Went shopping at Arthur Street Market Place for something to do last night between errands. My daughter wanted to stop in at the dollar store. She found some roll on vial perfumes that smell like Beyonce's Pulse, Prada Candy and Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck. She had originally gone in to check out their Revlon nail polishes.

Went into Walmart and found Clear Men's 2 in 1 shampoo on Clearance for $4. This was great. Had the $3 coupon so I grabbed 5 (left some on the shelf even though I still had more coupons), my son will be very greatful. Had two of the 'buy one Clear shampoo get a Vaseline Men's moisturizer for free' coupons so I used them too. The cashier and her supervisor had an issue but ended up giving it to me. My point was it was for the cream not the shampoo. The shampoo was just a stipulation, not part of the cost. She felt that the shampoo that I already used a coupon on was part of that coupon. No where does it say how much the shampoo had to cost.
Anyway, my oldest daughter needed a new pair of winter boots so she picket out a pair for $15. We ended up getting them for nothing because I picked up 20 packets of Zantac for my brother using the $3 coupon. Perfect. She also picked out a couple sweaters that are on for $5 each. We got a pair of size 4 winter ankle boots for $5 for my youngest son. Definately ok with that.
We noticed the remaining Christmas stock is on clearance 75% off. Mostly make-up stuffs. Grabed a chair pad that has heat and a massager for $8.47, too awesome since I had been looking at them since before Christmas and this one was $35. Going to use it in my truck or maybe at the office.