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    This is a small subset of my TL, if you send me your WL in PM, I can see if I have others that you are looking for.

    1xFPC Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner with Colour Power Technology 33689122 Dec1 2012
    2x$4 Aspirin-various 100/200 07656415 Dec2 2012
    3x$4 Youth Code BB cream Dec12 2012
    1xFPC Mott’s Garden Cocktail 945ml ($2.49) 22223526 Dec31 2012
    10x$2 Hershey Drops 200g Dec31 2012 insert
    2x$4 WUB3 Bear Paws Dec31 2012 Nestle
    3x$4 WUB2 Nestle snack size chocolate bars 20ct Dec31 2012 Bear Paws
    3x$2 Club House La Grille 30min Marinades Dec31 2012 ziploc
    5x$2 Europe’s Best Fruit Essentials Dec31 2012 insert
    10x$2 Europe’s Best Roasted Gourmet Vegetable Dec31 2012 insert
    2x G1 Bear Paws Cereal & Fruit WUB case of 330ml Nestle Pure Life Dec31 2012 peelie
    1x$4 Metamucil (only where PC products are sold) Dec31 2012
    8x$10 Thrive 108ct Dec31 2012 insert
    10x$2.50 Tinactin or Tinactin Chill Dec31 2012 tp
    20x$2 Resolve Dec 2012
    10x$5 Biotrue 300ml 74209402 Jan31 2013 insert
    3x$5 Iams dry dog food 2.86Kg or larger 64158150 Jan31 2013 sv
    3xFPC Drano Septic Treatment (up to $7.49) Jan31 2013
    10x$4 Listerine Kids Smart Rinse 04387943 Feb28 2013 hang tag
    6x$3 Pediasure 4x235ml 18218695 Feb28 2013
    2x$2 Ensure cheques Dec30 2012, March1 2013
    1x$4 Enfamil D-Vi-Sol, Tri-Vi-Sol Poly-Vi-Sol 30219423 March31 2013
    1xFPC Gold Seal No Drain Tuna March31 2013 Hamburger Helper
    5x$1.25 Oasis Nutrisource 1.89L March31 2013 juice can
    1x$8 Enfapro A+ 30219449 March31 2013 (trade pending)
    1x$5 Similac Advance with Omega-3 and Omega-6 ready-to-feed nursers Apr30 2013
    1x$5 Similac for babies Sensitive to lactose Apr 30 2013
    1xB1G1 Booster Juice Smoothie May31 2013 cereal box
    1x G1 Booster Bake WUB Booster Juice Smoothie June1 2013-Oct1 2013 cereal box
    4x$3 Aveeno, Lubriderm, Neutrogena, Clean&Clear 04376428 June30 2013 call-in
    10x$12 Immunity-Fx 42/70 79506667 June30 2013 tp
    5x$1 Pepto Bismol Aug31 2012 Pampers
    1x$5 Gerber Graduates toddler drink 10036349 Dec31 2013
    1x$6 Hydrasense product Dec31 2013
    1x$10 Hydrasense Nasal Aspirator Starter Kit Dec31 2013
    10x$3 Zantac 04386722 Dec31 2013 tp

    FPC 2L Natrel milk
    FPC 4L Lactancia milk
    $5-$10 Pampers
    FPC Kashi cereal or bars June30 2013
    FPC Biobest yogurt
    FPC any yogurt
    $5 Danone yogurt
    .50 Minigo/Tubes Dec 2013
    $5 Chapman’s
    FPC K-cups
    FPC bread ziploc exp 2013
    D’Italiano Bread
    Blue Diamond Almond Breeze milk
    $2 Silk 1.89L (printed one is ok)
    $.50-$1 Astro yogurt peelie
    $1 Yoplait yogurt peelie Apr 2013 (valid on any)
    Liberte yogurt peelie Dec 2013 (valid on any)
    $1 Astro Original yogurt Dec 2013
    $1 any Heinz ned
    Classico pasta sauce
    Primo pasta sauce
    Delverde pasta no exp date
    Michelina frozen entree
    $1 Fresh Express
    $0.55 Bolthouse carrots (exp later than Dec 2012)
    $1 Bolthouse smoothie (exp later than Dec 2012)
    $1 Hain-Celestial Seasoning
    Tetley herbal tea
    FPC any Ocean Spray
    Oasis juice 960ml
    Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk (only need a few)
    Stove Top stuffing
    Fruit to go
    Que Pasa tortilla chips (do coupons exist?)
    Schneiders Oktoberfest sausage (do coupons exist?)
    Dr. Oetker Ristorante Dec 2013
    $5 Hasbro game July31 2013
    $5 Ziploc/Saran Wrap Aug31 2013
    FPC Incognito June30 2013
    $2 Cottonelle (exp later than Dec 2012)
    Soft & Dri Dri gel antiperspirant
    Windsor water softening salt
    SDM points
    Canadian Tire money
    Open to other FPCs
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