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Thread: Official Produce and Grocery Staples - Oct 25 - Nov 1

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    Expired on: Sun, Nov 4th, 2012

    [B] If brand is not stated, it is the store's brand

    Don't forget, shop the outside of the store and only venture in for coupons!

    The produce deals are not great this week
    Make sure you check the hot deals thread for stock up deals!

    Atlantic deals are posted in their own forum

    Food Basics
    Egg Creations $1.99
    Cucumbers $0.88
    Raspberries or Blackberries $1.97
    10lb potatoes or onions $1.97
    Carnation Evap Milk $1.29
    Cedar Beans $0.99
    Bagged Spinach $0.95
    Primo Pasta, Canned Tomatoes or Sauce $0.88
    Lean Ground Beef 2lb tube $1.97/lb - $3.94/tube
    Cauliflower $0.88ea *WOW*
    Mushrooms $0.88
    Apples $0.88/lb
    Sirloin Tip Steak $3.99/lb


    Pork loin centre cut or rib end chops or roast $1.88/lb
    Barilla Pasta $0.88
    Catelli Garden Select Sauce $0.88
    Blueberries or Blackberries $1.77
    Short rib or cross rib roast $3.99/lb
    Stewing beef $3.99/lb
    Cauliflower $1.99
    Unico Beans $1
    Eye of Round Roast $2.99/lb

    Salmon Fillets $5.97/lb
    Green Cabbage $0.97ea
    Cucumbers $0.69
    Coconut $0.88
    Red Grapes $0.99/lb
    Blackberry $0.99
    Villaggio Bread $1.99
    Cedar Beans $0.97
    Fresh Omega3 Extra Lean Ground Chicken 400g $3.49
    Europes Best Vegetables $1.97
    All Bran or Special K $2.97
    Primo Sauce $0.77

    Giant Tiger
    Dole or Fresh Express bagged salads – selected $0.88 (4 per customer)
    Primo Pasta Sauce $1
    Country Harvest Bread $2
    Primo Grainwise $1

    Highland Farms

    IGA (QC)
    Raspberries, cranberries or 6pk mini cucumbers 3/$4.98
    Fresh Chicken Breasts (with bone skin) $1.99/lb
    T-Bone steak $9.99/lb

    Loblaws (ON)
    Extra Lean Ground Beef $3/lb
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $4/lb
    Wonderbread $2
    Barilla Pasta $1
    Catelli Garden Sauce $1
    Cucumbers $1
    Simply Steam Veg $1
    I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter $1
    Cobia Fillet $9.99/lb
    Perch Fillet $6.99/lb
    Del Monte Canned Fruit $1
    Green pepper $1/lb
    Ziploc $1 – buy for $3 off bread

    Loblaws (QC)
    Lactantia Butter 3/$9.99
    Cheerios $1.99
    Liberte Yogurt $1.99
    Salmon Fillets $4.99/lb
    Strip Loin Steak $4.99/lb
    Mushrooms 3/$5
    3lb carrots or onions $1.79
    Clic canned beans $0.79
    Halal Lean Ground Beef $3.49/lb

    Maxi (QC)
    Pork Tenderloin $3/lb
    Gold Seal Tuna $1
    Unico Canned Beans $1
    Salmon Fillets $5/lb
    Raspberries 3/$5

    Metro (ON)
    Barilla Pasta $0.99
    Whole Chicken $3.29/lb – BOGO (in-store) $1.65/lb

    Metro (QC)
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $3.49/lb
    Pork Loin Roast $1.29/lb
    5kg Flour $4.99
    5lb clementines $4.99
    Lean ground beef & pork duopack $3.49/lb
    TBone Steak $9.99/lb
    Basa or Tilapia Fillet $5.99/lb

    No Frills (ON)
    Anniversary Sale!
    Minute Maid Juice 1.75L $1.47
    Arctic Gardens 1.75kg $4.44
    Clover Leaf Salmon or Gourmet Tuna $1.99
    ItalPasta $0.88
    Ragu $0.99
    Sweet Red Peppers 4pk $1.98
    Garlic 3pk 2/$0.97
    Royal Gala Apples $0.79/lb
    Chicken Breast (with skin/bone) $1.97/lb
    D’Italiano Bread $1.87

    RCSS (ON)
    Jakes Bake House Bread $1.83
    10lb red or white potatoes $1.67
    Broccoli $0.98
    Barilla Pasta 4/$5
    Pork Loin $1.98/lb

    Extra Foods & RCSS (West)
    Outside Round Roast $2.48/lb
    Raspberries full pint $2.96
    20lb potatoes $4.88
    9lb oranges $5.88
    6lb pears $4.88
    5lb apples 43.96

    Safeway (West)

    Sobeys (ON)
    Aylmer Accents 4/$5
    Eye of Round Roast $3.99/lb
    May Family Deli Meat (at Deli Counter) Spend $5 and get 500 points

    SuperC (QC)
    Pork Tenderloin $2.99/lb
    Oasis Shelf Juice $0.88
    Cauliflower $0.99ea
    2 Whole Chickens $11
    Raspberries, Blueberries or Blackberries 3/$5
    Catelli $0.99
    Lean Ground Beef $3.99/lb
    10lb carrots, onions, beets 2/$5
    Leeks $3.99/bunch

    Thrifty Foods
    Astro Smooth & Fruity 4pk $1
    English Cucumber $1
    Oceans Tuna $1
    Unica Canned Beans $1
    Kraft Salad Dressing $1
    Fresh baked bread $1
    Frozen Cod Fillets $4.54/lb
    Compliments Garden Salad $1
    Simply Steam Veg $1
    Haiku Coconut Milk $1
    Barilla Pasta 41
    Compliments Canned Tomatoes 41

    Walmart SuperCentre
    (from ON flyer)
    Striploin steaks 3pk $12 (depends on weight)
    Red grapes $0.97/lb
    Pineapple $1.97
    3lb oranges $2.97
    Salmon Fillets $6.97/lb
    Cucumbers or Celery $0.97ea
    Pint Grape Tomatoes 41.50
    3lb carrots or onions $1

    Your Independent Grocer

    Zehrs (ON)
    Tilapia Fillets $5/lb
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast or Thighs $4/lb
    Gay Lea Butter $3
    Barilla Pasta 41
    Catelli Garden Select Pasta Sauce $1
    GG Simply Steam Veg $1
    I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter $1
    Perch Fillet $6.99
    Ziploc $1 – buy for $3 bread
    Yoplait Source 4pk $1
    Unico Canned Beans $1
    Extra Lean Ground Beef $4/lb
    Green Peppers $1/lb

    Jakes Bake House Bread $1.79
    Tagu 4/$5
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    Thanks you for doing this each week!!! It is very appreciated

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