Hey fellow Islanders!

I've been 'away' from couponing for a while (2 moves in 6 months, hubby in Alberta, a new business, and baby on the way will do that!) but have been doing a bit more again in the last couple months.

Anyways, I had a frustrating day trying to locate coupons in Charlottetown, and wondered if you are all having the same thing?? I visited 2 Shopper's, Sobeys, Superstore, Co-op, and No-Frills. I was hoping to pick up afew coupons that I KNOW have been out there recently (like I saw a whole pad in the store days ago, and now the entire pad was ripped off). I was extremely disappointed that in all the stores I went to, I literally found only 3 tear-pads that were not totally stripped of their coupons. (well, other than the Coupon Zone at SS) I was just wondering if you have all found this lately too? It's just hard, as the coupons that you can get online are so limited, and I have been quite happy with what I've found lately around town.

Anyways, just had to vent (sorry...moms don't get to do that much)...and was curious what all of your experience was lately?