Alright P.A. Folk this forum is for coupon finds in the city for this year.
I will post when I find tearpads or the contents of the inserts and
Please add any coupons you find if you want to help fellow couponers

So today's find for anyone interested:
Jan 13/13

Real Canadian Superstore

Dole .75 Live right bites . exp Dec 31st 2013
Sponge Towels 1.00 ultra 6 or 12 roll . exp Feb 28th 2013
Big Cup Noodles, Bowl Noodles hot and spicy or rich and savory .50 exp Dec 31st 2012

There is also baby bel, and pantene .50 coupons on the wall.

Yesterdays Redplum had my favorite coupon

Vileda 1$ wub1 scrunge or scrub n go, 3$ wub2 scrunge or scrub n go. exp Mar 31st 2013
Good n Nature .50 exp June 30/2013
Clear 1$ off any, 3$ off one men clear and any clear product. exp Mar 1/2013
Disney Gummies 2$ off. exp Dec 31st 2013
Natures Bounty 2$ off any exp Aug/31/2013
Natures Bounty Osteo Bi-flex 5$ off. exp Aug /31/2013