 330mL case of Nestle pure life and get one box of and Bear Paws Cereal and Fruit FREE exp. Dec 31, 2012 UPC 11624686
    Old El Paso, $4 on ground beef or ground chicken or boneless skinless chicken wub Old El Paso Dinner Kit, 76143944, Dec 14,2012
    $1.00 Pepsi Products 12x355ml. Good on Pepsi,7 Up,Mountain Dew,Mug,Schweppes,Crush ,Dr.Pepper and Brisk UPC 84211806 EX.12/31/12 Peelie
    Post, $2 on any Post Cereal, 26003463, Mar 30,2013
    $1.50 Satincare
    Schick, $3 Skintimate Shave Gel 198g can, Dec 31,2012
    Sunlight, BOGO any Sunlight Hand Dishwashing Liquid, 72613550, Dec 31,2012
    Unico Call in
    $1 on ANY one Unilever Ice Cream Product,87410508,Dec 31, 2013

    Worth 1 coupon (1 point)

    Arctic Gardens, $1 Arctic Gardens product, 49701395, Dec 31,2012
    Astro, $1 any Astro Yogurt excluding 175g & 4x100g, 11909835, Dec 31,2012 ~ ONLY 1 PER RIDER PLEASE
    Astro. $1 Astro Original 650g or 750g, 11909822, Dec 31,2013 ~ ONLY 1 PER RIDER PLEASE

    Astro, $1 Astro Original 500-750g tubs, 11909819, Dec 31,2013 ~ ONLY 1 PER RIDER PLEASE
    Aunt Jemima, $0.50 Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes, 63222156, Dec 31,2012
    $1 Betty Crocker Fruit snacks ~
    Bick's, $0.50 any Bick's product, 77008132, Dec 31,2013
    Black Diamond, $0.75 any Black Diamond Cheese, 46216032, Dec 31,2012
    $0.75 Black Diamond Cheese, 200g, 300g, or 500g, any (46216221, Jun 30 13)
    Bread, $3 on bread wub (1) Ziploc brand product, 33688930, Oct 31,2013
    Bush’s, $0.50 wub (1) Bush's Baked Beans, 39401316, Mar 31,2013
    $.50 on Carnation Hot Chocolate ~ expires May 2013
    Chicken, $1 on any Fresh Chicken product, 33688363, Dec 31,2012
    Christie, $0.75 Crispers Baked Snacks 200g, 05533637, Dec 31,2012
    Cottonelle, $2 any 12 pack or larger Cottonelle Bath Tissue, 49102895, Dec 31,2012
    Dempster's, $1 Dempster's White or Whole Wheat Sliced Bread, 12521672, Dec 31,2012
    $1 Dunkaroos ~

    Egg Creations, $1.25 any 500g Egg Creations Liquid Egg product, 42406453, Dec 31,2013

    $2+ Edge Shaving gel for men ~ ~ prefer mailout but printable OK <----------------------------RRRRLF

    French's, $1 off any French's, 06546524, Dec 31,2012 ~ ONLY 1 PER RIDER PLEASE
    Garnier, $5 wub (3) Garnier products, 46963475, Dec 31,2012
    Hidden Valley, $2 on 473mL bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, 01223558, Dec 31,2012
    Hidden Valley, $2 on 473mL bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, 01223734, Dec 31,2012
    Hunts, $1 wub Hunt's Thick & Rich AND Hunts Tomato Paste, 44405452, Dec 31,2012
    Save $0.75+ on any IOGO product
    $1 IOGO exp Dec 2012 ---> Store Specific Superstore/No Frills/Loblaws

    Janes, $2 on any Janes Family products 1kg or smaller, 57730754, Dec 31,2012
    Janes, $2 on any Janes Family products 1kg or smaller, 57730810, Dec 31,2013
    Jell-o, $1 wub (2) Refrigerated Jell-o Pudding, Gel or Mousse products, 05532618, Dec 31,2012
    Jell-o, $1 wub (2) Refridgerated Pudding, Gel or Mousse Snacks, 05533956, Dec 31,2012

    $10 John Frieda wub3 any product /excludes travel and trial sizes/mar31 2013 upc40015415
    Kellogg's, $0.50 Kellogg's Pop Tarts, 71194888, Jun 30,2013
    Kraft, $1 Kraft Cool Whip Regular, Light or Ultra Low Fat Tubs, 05534092, Dec 31,2012
    Kraft, $2 wub Jell-o Instant Pudding AND Cool Whip Tub, 05532591, Dec 31,2012
    1.50 Kelloggs Rice Krispies Granola -websaver
    $1 + Kelloggs Fruit Loops ~ websaver
    $1.00 Lactantia Milk ~ Valid on 4L March 31, 2013<----This expiry or later please
    $1.00 McCain Superfries, March 31, 2013 ~ ONLY 1 PER RIDER PLEASE
    Maple Leaf, $1 wub (2) Maple Leaf Top Dogs, Natural Selections hot dogs or Dempster's/Ben's/POM hot dog or hamburger buns, 00606240, Jun 30,2013
    Maple Leaf, $1 wub (3) Selected Canned Meat products, 53547268, Dec 31,2012
    Maple Leaf, $2 Maple Leaf Prime Naturally Chicken, 00605960, Mar 31,2013
    MiO, $1 MiO Liquid Water Enhancer, 05533350, Dec 31,2012
    Nestle, $2 any Buitoni Pizza, 10036121, Dec 31,2012
    Nestle, $4 wub (2) Nestle 20ct Snack Size bars, 10034183, Dec 31,2012

    Nordica ~ Save $1.00 on Nordica Cottage Cheese Tub or Pack UPC: 02707349 EXP: Dec. 31/13

    $5 Novartis printable (color, )~ ONLY 1 PER RIDER PLEASE
    Nutella, $1 on any Nutella product (excluding 200g jar), 01010754, Dec 31,2012
    Olymel, $2 Olymel Chicken Wings 650g or Chicken Chunkies 600g, 2200264, Jul 31,2013 ~ Only looking for this expiry or later please.
    $2 on your next purchase of an 18ct Variety Pack 504g, 23312584, Dec 31,2012
    $1.00 Pepsi Products WUB (2)2L Pepsi,7Up. Mountain Dew, Mug,Schweppes,Crush,Dr.Pepper and Brisk Ex.4/30/13 ~ Store Specific ~Good at Metro or Super C
    Procter & Gamble, $6 wub (1) Bounty (excl. single roll), (1) Charmin (excl. 4 roll), and (1) Puffs (excl. single pk), 66009144, Sept 30,2013
    Procter & Gamble, $3 wub (2) Bounty (excl. single roll), Charmin (excl. 4 roll), or Puffs (excl. single pack) products, 66009157, Sept 30,2013
    Save $2.00 on Finish Quantum UPC: 06549174 EXP: Mar. 31/13 ~ ONLY 1 PER RIDER PLEASE
    $1 Rubbermaid TakeAlongs (69404913, May 31 13)~ ONLY 1 PER RIDER PLEASE
    Sealtest, $0.75 Sealtest 500mL Sour Cream or any Sealtest 500g Cottage Cheese, 80105103, Dec 31,2012
    Schneider's, $1 on one package of Pepperettes any variety, 00606279, Dec 31,2012
    Schneider's, $1 Schneider's Sausage Ring 300g, 00605696, Dec 31,2012 (French)
    Sharpie, $1 any Sharpie Gel Highlighter product, 58903386, May 31,2013
    Sharpie, $1.50 any Sharpie Brush Tip product, 58903399, May 31,2013
    Smartfood, $2 wub (2) Smartfood Popcorn 170g-220g, 23312715, Dec 31,2012

    Skintimate, $2 off Skintimate shave gel
    ~ prefer mailout but printable OK <--------------------RRRRLF

    Vlasic, $0.50 any Vlasic Pickles, 63222150, Dec 31,2012
    $0.75 any Villagio product 12521656 Jan 31, 2013
    $2.00 Wonderbread + (

    I am always looking for the following;

    2 x i-coke pins ~ worth 1 coupon

    1 x Pouch Top from
    M&M’S® and/or MALTESERS® Stand Up Pouches (162 g – 400 g) and /or Peg Packs (100 g – 120 g) participating pouches valid for movie tickets ~ worth 1 coupon
    1 x Pouch top from M&M’S® Party Size (1.58kg) participating pouches valid for movie tickets = All Coupons
    Details for participating pouch tops here;

    2 x Stouffers pin + UPC's = 1 coupon

    Superstore Superbucks (Valid in Ontario) ~ .35 = 1 coupon
    .50 Canadian Tire Money = 1 coupon
    stamp = 1-2 coupons
    Any Gift Card $1 + = All Coupons
    (please check first to double check that I have access to store)

    KK7's Wishlist
    No Printable No Store Specific No French

    Three Points
    5.00 Chapmens
    5.00 Ziploc/Saren
    5.00 Marc Angelo
    5.00 Max Scoop
    5.00 Maple Leaf For ANY Product

    5.00 Cavedish Fries
    FPC K Cups
    FPC Reckitt Benckiser products
    5.00 Vileda
    5.00 Tilex, Greenworks, Clorex Ect Call ON
    FPC Nestea
    5.00 Ice cream
    5.00 Natrel
    FPC For Any Dishwasher Detergent
    FPC Folgers
    7.00 SC Johnson

    Two Points

    Bogo Hunts Thick N Rich Pasta Sauce
    1.50 Villago Bread from Facebook
    Bogo Pedigree Dog Treats 2013 from insert
    Maple Leaf Savory Roasts If More then 2.00 worth all

    1.00 Primo
    2.00 Folgers K Cups 2013 ONLY Please
    2.00 Natrel
    Bogo Cavidish Fries
    2.00 Any Kelloggs
    1.00 Any Kelloggs
    1.00 General Mills Peelie

    2.00/4.00 Covergirl
    2.00 Natrel
    1.00 DLM Food Corps for Milkbone Pupperoni ECT ECT No Expiry
    FPC Fancy Feast No Kitten
    Fancy Feast Dry Food
    1.00 Marc Angelo
    Any J&J Call In Except Baby or Stayfree
    2.00 When U Buy 2 Christies
    1.00 Black Diamond
    Bogo Schneider’s From FB
    3.00 Swiffer
    Buy 2 Get 1 Miss Vickies
    1.00 Colgate/Palmolive Call In
    2.00 Plus Tide Not Pods
    4.00 Iogo From Newspaper
    Hershey For Chocolate Chips
    3.00 When U Buy Two Black Diamond
    2.00 Orville Popcorn From Pop Cases
    3.00 Edge Shaving Gel
    3.00 Skinmate Shaving Gel
    1.00 Royale NED

    .75 Barillia Pasta
    1.00 FOR ANY Astro Need it for Multi Packs
    1.00 off the purchase of 708g of Pup-eroni or Snausages Exp Dec 2013

    One Point

    1.50 Colgate 360 Toothbrush Dec 31 2013(one per rider)
    Bogo Royale Lotion Facial Tissue From GoCoupons
    .75 Johnsonville Sausage Peelie(for breakfeast Sausages)(one per rider)
    75+ General Mills (peelie or from shrit promo or anywhere else HAS to be for any)
    Buy 2 Haagen Daz Nestle Real Diary ect ect Get 1 FREE
    2.00 Enviro Cashmere Ect
    Any Coupons For Just Dove Soap NOT the buy 2 Dove Save
    .50 Minute Rice Cups 2013
    1.00 One Cottonelle Wipes RRLF Please NO Charmin or Cashmere Dec 31
    1.00 Wong Wing Entre
    Peekfreans For Reg Cookies Not Lifestyle

    Any Lays Ruffles Doritos not snack packs
    McCain Superfries $1.00
    $.75 of any Villaggio product January 31, 2013 UPC 12521656(one per rider)
    BOGO Ritter Sport Chocolate, dec31 2012, 13500139
    .50 Campbells Stock First(one per rider)
    Save $2 on any one Glad Indoor or Outdoor bags. Expires 31Oct, 2014. UPC# 01224072
    Save $1 on any one Glad Food Storage Product. Expires 31Oct, 2014. UPC# 01224069
    .50 Manwich
    .75 A535(one per rider)
    1.00 Dempsters White Bread From Facebook Promo
    .75 Black Diamond 200g NOT 500g
    1.00 Scotts Paper Towels NED
    1.00 WUB 3 Knorr 2013(oneper rider)
    1.50 Turtles(one per rider)
    McCain Pizza/McCain Fries
    Green Giant Veggies???? Don't beleive so but even would take .50 call in
    .50 Oasis Fruit Ect

    Save $1.00 on any one Hain-Clestial Product UPC: 87511627 EXP: June 30/13
    .40 Harvest Crunch NED
    1.00 WUB 2 Pringles(not snack ones)
    .50 Aunt Jemima Breakfast Product
    1.00 ANY Becel Not Buttery(one per rider)
    2.00 Jamieson Vitamins For ANY(one per rider)
    ,50 Milkbone Soft and Chewy
    2.00 Unstoppable Downey (1 per rider)
    Fancy Feast Wet(if the buy 12 save .50 one per rider)
    2.00 Black Diamond Shreeded
    Minute Rice Cups 2013
    1.00 Iogo
    2.00 Delissio Thin Crust Pizza
    1.00 Tide
    3.00 When You Buy 2 Tide
    1.00 Cashmere, Scotties, Sponge Any Enviro is also Fine 2013 only please
    1.00 Always Pads Aug 31 2013
    1.00 Always Liners Aug 31 2013(one per rider)
    2.00 Cottonelle Dec 31
    1.00 Sunrype 1.36L Jun 31 2013 PLEASE NO FRENCH
    1.00 For One Jello Refrigerated RLF
    .75 Lactantia Butter Dec 2013
    .75 Black Diamond Dec 31 2013
    1.00 Tide
    $1.50 Softsoap Pampered Hands Foaming Hands Soap exp: 31 March 2013 upc: 80004524

    couponsrule's Wishlist:
    French- NO
    TFT- Yes-Ontario only
    Multiples: yes
    Printables: yes (colour only please)

    Counts as All
    $10 any Robax Product - email me if sending and I will send 10 coupons instead of 3
    FPC Amooza-RRRRLLFF -
    email me if sending and I will send 10 coupons instead of 3
    $10 wub Schneiders combinations-email me if sending and I will send 10 coupons instead of 3
    FPC Yogurt from Cereal- email me if sending and I will send 6 coupons instead of 3
    $4 Iogo Yogurt-RRLF-
    email me if sending and I will send 6 coupons instead of 3
    $5 Chapmans Ice Cream-email me if sending and I will send 6 coupons instead of 3

    FPC Quaker Oatmeal
    FPC Arctic Gardens

    FPC Lunchables
    $5 Gas Card Form

    $2.00 Canadian Tire Money
    $10 wub 3 John Freida
    $2 Janes's Chicken
    $3 Bread wub Ziplock-Oct./13

    $3 J&J Call-In
    $3 wub 1 Radiant
    BOGO Royale

    $3 wub 1 Radiant
    BOGO Tropicana-2013

    $2 -18 Ct. Lay's Chips
    $10 wub Goldseal Seafood Products
    Nestle Water Case

    Counts as 2
    $4 Chicken (not beef and not ground chicken) wub Old El Paso

    BOGO Arm & Hammer Laundry
    Amooza Twists
    $1 + IOGO Yogurt
    BOGO Ar
    ctic Gardens
    BOGO Amooza Twists
    $2 La Grill Seasoning/Marinade
    $4 wub 3 Bear Paws
    Any BOGO Cereal
    BOGO Buitoni Pizza
    $5 wub 3 Garnier
    BOGO Sunlight Dish Soap
    BOGO Sunlight Laundry

    $2 fresh meat wub PAM spray
    $6 wub Charmin, bounty, puffs
    Kleenex Tissue
    $2 Cottonelle-RRRLLLFFF
    $2 Cashmere
    $2 Sponge Towels
    $2 Royale Toilet Paper
    $3 Ground Beef wub HH
    D'Italiano Bread-RRLF
    $3 Edge Shave Gel
    $2 Europe's Best Fruit
    $3 Nivea
    $2 Kelloggs
    $2 Buitoni Pizza
    $2 wub 2 eggs-2013
    $2 Post Cereal -2013
    $2 Cascade Action Pacs -2013
    $2 Glad Products-2013
    Movie Passes-Cineplex
    BOGO Movie Passes-Cineplex
    Liquid Mio
    $ Radiant -good onTAMPONS

    Counts as 1

    Tobasco Product-good on any (2013)
    Grillems Peelie-2013
    $2 All Bran Cereal-2013
    $1 Dempster Bread -2013
    Kikkomen -2013
    Glad Products-2013
    Johnsonville Peelie-2014
    $2 wub 2 Christie Products
    Villagio Products
    Sharpie Markers, etc
    Froot Loops
    Rice Krispie Treats-Any
    $1 Lactancia Milk-not lactose free or organic-2013
    McCain Superfries
    General Mills Cereal (good on any)
    $2 Delissio
    Keebler Ready Crust
    $3 wub charmin, bounty, puffs
    $2 wub 2 Kraft products
    Christie cookies (oreos, chips ahoy, etc..)
    chocolate bars
    $2 Downy Unstopables
    $1 wub 1 Ziplock
    $2 wub 2 Ziplock
    Dole Canned goods
    Diana Sauces
    mini wheats
    Johnsonville Sausages (good on Breakfast ones)
    corn pops
    Selsun Blue
    pop tarts
    Marzetti Veggie Dip
    Blue Diamond almonds
    Pam Spray
    Duncan Hines
    Flinstone Vitamins
    $.50 Canadian Tire Money
    $1 Tide
    Fresh Chicken
    .75 Villagio Products
    Frozen Minuite Maid juice
    Gold Fish Crackers(good on Cheddar)
    Catelli Pasta
    Lean Cuisine Pins
    $1 off Astro Original Yogurt -2013
    Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    $ off any Kelloggs Product
    oikos yogurt
    Natrel or Lactantia Milk-No Lactose Free or Organic
    Summer Fresh
    Post Cereal-good on any-not specific kinds
    General Mills-good on any-not specific kinds
    Eggo Waffles/Pancakes
    Dempster's Bagel
    Sunlight Dish Soap
    $1 Marc Angelo Product
    Potato Chips
    Lean Cuisine
    .75 Barilla Pasta
    $1 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
    Fruit Gushers
    Granola Bars
    Juice Boxes
    Sunmaid Raisin Bread
    Pilsbury Crescents-NOT chocolate
    E.D. Smith Pie Filling-if any

    Bluzsuz Wishlist
    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
    Toonies for Tummies – Atlantic Canada
    French – no
    Can you stack – no
    Store Specific – no
    Printables – check with me....
    **I don’t need specific UPC’s, so if there is one listed don’t worry about it!

    Count as all coupons

    FPC Kraft Habanero Heat Shredded Cheese
    FPC Amooza Twists Mozzarella/Cheddar Cheese Snacks
    FPC Cracker Barrel Cheese Snacks any Variety
    FPC Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese Slices, Any variety
    FPC Philadelphia cooking creme cream cheese product, any variety
    FPC Kraft 100% Parmesan Shaved or Aged Grated Cheese
    FPC Purina Beneful Dog Food (any size, any variety up to max value of $7.29) March 31 2013 upc 27674547
    Puppy Food FPC’s - we are getting a new Puppy in November!!
    FPC Garnier Intensive 7 Days Body Lotion, 400ml (46966344, Dec 31 12)
    FPC Coke 2L
    FPC K-Cups
    FPC Pepsi 2l
    FPC Pepsi 6x 710ml
    FPC Popcorn
    FPC Dempsters (product replacement)
    FPC Strawberries
    FPC Scrubbie Bubbies
    FPC Cheerios Dec 31,2012
    Empire Theatres, Valid for 2 Admission Tickets, 2 Regular Soft Drinks & 1 Regular Popcorn, valid 7 days a week, Aug 17,2013 - a girl can wish for a night out right?
    $5 Ice Cream - RLF
    $5.00 Nestle Real Dairy ice cream
    $5 Prime Chicken Breasts ( not stuffed) - RRRLF
    $3 marc angelo
    FPC Quaker Granola Bars
    $4 Con Agra Voucher
    $4 Quaker Voucher
    $5 Lassonde Voucher
    Olymel Vouchers
    Kelloggs Cash for gas forms from cereal boxes.
    Pretty much any FPC, just ask or surprise me, just no smellies, cat stuff or crap. NO PROTEIN BAR FPC PLEASE.

    Counts as 3 Coupons

    $3 WUB2 Black Diamond Cheese - any HV BD from Shoppers Voice
    $3 Skintimate/Edge Shave Gel
    $3 Chapmans
    $1/$2 Smart Bread
    $1 Summerfresh - good on bruschetta RRLF - multiples!
    Orville Redenbacher, $2 on Orville Redenbacher's 5/6/8 pack popcorn, 44406699, Dec 31,2012
    FPC Pop Chips
    $2.00 WUB any 2 varieties of Christie Products (115-550g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533695
    BOGO Tropicana Orange Juice

    Counts as 2 Coupons
    Aquafina Vitamin Water - oh how I wish it still existed!
    BOGO Arctic Gardens
    1.00 WUB1 BD Cheese
    $4 WUB3 Bear Paws
    $2 (TWO, not one) + Bertolli Olive Oil
    .75 on any 1 variety of Oreo Cookies (300-550g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533640
    $2 Delissio Pizza - Garlic bread, Thin, Rising Crust - any and all are great!
    $2 off any Drumstick 4 pack product, Dec.31 '12
    Dole, $0.50 wub (2) Dole Cans of Canned Fruit
    $2 Envirocare
    $2 on any FANTA product, Dec 31,2012
    $2 Filippo Berio (evoo) coupon expires DEC 2014
    Finish, $3 any Finish Quantum product, 06547442, Nov 30,2012
    $2 any Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup Packs (Dec 31 12)
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken - Ziploc - will take early expiry
    1.00 Peelie - General Mills cereals 330-505g Exp June 30, 2013 upc 76144468
    $1 WUB3 Heinz
    High Liner, $2 any High Liner 215-700g product, including 227g Market Cuts, 12605175, Dec 31,2012
    .75 International Delight on ANY
    $2 Jane's Chicken
    $2, $3 J&J CALL INS - 2013
    $2 Kellogs Peelie
    1.00 Kraft Shredded Cheese (no habanero heat please)
    $1 on ANY Kraft refrigerated dressing
    $1 Lactancia Butter
    Lean Cuisine
    $2+ Marc Angelo
    $1 Nescafe 3 in 1, 15ct (10036176, Dec 31 13)
    $1 MarcAngelo Fully Cooked Flame Grilled Sausagues, 300g (27910961, NED)
    $5 Novartis printable (color, )
    $1 on any Nutella product (exluding 200g jar), 01010754, Dec 31,2012
    $2 Olymel Peelie (PINK ONE, good on any, not just ham)
    Pepsi-Co, Buy (1) 2L Pepsi Max soft drink & get (1) 2L Pepsi Max Free, 84211532, Dec 31,2012
    ANY Pepsi coupons
    2+ ML Prime tear pad - no peelies please I have lots now
    $1.00 Maple Leaf Deli-Fresh-Shaved Meat Upc 00606530 Ex.12/31/12 Peelie
    $2 Old Dutch 11/30/12
    $2 Pillers Meats
    BOGO Peek Freans
    $1.00 Pepsi Products 12x355ml. Good on Pepsi,7 Up,Mountain Dew,Mug,Schweppes,Crush ,Dr.Pepper and Brisk UPC 84211806 EX.12/31/12 Peelie
    .75 on any 1 variety of Premium Plus Crackers (450g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533653
    $3 WUB 2 Sponge Towels
    Sobeys Gas $$ rebates for use on groceries
    Sobeys cents off gas .02+
    .75 Smart Bread
    Stouffers frozen meals
    $1 Sun Rype
    $3 WUB1 Tampax Radiant
    $2 TP - Cottonelle, Royale, Majesta, Cashmere…
    $1+ Tilex Shower Spray
    Tide, $3 wub (2) Tide products, 63655285, Feb 28,2013
    U by Kotex - no tween please - RRRLF
    $1 any Wong Wing Entrée (400-500g) 04619909 Mar. 31/13
    .75 on any 1 variety of Mr. Christie's Snak Paks (138g-180g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533679
    .75 on any 1 variety of Crispers Baked Snacks (200g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533637
    $1 on ANY one Unilever Ice Cream Product Dec 31, 2013

    Count as 1 Coupon
    $4 Advil Nighttime VALID ON 10’s!!!! *1 per rider
    Allen's/Graves/Rougemont apple juice
    Alcan Slide Aluminum Foil
    $0.75 Black Diamond Block Cheese, 340-500g, any Dec 31 2012/13
    .75 BD Cheese good on bricks, shredded, any
    Baking powder
    $1.00 on any Dempsters/Ben's pantry bread product with this purchase. 12521542 Expiry Dec 31, 2012
    Blue Dragon - good on rice paper
    $1 off any Boursin Cheese product (exp. Dec.31 '12) 1 per rider please
    Canned Veggies (no salt ok!)
    Canned Tuna (*NOT flavored, *not salad kit)
    $3/6 WUB 2/3 Charmin, Bounty or Tide
    .25+ Chef Boy R Dee
    $1 Cheerios
    $1.50 Colgate Total Advance WITH NO SIZE RESTRICTION(must be good on trial size)
    $1 Cool Whip
    Crest, $1 any Crest Pro-Health Rinse, 66010555, Dec 31,2012 - must be good on trial size!!!
    $1 Danone Creamy
    3.00 off DogIt Training Pads Dec 2013
    .50+ white bread, smart bread, bagels, English muffins. Not fans of ww,multigrain, rye etc.
    .75 Dr. Oetker Supreme Cake
    .75 Del Monte Fruit Snacks
    $1 off Dole Fruit Bowls, Parfait, or Gel. (Sept/30/2013)
    $1 off Dole Fruit N Crisp (Sept/30/2013)
    .75 on any D'Italiano Bread ~ 7540271 exp December 31, 2012
    .35 Duncan Hines Cake Mix
    EGGS, not liquid, good on ANY brand, Naturegg etc. not avail. here.
    $1 off any Earthbound Farms any product exp Dec 31/12
    $1.00 on any El Monterey Product EXP: Dec. 31/12
    $1 any Fresh Express packaged salad
    $1.50 Frank’s Red hot sauce
    2.00 Gillette Body Wash
    .75+ Johnsonville Sausages
    $1 off any Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze or Ivanhoe product, expiring Dec.31 '13
    BOGO Head and Shoulders (insert) 1 per rider please
    HEINZ beans 796ml $.50 UPC05750258, exp Dec31/12.
    Hellmans Mayo - not olive oil please
    Hellman's Mayo $1 WUB tomatoes
    .25+ Hunts snack packs
    0.50 Italpasta
    $1 WUB3 Jell-o Jelly Powder products, Dec. 31, 2012
    ANY Kraft WUB
    Kernels/AnY Popcorn seasonings
    $1 Kikkoman Hang Tag
    $1+ Liquid Hand Soap/Refill (Dial, Softsoap, Balea)
    .75 Lactancia Butter
    Larsen’s Meats - Salami, bologna, Ham - not weiners please
    Lysol/Clorox wipes
    McDonalds Coffee Cup Stickers for coffee card
    .50+ Maple Leaf Peelie
    $1 Marc Angelo
    .50/.75 Marzetti Dips
    .75 Milk to Go
    1.00 Mio liquid water enhancer
    $1 WUB2 Motts Fruitsations apple sauce cups only, no rockets - RRRLF- not veggie kind please
    Multi Pack Chocolate Bars/ Single Bars
    Multi Pack Gum
    Natural Selections Deli Meat
    Oasis $1 - Juice Boxes 2013
    Oasis $1.25 - Refrigerated cartons -any flavour (1.75L) 2013 (not jugs)
    $0.50/.75 Oasis 960 ml
    $1 Old Dutch/Lays/Ruffles/Tostitos/Doritos/Smart Food
    $1 Old El Paso
    $2 Olivieri
    FREE Olivieri Cooking Sauce with the purchase of this meat product. 12521715 Expiry March 31, 2013
    FREE Olivieri Cooking Sauce with the purchase of Maple Leaf Prime Naturally Chicken Breasts. 12521438 Expiry Dec 31, 2012.
    $1 Olymel Bacon
    $1.50 + Olymel Deli Meat
    $1+ Olympic Krema
    Pasta Sauce - not tomato sauce…not Newmans
    Pepperidge Farm $0.50 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Pretzels or Colours crackers or Grahams snacks (180-227g), 00924997, May 31, 2013
    Buy One Diet Mountain Dew soft drink & get (1) Free (max value $2.79), 84211558, Dec 31,2012
    $2 off Pam WUB Eggs
    Pepsi-Co, $1 on Tostitos Artisan Recipes Tortilla Chips 275g, 2331255, Dec 31,2012
    Pepsi-Co, $1 on Tostitos Salsa, Salsa Con Queso or Spinach Dip (400*645mL) OR Ruffles Dips 425g, 23312568, Dec 31,2012
    $1 Peek Freans
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese and dips, no cooking sauce please.
    .50 + Pillers Meats good on any
    q-tips - hahahahahhaa
    $1.00 any REALFRUIT GUMMIES (30 June 2013)
    Renee’s Salad Dressing
    1.00 Any Saputo Product (nov 30 -Saputo mag)
    1.50 Satin Care
    2.00 when you buy any two (2) 12 x 355 ml can packs OR two (2) 6 x 710 ml OR four (4) 2 L bottles of Crush, Dr. Pepper or Schweppes beverages. 12808465, Exp. Dec 31, 2012
    0.75 Skippy product (good on any -not just naturals)
    .25+ Snack Pack Pudding
    Stouffer’s/LC PIN’s
    1.00$ any SunRype 1.36L June 31, 2013
    Simply Minute Maid Refrigerated - good on lemonade not the cartons!
    Softsoap liquid hand soap 225ml $0.50 (Dec31) UPC 80004417
    1.50 Soft Soap from insert
    Tide, $1 any Tide Detergent, 63657308, Dec 31,2012 - good on trial size
    Top Dogs/ML Weiners - Peelies OK!
    Free Tropicana Trop50 or Tropics (max $5.19) WYB3 Quaker products 5106360 Nov 17, 2012
    $0.50+ off V8 V-Fusion Smoothie
    $3 Venus Razors 2013 expiry only please
    Villagio Bread
    Ziploc $1 WUB1 if they exsist or $2 wub 2

    I would also love the following samples (but please send to me directly as to not increase the conductors postage, PM me for addy)
    Will count as 1 Coupon
    Downy Unstoppables
    Biore Nose Strips
    Purex Crystals
    Purex Liquid
    Tide Pods
    Gain Laundry
    Olay Regenerist cream
    Advil Nightime
    Count as 2 Coupons
    Neutrogena Make Up wipes
    Febreze Car
    Scope Mouthwash

    Littlenom's WL:

    Multiples: yes, unless specified
    TFT/Store Specific: maybe, PM me
    French: of course!
    Inserts: yes
    Online: yes
    Stacking: no
    Printable: no thank you

    3 Points:
    $5 Iams Cat Food
    $5 off Maxx Scoop Cat Litter
    Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deoderizer
    $1 Robin Hood Flour (or $1 on any Robin Hood)
    $3 Strawberries
    1.50/1.00 off fresh chicken
    $1/.75 Lactancia Butter 454g 2013
    Anything for fresh fruit/produce but NOT WUB
    $7 Centrum Mens or Womens
    J&J Call-ins (any) - esp $3 Aveeno
    Conagra Call-ins
    Unilever Call-ins
    Kimberly Clark Call-ins
    probably any call in - haha
    Any FPC from my WL
    Razor Samples - for women!

    2 Points:
    $1 Huggies Wipes
    $1 Pampers Wipes
    $.75 Thinsations or more
    $. 75 KD Smart RRLF
    $.75/$1 Honey Bunches of Oats
    $2 WUB Cool Whip and Jello
    Gaylea Sour Cream - not Gold please!
    $2-$3 Flintstones Vitamins
    $2 + Disney Gummies
    $3-$4 off any Advil (should be good on regular tabs or gelcaps)
    Mum Mum coupons
    $5 Children's Advil
    $1.25 Oasis on 1.75L March 2013
    Pampers - mailouts, not brandsaver pls.
    $2 Skintimate
    .75 Skippy
    $4 WUB 3 Bear Paws
    $2 WUB 2 Christie
    $2+ Royale (good on TP, Paper Towel or facial tissue)
    $2+ Charmin
    $2+ Puffs
    $2+ Bounty

    1 Point:
    $1 Lactancia Milk - must be good on 4L bags - no cartons please! LF 2013 expiries please
    $1 Neilson Milk - Good on regular 2% 4L bags
    Lactantia Cream
    $1 Astro 2013 good on 650/750mL tubs – RRLF Dec 31 2013 expiries
    $1 Astro Mar 2013 good on any
    Armstrong Cheese
    .75 Black Diamond Cheese 2013 exp please
    Goldfish Grahams/Crackers
    $4 WUB 3 Bear Paws Cookies
    Motts Applesauce
    Gerber Graduates Snacks
    Heinz Little Kids Snacks
    Hunts Tomato Sauce/Paste - please not thick n rich, my hubby doesn't like it
    $1 Crisco
    $1 Cheerios/Oatmeal Crisp
    $1 Cheerios
    $$ off any Post cereal
    Campbell's Soups -
    $1 Cool Whip
    $1 Hershey good on Chipits
    Fleischmann's Yeast coupons - must be good on REGULAR yeast - not pizza
    Celestial Seasonings
    $1 Carnation Hot Chocolate
    Kraft Salad Dressing
    Classico Pasta Sauce
    VH Sauces (2013 expiry) - good on Indian Market please
    Pam 2013 - only one per rider please
    Cloverleaf Tuna - nothing but good ol regular tuna weird stuff
    Goldseal Tuna
    $1.50 Satin Care
    $5 WUB 3 Gillette (I know, dreaming....keep hoping it will turn back up)
    $$ off Fresh Eggs - $1 WUB 1 doz or $2 WUB 2 doz - 2013 exp
    Heinz Ketchup
    Club House Spices - not gravies, not marinades please
    Jello Pudding Mixes
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    Unico Products (Beans, Stewed Tomatoes, etc)
    Catelli Pasta (not whole wheat - DH doesn't like it lol)
    Ground Beef (not WUB)
    Quaker Oatmeal
    $1+ Special K Fruit Crisps -
    High Liner Signature (2013 exp only please) - only one per rider please
    $1 Highliner on any - one per rider please
    Miracle Whip - only one per rider please
    0-9 Kids Drops (anything good on cough/cold)
    $2 Johnsons Baby
    Kleenex Cool Touch - I know that there was one expired already, I'm hoping by some miracle there's one out there I don't know about
    Swiffer refill – needs to be good on wetjet refills
    $1 Always Pads (Aug 2013)
    $1 Always Liners (Aug 2013)
    $1 Gerber (websaver)
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese - good on regular
    .75 Green Giant Frozen
    $1 Peek Freans
    $1 Canada Dry – regular
    Glad Cling Wrap
    BOGO Dr. Pepper
    BOGO Pepsi
    Coke coupons? (I don't know if there are any...)
    $1+ Nutrigrain
    V8 V-Fusion .50 Smoothie ok - one per rider please
    Allen's Juice
    Tide Pods Sample (I am in love with these things!)
    Downy Unstoppables Sample

    IMLN’s Wish list :

    French: Yes
    Store specific : Ask
    Printable: Yes color only for specified.
    TFT: No
    Stacking: No
    Multiple: Sure

    All UPC are to be ignored (I can't stack) I just copy paste from the coupon thread! The exp. Dates are to be followed.

    Totally dreaming of count as 10:
    10$ Hasbro games
    $10 towards the combined purchase price of any product(s) from Schneider’s
    FPC John Frieda hair dye
    FPC Sunlight
    FPC Diapers or training pants

    My most wanted count as 5:
    Kellogg’s gas card promo (card only, I’m running out of adresses)
    FPC Glutino OR Bogo
    $5 code
    $5 Chapman
    $5 Hasbro games
    $5 Maple Leaf chicken
    $5 Maxx Scoop
    $5 off any Pillers Product, June 30, 2013

    RRRLF 3pts :
    FPC Any for cat Litter (no food, unless iams)
    FPC Any for food, snacks & drink
    FPC Any Huggies, Pampers & kid related (no formula)
    FPC Any laundry, dish & cleaning product
    FPC Any Toiletries, Hair dye, cream & soap
    FPC Any really not picky when its free (no smiles please)

    $5 or 3$ Marc Angelo
    $5 Iams cat food
    $3+ Huggies or Pampers diapers or training pants (not wub)
    $2 on any Kellogg's product, 71575852, NED

    VIB mail out from SDM (not from glow)
    $3+ Call in and mail out from any company
    Pouch top M&M & Malteasers for free movie tickets

    RRLF 2 pts:
    Kellogg’s free snack promo (1 code)
    Kleenex code for Brand Care Pack (1 code)
    Buy one Pam Baking or Original and Save $2 on a dozen eggs Feb 24 2013

    Becel, $1 on any Becel Margarine product, Dec 31,2012
    Campbell's, $1 any Campbell's products,
    Campbell's, $2 any Campbell's products,
    Campbell's, $3 any Campbell's products,
    Crisco Shortening product $1 Apr 30, 2013
    Crisco All-Vegetable or Golden All-Vegetable Shortening Product, $1 off 454g or 567g, any (51526740, Jan 30 13)
    Crisco Canola or Vegteable oil product $1 Apr 30, 2013
    Dare $4 WUB3 Bear Paw (Nestle snack)
    Eagle Brand Dulce de Leche Free (max $4.99) WYB any Eagle Brand Apr 30, 2013
    Earth Balance product Save $1 on any. Expiry February 28 2013
    Flinstone, $3 Flinstone Gummies 50's or Chewables 60's, Dec 31,2013
    Gillette, $4 Gillette Fusion or Mach Razor or Cartridge, Dec 31,2012
    Glad Indoor or Outdoor bags $2. Expires 31Oct, 2014
    Glad Compostable, Recycling or Clear Bags $2. Expires 31Oct, 2014.
    Glad Food Storage Product $1. Expires 31Oct, 2014.
    High Liner, $2 any High Liner 215-700g product, inc. 227g Market Cuts, Dec 31,2012
    Heinz, $1 on any Heinz product, 05721870, NED
    Jamieson, $1.50 any Jamieson product, Jun 30,2013
    Janes, $2 on any Janes Family products 1kg or smaller, Dec 31,2012
    Janes, $2 on any Janes Family of Seafood products 1kg or smaller, Dec 31,2013
    Kraft, save X WUB X (the new one)
    Sunlight, BOGO any Sunlight Hand Dishwashing Liquid, Dec 31,2012
    SunRype, $0.75 SunRype Squiggles or FunBites, 22307981, Jun 4, 2013
    Tide, $3 wub (2) Tide products, Feb 28,2013
    Van Houtte, $3 on (1) bag of Van Houtte Coffee Collection, Mar 1,2013
    Van Houtte Ground or Whole Bean coffee 225 g or larger $3, 1190192 Sept 30, 2013

    $2 Melita coffee
    $2 Pam grilling spray
    $2 Panabello
    $2 Red Hot sauce
    $2 Olive Oil

    I will take any coupon for :
    Hershey drops & welches gummies from lateast SS--> RRLF
    $ Any fresh meat (Uncooked & not frozen), (Johnsonville, Marc Angelo, Olymel, Maple Leaf Prime, Ball park, Country Natural…)
    $ Any Soda: 7up, ginger ale, Fresca, Fanta or Coke only (any size)
    $ Call in and mail out from any company
    $ Cheese Brick only: Saputo, Armstrong, black diamond & .75 any
    $ Chips, dip, popcorn
    $ Coffee, Van Houtte, Nabob or Maxwell house (no instant)
    $ Fresh produce
    $ Flour
    $ Glutino & gluten free pantry, $1 or less
    Ziploc $1 WUB 1 (or $2 wub 2) RRLF the QC coupon

    $2+ on any facial tissue, Toilet paper or paper towels OR any BOGO
    $2+ on any 1 laundry detergent OR any BOGO
    $2+ on any dish washer detergent OR any BOGO

    $ Cat: Max scoop, Arm&Hammer litter & Iams food

    Ketchup, honey, vegan margarine, eggs (regular not omega, later exp), Philadelphia Cream Cheese (regular) Nutella Unicorns?

    Meds +:
    $ Any type of muscle relaxant
    $5 Advil, Children's Advil Bubble Gum or Berry, 100ml, Dec 31,2013
    $5 Advil, Advil Cold & Flu, 20's/40's, Dec 31,2013
    $ Aleve
    $ Benadryl Children & Adults
    $ Tylenol (regular) Children & Adults

    Gillette, $2 Gillette Antiperspirant/Deodorant or Personal Cleansing Care, Feb 28,2013
    Gillette, Buy a Gillette Deodorant & get a free Body Wash, Feb 13,2013
    Gillette Body Wash (excl. trial size) $2 any May 31, 2013

    Pins :
    Stouffers, lean cuisine pins

    Always looking for 1 pt :


    $ Diapers, pants & wipes

    $ Any juice boxes
    $ Any Oasis juices (from Allan apple juice or booklet)
    $ 0.75 on Allen's 100% Apple Juice 1.89L or Rougemont 2L, Dec
    $ Natura good on any, not only soy or almond
    $ 0.50 2L Rougemont product. May 1, 2013
    $ So Good 3x250ml 31 March 2013

    $ Any Frozen fruits
    $ Any Frozen meat
    $ Any Frozen pizza
    $ Any Frozen veggies
    $ Any Frozen treats (not haagen-dazs & So Nice)
    $ Any Blue Water Frozen Seafood product, Dec 31,2013
    $ High Liner good on ANY or market cut only

    Black Diamond cheese strings
    Boursin, 1.00$ March 31, 2013 1420192
    Damafro, $1 any Damablanc, 4510078, Dec 31,2012 (French)
    Damafro, $0.75 any Damafro product, 4510074, Dec 31,2012 (French)
    Damafro, $1 Damafro Feta Salad, 4510096, Dec 31,2012
    Damafro, $1 Damafro Petit Gouda de Chevre, Dec 31,2012
    Damafro, $1 Damafro P'Tit Saint-Damase 175g, Dec 31,2012
    Earth’s Own, $1 2x250mL Earth's Own Almond, Dec 31,2012
    Earth's Own, $1 on any Earth's Own Almond 3x250mL or 946mL, Dec 31,2012
    Naturegg Simply Egg Whites Liquid Egg Product (500g) EXP: Dec. 31/13
    Oka cheese
    Sealtest, $0.75 500mL Sour Cream or 500g Cottage Cheese, 80105103, Dec 31,2012
    TreStelle, $0.75 any Tre Stella Cheese, 72005138, Dec 31,2012
    TreStelle, $0.75 TreStelle Bocconcini cheese, 72005200, Dec 31,2012
    Tre Stelle, $0.75 Tre Stelle Mozzarella Cheese Ball 340g, 72005109, Nov 30,2012

    $ Any Cream
    $ Any Cold cut meat (RRLF Pillers)
    $ Any Dip, Fontaine Sante, Summer Fresh, Sabra, Marzetti…
    $ Any kid’s drinkable yogurt or tube. (RRLF YOP)

    Dainty, $1 any bag of 1.2kg or 2kg Dainty Rice, 2040149, Dec 31,2014
    Nature's Path, $2 Nature's Path boxed Granola bars (min.purchase of $3), 40046, NED
    Nature's Path, $1 any Nature's Path or EnviroKidz product, May 31,2013
    Nature's Path, $1 any Nature's Path or EnviroKidz Cereal, Waffle or Bar,2013
    Pepperidge Farm $0.50 Goldfish Pretzels, Colours or Grahams, May 31, 2013
    Pop-Tarts $0.50
    Reynolds Parchment Paper or StayBrite Baking Cups $0.50, Dec 31, 2013
    St. Hubert canned sauce or sauce mix, $0.40 6330174 Dec. 31, 2012

    $ Any Always, Tampax, Kotex
    $ Any Bread & buns
    $ Any Canned or dried beans (Unico type)
    $ Any Canned fruits & veggies
    $ Any Cereals (BOGO and $1.50+ count as 2)
    $ Any Chocolate (BOGO and $1.50+ count as 2)
    $ Any Cookies or crackers
    $ Any Facial tissue, Toilet paper or paper towels
    $ Any Granola bars (BOGO and $1.50+ count as 2)
    $ Any Hunt, paste & Sauce
    $ Any Kraft Dinner
    $ Any Mustard 1$ wub 1 (good on dijon)
    $ Any Sugar brown or regular Sugar - (Not Splenda)
    $ Peanut butter (Kraft or Skippy no natural)
    $ Pam (Dec 2012 or 2013 only)

    $ Gillette (good on deo or body wash) BOGO count as 2
    $ Old spice (good on deo or body wash) BOGO count as 2
    Jamieson, $1 any Jamieson product, Dec 31, 2012
    Nivea, $0.50 Nivea Lip Care product, Dec 31,2012
    SoftLips, $2 any Softlips product, Dec 31,2012
    Softsoap, $0.50 Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap 225mL, Dec 31,2012

    Olay regeneris
    Crest white strips

    Aeroplan pins
    Pampers codes
    Enjoy the ride code
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    Name:  imln-albums-shop-picture142103-dsc07781.JPG
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    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    i'll join please! Pm'ing you now
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    Congrats on your sewing project!
    I'd like to ride please.
    I need a little time to work on my WL, then I'll send it.
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    I'd like to ride as well. I will send wishlist tonight!
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    shop my webstore:

    Use this code to save at

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    Welcome aboard!!

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    I would love a seat!!!
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    welcome Bluzsuz!

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    Seat please

    Just heading to bed shortly, so I will PM info tomorrow
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    Welcome Jemwars!

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    if it is ok to send wishlist tonight I will jump on
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    No problem Kim!
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    I just sent it I lyed I had more time then I thought before I left for work ; )
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