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Thread: I miss riding trains Easy VWT

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    Expired on: Wed, May 1st, 2013

    I have not ridden or conducted a train in a long time so I thought since I have a little time this weekend that I would set one up!!

    I want it to be easy to ride because I have wanted to ride some but my coupon stash is not what it used to be and I have not been able to fulfill a lot of the posted wishlists so I have not joined!! So for this one you will need to send $4 in value coupons to each rider....if you do not have enough of their wishlist coupons you can send stamps or stickers instead!
    1 stamp = $2
    1 sheet of stickers =$2

    Expirys no earlier than April 15th ish....please be sure to forward me your messages if you ok an early expiry

    Please make your wishlists as long as possible with a lot of easier to find dont need to value the coupons...just a reg wishlist. I will take up to 9 riders...depending on how long it takes to fill the train...I would like to have a mail date of Monday March 4th
    BP is 4 stamps to mail your envie back to you

    Please have a trade rating of at least 25 to ride....if all goes well I will run a newbie train for those just starting out but not this one

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    Reserved for riders:

    1. KK7 - received
    2. Shawlightning - recieved
    3. Bricon1621 - received
    4. Couponsrule - received
    5. Coyote00 - received
    6. Melissa13 - received
    7. Sheemelady - received
    8. daringleanne - recieved
    9. mandolomed - received
    10. SoloSaver
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    Reserved for wishlists:

    SoloSavers Wishlist
    Online coupons: Y
    TFT Y good in Ontario
    Printable: N (unless specified)
    French: N
    Store specific: N

    I am ok with many early expirys so just ask!!

    Marc Angelo, $1 Marc Angelo Kabobs, NED
    Marc Angelo,
    $1 any Marc Angelo product, NED
    1.00 Dofino Hararti Cheese
    Bogo Temptations cat treats
    $2 KCup Folgers
    $1.00 TBonz or Beggin Strips exp July 31 2013
    Iams Cat Food
    $1 Almond breeze RRRLF
    $1 Source yogurt
    1.00 Kelloggs Eggos
    .50 or 1.00 Pop Tarts
    Schnediders Country Naturals

    $5 PILLARS JUNE 30/13
    $5 VILEDA (NED)
    $2 ROYALE Good on TP
    $2 CHARMIN
    0.30 CATELLI PASTA MAR 31/13
    .50C CREST100ML + JUNE 30/13

    $3 WUB2 Black Diamond Cheese - any HV BD from Shoppers Voice
    Canned Tuna (*NOT flavored, *not salad kit)
    $1 any Fresh Express packaged salad not fancy kits
    $1 French’s Mustard
    Hellmans Mayo - not olive oil please
    Oasis $1 - Juice Boxes 2013
    $1 Old El Paso
    $1 on Yoplait Source 650g or 16x100g, 76144673, Dec 31,2013
    Primo Call Ins
    $5 off any Arctic Garden vegetable solution Dec 31, 2013
    $1 Arctic Gardens GoCoupons, 2014 expiry date
    $2.00 Arctic Gardens veggies exp Dec 31/13 49701500
    2.00 Healthy Choice Steamer CouponExp May 31 2013
    $2 any Healthy Choice Steamers, 44407416, May 31,2013 (Door Hanger)
    Save $2 on your next purchase of Quaker Harvest Crunch, Fibre & Omega-3, Yogourt or Oatmeal to Go Granola Bars (120g-200g, any flavour/variety) Exp. Sept 30, 201
    Classico, Primo or Catelli spaghetti sauce
    HEINZ Ketchup any amount
    $1 any Renee's Gourmet product, any 2013 expiries
    $1 Classico
    $0.30 Kraft macaroni cups
    Orville Redenbacher popcorn, microwaveable only – not ready to eat
    Smart Ones
    Lactantia Milk June 2013 expiry
    Olymel Chicken July 2013 expiry
    Irish Spring
    $1 Summefresh Dip or Hummus
    Bolthouse carrots
    1.00 Dempsters Bread
    1.00 Diana Sauce
    1.00 Dare/Grissol (cheese mag)
    1.00 Kraft Peanut Butter
    1.00 McCain Pizza (peelie or other)
    2.00 Pam
    1.00 Primo call in
    2.00 Royale (good on any)
    BOGO Schneiders Red Hots etc
    1.50 Villaggio *
    1.50 Wheat Thins
    5.00 WUB 3 Danone
    Dempster’s Bagels
    Dempster’s White or 100% Whole Wheat

    1.00 Dole Fruit Bowls, Parfait, or Gel.
    1.00 Dole Fruit N Crisp
    2.00 Downy Unstopables –limit 1
    4.00 Ensure
    2.00 Folgers K Cups
    0.50 Gay Lea Peelie
    0.75 Gay Lea Peelie
    Hunts Pasta Sauce (WUB Paste or WUB 2 OK)
    Hunts Tomato Sauce
    1.00 IOGO
    2.00 Jane’s Fish
    Jane’s Chicken
    0.75 KD Smart
    1.00 WUB 2 Knorr
    0.75 Lactantia Cream
    Mann`s Veggies
    2.00+ Maple Leaf Prime Chicken
    Minute Maid juice boxes
    0.50+ Oasis 960ml
    Oliveri pasta
    1.00 Rice Krispie Squares
    0.75 Wonderbread
    2.00 WUB 2 Wonderbread
    Dellissio pizza
    $1 on any Heinz product, 05721870, NED
    $2 on any Kellogg's product, 71575852, NED
    $3 on any McCain product,
    Campbell's, $2 any Campbell's products
    Colgate-Palmolive, $1 any Colgate-Palmolive product,
    $1 any Campbell's products
    Maple Leaf,
    $1 Maple Leaf Bacon Portions
    , 00606761, Apr 30,2013
    Europe's Best,
    $1 Europe's Best Frozen Fruit or Vegetable product

    $0.75 any Piller's Simply Free, 49806696, Dec 31,2013
    $3 on bread wub (1) Ziploc brand product, 33688930, Oct 31,2013

    $1 Baybybell cheese - light ok
    $1 Laughing cow - light ok
    .75 Lantancia cream
    Crustini buns
    $2 Maple leaf chicken
    Chicken or Turkey bacon or sausage
    $1 WUB 2 doz eggs
    michaleans frozen meals

    KK7's Wishlist

    Pins From Folgers For FREE Products or the FPC For Jam
    5.00 +Colgate-Palmolive Call In
    FPC Cottonelle WIpes
    FPC Folgers
    FPC Goldseal up to 10.00 Products
    FPC Got 2b
    FPC Kellogs
    5.00+ Maple Leaf Call In
    Marc Angelo, FPC any Marc Angelo product (max value $5), 27910981, NED
    FPC GLAD Product (Maximum $8.00)
    FPC McCain Regular "Red Bag"Fries (1 Kg any cut)
    FPC Natrel 2L Milk
    FPC Skinny Cow
    FPC Ocean Spay
    4.00 Quaker Aunt Jemima ect Call IN
    5.00 Purina Maxx Scoop
    FPC Reckitt Benckiser
    FPC Cascade Dishwasher
    FPC Hair Dye ANY
    5.00/10.00 Schneider's
    , FPC Sunrise Tofu For ANY
    5.00 Clorex Call In Coupon
    FPC Brisk
    1.00 WUB 2 No Yolks
    Campbells Call Ins
    1.00 Primo
    Bogo Sunrype
    2.00 J&J For Reach(Pink One)
    Any Call In For Mars Pet - .50 one point
    Call In For Kimberley Clark to use for Cottonelle Wipes
    2.00 Kellogs
    ANY Call In For Mc Cain Products if
    Any Glad Call In if
    Any Iams Call In For Dog or Cat if .50 ~~for treats ,wet or dry food
    Save $1 WUB 1 package of AHOY! EXTRAS soft cookies, any 182g variety. UPC 15042792 exp May 31, 2013
    Cereal For Mini Wheats, Alpha Bits, Lucky Charms, Honey Comb, Capn Crunch, Rasin Bran one per rider or less different cereal
    1.00 Dove Soap
    Motrin for Reg Not Liqu Gels
    Softsoap Body Wash
    .50 Any One Cadbury one per rider
    Dempster Tortillas one per rider
    Brita Filters hear there is a new coupon for 1.50 for Any Brita : )
    1.00 Fresh Express Salad
    1.00 ANY Bounty or Napkins New One From a Mail In From Iams
    Any Sunrype Coupons For Shelf Juice And Juice Boxes RLF Juice Boxes
    .75any size becel or imperial
    Toaster Strudels Will accept early exp if it gets to me on time
    Eggo Waffles For ANY not limited to mini this was a Websaver One Will accept early exp if it gets to me on time
    .75 Hellman's 87410566, Dec 31,2013 one per rider One that came in the Unleiver Booklet
    Liberte Yougrt if FPC worth ALL
    Astro For ANY ASTRO one per rider
    .50 Rougemount Not March 31 one per rider
    .75 Black Diamond Cheese For 200g or 500g one per rider
    Bounce, $1 any Bounce product, 63659623, Dec 31,2013
    1.00 Bounce, 63660412, Jun 30,2014
    1.00 Bounty Jun30,2014
    2.00 Cascade Jun 30,2014
    Bassili's Best if FPC worth ALL
    1.00 Cavendish From The Farm Dec31,2013
    1.00 Charmin Jun 30,2014
    1.50 Wheat Thins
    2.00 Covergirl Sept 30,2013
    1.00 WUB 2 Dawn Jun 30,2014
    $2 Downy Unstoppables or Downy Liquid Fabric Enhancer(excl.trial/travel), 63659681, Dec 31,2013
    3.00 HE Tide
    1.00 Pepperidge Farm Sweet Biscuits
    Country Harvest or Demsters Whole Wheat Bread one per riider
    Demsters or Villagio White Bread one per rider
    Any KCups Coupons one per rider
    Folgers For Reg Coffee is their Any New Ones one per rider
    1.00 +Spongetowels Not Enviro
    1.00 + Cashmere Not Enviro

    .50 E.D.Smith Pie Filling Dec 31,2013 one per rider
    2.00 Finish Dec31,2013 one per rider
    1.00 Fresh Express Dec 31,2013
    1.00 General Mills Jun 30,2013
    1.00 Glad Storage Oct 31,2014
    2.00 Glad Garbage Bags Oct 31,2014
    3.00 Iams one per rider( cat or dog)
    Iams Wet Food For Cat or Dog
    2.00 Jamieson Good For Vit C one per rider
    Johnsonville, $1 any Johnsonville Sausage, 44204091, Dec 31,2014 one per rider
    Johnsonville, $1 any Johnsonville Sausage, 44204033, Dec 31,2015 one per rider
    .75 Lactantia Dec 31,2013 one per rider
    Any Marc Angelo Except Cooked Sausage one per rider
    McCain, $0.50 McCain Supercrisps, Superspirals orGold'n'crisp, 04607654, NED
    Any Max Scoop if 2.00 + worth 2 if 5.00 + worth all
    Summer Fresh any except Greek
    1.00 Tide Pods Sept 30,2013
    1.00 Tide Jun 30,2014
    2.00 WUB 2 VH Sauces Dec 31,2013
    .75 Wonderful Almonds , Dec 31,2013 one per rider
    2.00 Nexxus Clear Dove ect ect Hair one per rider or 3.00 Clear Peelie one per rider
    Any Coupons or Samples For Burts Bee will accept printables for this only

    Johnson & Johnson, $2 Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash, 04390015, Jun 30,2014
    Smucker's, $1 any Smucker's Dessert Topping product, 51526926, Dec 31,2013 one per rider
    Hawaiian Punch, $0.50 any Hawaiian Punch product, 12808641, Dec 31,2013
    Any Fruit To Go Coupons
    Save $1.00 on any SunRype 1.36L Juice; Expires August 1, 2013; UPC# 22308258
    -Save $1.00 on any SunRype Juice Boxes (5 x 200mL); Expires August 1, 2013; UPC# 22308245
    -Save $2.00 on Fruit to Go Variety Pack (24 x 14g); Expires August 1, 2013; UPC# 22308232

    1$ Kraft Parmesan Grated Cheese 250g June 30 2013 05532373

    Also adding Rice Krispies to my list of cerels darn it if there is free pins we will make squares!!!!

    Samples For
    Tide Pods
    Downey Unstopable
    Fabreeze Car

    Need More Ideas Let me know

    SHAWLIGHTNING's wishlist

    TFT,store specific- no
    french, printable-yes, groupon, websaver, brandsaver-yes****IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH MY WISHLIST, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!

    Count as All $4
    Any FPC (not fussy when it is free, just no protein bars please)
    FPC Sprite, Fanta, Sprite Zero
    FPC Bacon
    Dr Oetker Mug Cake FPC
    Empire Theaters free movie pass or BOGO
    Grill'ems FPC
    J & J replacement
    Kelloggs FPC (NED, good for any Kellogg's product)
    Kellogg's cereals FPC
    Kelloggs snacks FPC
    Kraft Cheeses FPC- (any of these: Habenaro Heat shredded, Amooza Twists, Cracker Barrel slices or snacks, Philly Cooking Creme, Parmesan shaved or grated, Philly Garlic cream cheese)
    FPC Rice Krispie granola
    FPC Yogurt (no greek please)
    FPC Cascade Action Pacs
    FPC Maxx Cat Litter
    FPC Basilli’s Best lasagna
    FPC coke 2L/12 pk
    FPC Purex
    FPC Kellogg’s
    FPC Tostitos
    FPC Cereal
    FPC Amooza Twists **RRRRLF
    FPC Old El Paso
    $3 Kimberly Clark Call In (good on ANY product)
    $5 Marc Angelo
    $5 Skinny Cow
    $5 Chapmans
    fresh chicken
    Quaker $4
    Schneiders $5 or $10
    SC Johnson cleaning products $7
    Skinny Cow treats FPC
    Ice Cream $5.00 (From Cereal Boxes)
    Tassimo Disks (NOT $2 Gevalia)
    $1.00 Heinz any product (no expiry)
    Schneiders, $5 towards the purchase of any Schneiders products, 74602445, Dec 31,2013
    $3+ Huggies Diapers
    HV Huggies (not inserts)
    Huggies call ins
    2.00 Any one package of Huggies baby wipes (100ct or larger)
    Any Baby call ins(diapers, wipes, washes, lotions, etc)
    $4+ quantum finish

    Count as $3
    Call Ins/Vouchers from: Danone, Campbell's, Colgate-Palmolive, Kimberly Clark, Dare, ConAgra, Campbells, General Mills, SC Johnson, Schneider's, Unilever, Quaker, Maple Leaf, Playtex, J&J
    $2 off fresh fruit WUB 2 Hunts pudding
    $1 any Del Monte Fruit Twists 108g, Mini Twists324g or fruit stripes 108g 14502848 10/31/13
    $1 any del monte 568ml/4x112.5ml/4x107ml portable fruit 14505835 10/31/13
    Imperial Margarine
    3.00 WUB hamburger helper
    3.00 bread WUB ziploc
    Any of the Tackle the Taste booklet coupons (juicy jumbos, pepperettes, schneiders naturals boxed meats, there is two others that i can't remember)
    Any BOGO's for items on my Wishlist
    Bassili’s Best lasagna UPC’S***RRRLF
    Stouffer’s/Lean Cuisine PIN’s***RRRLF (please include UPC with PIN)
    Kraft cheese whiz (*****RRRRRRRRRRLF
    Kraft Peanut Butter (*****RRRRRRRRRLF
    Aeroplan PIN’s***RRRLF
    $1 General Mills (peelie) exp June 2013
    $1 Kellogg’s (peelie)
    $.75 Milk 2 Go any 5070581 May 31, 2013
    $1 Hunt’s Snack Pack 12pk
    1.00 Gerber products (
    $2 Orville Reddenbaucher Popcorn
    fresh produce
    $1 J&J Call IN (baby) 2013 only (expiries after june 30 please)
    $6 WUB3 Bounty, Charmin, Puffs
    $5 WUB3 Gillette - i am wishing it there is one out there
    $3 wub 2 Bounty, Charmin or Puff
    $3 Bread WUB Ziplocs
    2.00 wub 2, 3.00 wub 3 Danino
    Driscoll's berries
    Mann's veggies
    fresh fruit & veggies
    2.00 wub 2 eggs
    fresh meats (hamburger, pork, chicken, beef)
    Carnation hot chocolate*****RRRRLF
    $0.50 Granny’s Boneless Skinless chicken breasts
    $1.50 Clorox2 (websaver)
    B2G1 Chef Boyardee
    $2 Royale (must be good on TP)
    $2 janes
    $2 Pillsbury cookies
    Juice boxes ******RRLF $1 Oasis, but any is great!!!
    $1 Europes Best
    Gerber snacks/products (websaver)
    Nestle/Gerber infant cereals (samples are good too and will count as 2)
    Heinz jarred baby food (expiries after April 30)
    2.00 J&J baby wash (
    U by Kotex (no tween please)
    2$ or $3 Tide only not wub

    Count as $1
    Huggies Enjoy the ride codes
    Pampers Gifts to Grow codes
    Lunchmate bucks
    Artic garden veggies
    shake and bake
    1.00 wub2 Dawn exp June 2014
    1.00 Bounty Paper towels exp jun 2014
    1.00 Tide exp june 2014
    1.00 Charmin TP exp jun 2014
    0.50 Goldfish (Pretzels, colors or grahams)
    Infant/Children's Tylenol, Advil, Motrin
    BOGO Clubhouse gravy (only the gravy please)
    Miracle Whip
    Mini wheats Centers and Regular
    1.00 Betty Crocker snacks
    1.00 Dunkaroos
    cheese strings/fun cheez
    2.00 quaker granola bars (off of oatmeal boxes)
    Coke/Pepsi products
    0.75/1.00 Cream of Wheat
    0.75 any Schneider's Lunchmates
    iCoke PIN’s ****RRRLF
    Swiffer refills
    $1+ Bounce exp jun 2014(not WUB, must be good on sheets)
    Quantum Finish dishwasher tabs
    L'Oreal Kids Shampoo
    Colgate for Kids (only kids please)
    Any Gillette
    Free Gillette Body Wash WUB Deodorant
    Any Old Spice
    Dove Men
    Pedigree Dry Dog food
    Lysol no Touch refills
    0.50 pop tarts
    toaster strudels
    sunripe squiggles/funbites
    $1 delmonte fruit snacks (websaver)
    $1/$1.50 Bassili’s Best Lasagna (good on one)
    $1 Kraft Cheese slices
    $1 Kraft shredded cheese
    $1 Marc Angelo NED (any of the new ones, too many to list)
    Cottonelle wipes refills
    Purex toilet paper
    purina maxx scoop cat litter
    any kids body wash
    Chef Boyardee ($1 wub 2 or others)
    chips (lays, old dutch, Tostitos, Ms. Vickies)
    Stouffer’s Skillet Sensations, express, Saute Sensations
    1.50 Stouffer’s Bistro
    1.50 Lean Cuisine (good for any)
    $2 WUB 2 Ziplocs (websaver or other sources)
    $1 Ziplocs (good on one)
    pudding cups (any brand, not kozy shack)
    $1 snack pack puddings
    Maple Leaf/Schneiders weiners
    campbells soup
    any Catelli pasta (just plain, reg, white pasta)
    Hunt’s Thick and Rich
    $1 WUB 3 Heinz
    0.75 G.U.M. products
    Sugar (Redpath)
    Clorox 2 washing machine tablets
    Scrubbing bubbles
    Dove Go Fresh bar soap, body wash or deodorant only
    Heinz beans
    1.00 any general mills/betty crocker/pillsbury
    Dole Fruit Cups
    Del Monte Fruit cups
    $1 or $2 Pizza (McCain or Dellisio)
    Post, Kellog’s, General Mills Cereal (good on any, peelies or coupons, please no great grains, fibre 1/plus, all bran or shreddies)
    White bread (not whole wheat)
    $1 dempsters
    Eggos Pancakes
    $1.25 Oasis 1.75L Refrigerated Products (Mar 31, 2013) NOT Nutrisource
    $0.75 Allens Apple Juice
    $0.50 Milkbone Soft & Chewy Treats (expiry April 30/13)
    $0.50 Milkbone Mini Biscuits (expiry April 30/13)
    $0.50 Oasis 960ml
    $1 Oasis Fruits Etc., FruitZoo or Classic Products (2013 expiry)
    0.75 Del Monte fruit snacks
    Glad Cling Wrap
    2.00 Glad Indoor/Outdoor garbage bags UPC 01224072 exp Oct 31/14
    0.75 any Crest ProHealth
    $1 any Crest ProHealth Rinse

    I will accept the following samples as well. please send to me directly. pm me for address.

    worth 3
    razors (counts as all $4)

    worth 2 (counts as $3)
    tide pods
    downy unstoppables

    worth 1 (counts as $1)
    dish soap
    paper towels


    $1 off any Becel margarine product #87410615, exp. Aug.31 '13.
    $1 off WUB2 Astro Original Greek Drinkable Yogurts
    Nestle Aero Big Bubble Bar - $0.50 coupon
    .50 ANY one Cadbury Candy products 130g, 145g, 175g or 188g sizes.
    Werther's BOGO
    Heluva, $0.50 any Heluva Good! Dip
    $1 Classico Red Sauces, 700ml, White Sauces, 435ml, Pesto Sauces, 270ml, Bruschetta, 380ml, or Salad Dressings, 375ml
    $1.50 Weston Bakeries Product, Various Brands
    $2 Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat, Wet Ones, Skintimate, Edge, Schick and Playtex. The code is #29007891 and it expires Dec.31 '13.
    $2.00 on your purchase of any one (1) Dr. Oetker Restrante, Casii Mama or Panebello Pizza
    B3G1 free Nestle Aero Lamb, and Aero and Rolo Eggs
    $3 of one any size Tide HE Detergent Dec 31, 2013
    $4 Kimberly-Clark products 49109870 February 2, 2014
    wonderbread coupons any
    $1 WUB 1 package of AHOY! EXTRAS soft cookies
    $2 off any Olymel frozen poultry product #2200405, expiring Oct.31 '13
    .30 on 2 KD cups
    $1 Primo product
    $1.50 any Bassili's Best 2.27kg
    $1 WUB3 knorr
    .75 or $1.00 ANY becel not spec size
    $1.50 alberto product
    $2 off any Unilever Hair products, excludes trial/travel formats (Dove, Dove Men+Care, TRESemme, Nexxus, Axe, Alberto European, Clear)
    50 off WUB2 Ziploc brand bags #33690214, exp. Dec.31 '13
    $0.50 Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Mug, Dr Pepper, Crush, Schweppes, Brisk, All Flavours/Varieties, 2L (84211978, Jul 31 13)
    $1.00 Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Mug, Dr Pepper, Crush, Schweppes, Brisk, All Flavours/Varieties, 12x355ml (84211952, Jul 31 13)
    Cavendish, $0.30 on any variety of products, 24504300, NED
    $2 off post shredded wheat cereal
    $2 off Danone Drinkable, 29505757, June 30, 2013 store non specific & bilingual
    $5 off any 3 packs of Danone products , 29505760, exp. June 2013 , store non specific & bilingual
    .50 Michelinas
    $0.50 McCain TastiTaters, NED, 04610885
    $1 on any Gallo, Safflo, Unico, Liberty, Premium Collection product; NED, 79103624

    $1 off mini-wheats centres raspberry flavour 510g exp june 30/13
    Save $3 on ground beef with your next purchase of Hamburger Helper expiring July 31 '13.

    Added March 3

    Delmonte $5 (FB promo)
    Advil Children’s $5
    Campbells Call In $1 (from company)
    Colgate/Palmolive $1 (from company)
    General Mills $1
    Glad flexforce garbage bags
    Heinz Call In
    $2 Janes
    $Quaker Harvest Crunch
    Rice Krispies Snack Treats
    Unilever Call In
    Wong Wing, $3 wub (2) Wong Wing Frozen product
    75c Milk To Go
    $1 Wong Wing

    $2 Kelloggs-any
    $2 Maple Leaf Bacon Portions
    $1 Colgate Palmolive
    $3 Aveeno call-in
    $2 Tylenol call-in
    $2 Reach call-in
    $2 Stayfree call-in
    $1 Nestlé Purelife water bottles, 24pk or larger
    1/$1.50 SunnyD

    Couponsrule's Wishlist:

    French: No
    Printables: Yes, clear and colour only
    Multiples: yes

    FPC Diapers
    FPC Wipes
    FPC-Kashi Bars
    FPC KCups
    FPC J&J Replacement Product
    FPC Baby stuffFPC Laundry Soap
    FPC Arctic Gardens-RRLF
    FPC Ocean Spray
    FPC Sara Lee Product
    FPC Sunmaid Raisin Bread
    FPC Kellogg’s Products
    FPC Lanctantia Milk
    FPC Marc AngeloSmart Ones - printed ok, in color please - $5 WUB 4
    Arctic Gardens-$5 RRLF
    Astro Pins for the Shoes-RRLF
    $2 Post Cereal-Peelie-good on any kind
    $2 Kelloggs -good on any kind
    Ground Beef wub Hamburger Helper- $3
    $1 Cheerios-not specific-good on any
    Healthy Choice Steamers-$2
    Canadian Tire Money- $1.50
    Chapmans Ice Cream - $3 or $5
    Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup Packs- $2
    Huggies –silver coupons
    Janes Chicken -$2.00 on 1 box
    J&J Call-In-$3 toward multiple products
    Kimberly Clark product- $5
    FPC Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations
    Nestle Ice Cream-$5
    Olymel -$10
    Olymel -$5
    Quaker, Aunt Jemima, or Rice-A-Roni Product- $4
    Quaker Granola Bars-$2 of any
    Robax Product -$10
    Schneiders $5 or $10
    SC Johnson cleaning products $7
    Silk FPC
    Skinny Cow treats FPC
    Tampax/Playtex tampons FPC
    Ziploc/Saran $5
    Dr Oetker Mug Cake FPC
    Egg Creations FPC
    Tropicana Pure Premium OJ 1.75L BOGO
    $5 WUB4 Smart Ones - printed ok, in color please-RRRRLF
    $3 wub5 Smart Ones
    Tim’s Roll up the rim winner- coffee/ hot beverage
    Classico Sauce-$1
    $2 Quick Pick for Lotto Max or Lotto 6/49
    Schick Hydro 5 Razor
    Scratch Lottery Ticket-good in Ontario
    Gift Card for Subway, Tim's, WM, McDonald's
    High Value Coupon for Diapers-starting to get ready

    Any Food FPC-not McDonalds-have lots of those
    BOGO Air Wick
    Wing Wong Products-$3 wub 2
    $4 Advil Nighttime VALID ON 10’s!!!
    $3 wub 2 Highliner Signature or Pan-Seared
    Arctic Gardens -$2
    Advil Children’s $4 or $5
    $3.00 Advil Liqui-Gels or Extra Strength Liqui-Gels 24's or higher upc#12925171 April 30,2014
    Eggs $2 WUB 2 dozen (Dec 31/13 expiry- fresh whole eggs, not liquid)
    Finish Quantum $3+
    Fresh Fruit $2 WUB Snack Pack pudding- **RRLF**
    Glad Indoor/Outdoor Garbage Bags $2
    Glad Food Storage Product $1
    Wheat Thins $1.50
    Colgate Palmolive call-in
    Duncan Hines Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate or Apple Caramel Cake mix $1
    Marc Angelo $2+
    McCain $3 off any
    Nivea Q10-$5
    Maple Leaf Bacon-$2
    $1 any Campbell's products
    $2 any Campbell's products
    $3 any Campbell's products
    Oral B Battery Toothbrush -$5
    Black Diamond Cheese - $3 WUB 2
    Any Call-Ins for Diapers and Wipes
    Bread WUB Ziploc -$3
    Always Radiant-good on 1- $3
    BOGO any sunrype product
    BOGO Grillem's
    BOGO Orville Redenbacher popcorn
    Gillette Body wash-$2 (on 1)
    Canadian Tire Money-$1.00
    Colgate Total Advanced Health Toothpaste-valid on ANY size- $1.50
    Delissio –Good on Garlic Bread Pizza -$2-March 31st is GREAT!
    Downy Unstopables Sample
    General Mills cereals 330-505g Exp June 30, 2013 upc 76144468-$1.00 Peelie
    Heinz -$1 wub 3
    High Liner 215-700g product, $2 on any
    International Delight on ANY-$0.75
    Jamieson Vitamins-good on any-$2
    J&J Call-In -$2- good on Listerine
    J&J Call-In-$2 –good on Stayfree
    Revlon Beauty Tools-$2
    Dove Men Care-on 1 -$2
    Unused Lean Cuisine/Stouffers Pin with UPC
    CoverGirl $2 on one product (no inserts, Sept 2013 expiry please)
    Europe's Best Frozen Fruit-(multipleswanted)
    Dole Salad-$1
    Oasis Refrigerated Juice-$1.25
    BOGO Healthy Choice Steamer
    $2 Stayfree pads/pantiliners/wings or any
    $2 Royale toilet paper
    $2 Royale facial tissue, good on multipacks
    $2 Royale, good on any (
    Armstrong $1.00 5070701 EXP May 31st, 2013
    Call in for Tylenol $2.00
    Call in for Bandaid $2.00
    Colgate - Palmolive Call In
    Downey Unstoppables $2.00 WUB1 Exp Dec 31st, 2013
    Gallo, Safflo, Unico, Liberty Premium Collection product $1.00 NED
    Johnsonville good on ANY $1.00 peelie or other
    Johnsonville $2.00 Johnsonville Link Sausage
    Kraft Habenaro Heat Shredded Cheese $3.00
    McCain Ultra Thin Crust Pizza NED or $1.00 off Ultra Thin (Dec 8th, 2013)
    Miracle Whip $1.00 EXP Jun 30th, 2013
    Neilson Real Dairy Ice cream $3.00
    Pam $2.00
    Platex Gentle Glide 36/40 count $3.00 EXP Dec 31st, 2013
    Playtex Gentle Glide Peelie: Save $2 on any box (18/20 or 36/40 count) UPC 25332676 exp. Dec 31, 2013.
    BOGO Mug Cake
    2.00 Olymel Peelies
    Manns Veggies
    Tim’s Roll up the rim-donut /cookie, muffin
    $1 Scratch Lottery Ticket-ontario
    Nordica Cottage Cheese
    $1 Cavendish From the Farm
    Oasis (960ml)
    Oikos Yogurt
    Tetley, $1 upc 08116941, NED
    Tetley, $1 upc 08116127, NED
    Tetley $1 upc 08115964, NED
    Tylenol Children’s $3 off any
    Unilever Hair Products $2 (Dove, Dove Men+Care, TRESemme, Nexxus, Axe, Alberto European, Clear) UPC 89288628, exp. March 31, 2014
    Unilever Ice Cream Product $1+
    Tide Washing Machine Cleaner -$2
    .75 Becel or Imperial Margarine valid on ANY SIZE/TYPE Dec 31, 2013 #87410575
    $1 Dare/Grissol products (June 30, 2013) (from all you need is cheese magazine) **RRLF
    $2 Melitta Coffee 2013
    Carnation Hot Chocolate
    Dempsters Tortilla
    $1 Heinz Baby Cereal (227g) Sept 30, 2013
    $1.50 wub 8 Heinz baby Food Jars/Pouches Sept 30, 2013
    $1 WUB 2 Del Monte canned fruit
    $1 off Dole Fruit Bowls, Parfait, or Gel. (Sept/30/2013)
    Bounce $1.00 Expiry Dec 2013 or 2014
    Safeway Farms Salad Product $1.00 EXP Dec 31st, 2013
    Snack Pack puddings
    Stag Chili $1.00 NED
    Sunrype $1.00 1.36L
    Sunrype juice boxes 5 x 200ml $1.00 EXP Aug 1st, 2013
    Tetley Specialty teas $1.00 EXP Sept 30th, 2013
    U-Kotex $1.00 49110122 March, 2014
    Green Giant frozen veggies
    Hunts sauces or paste
    Jello Refrigerated $1.00 WUB1
    Johnsonville Peelie good on any $0.50/$0.75 EXP 2013 or longer
    Kikkomen $1.00 EXP Dec 2013
    Dempsters Bread $1.00 12521597 EXP 12/31/13
    Dole Salad $1.00 NED
    Dr Oteker Mug Cake BOGO
    Folgers K-Cups $1.00/$1.50
    Fresh Express Salad $1.00
    Campbells $1.00 good on any UPC
    Cheemo Perogies $1.00
    Chef Boyardee
    Dempsters smart bread
    $1 Cheesestrings (not Amooza)
    Kraft dressings (good on any) –not refrigerated
    Cracker Barrel/Armstrong block cheese
    Koolaid jammers
    Hellman's Mayo (good on any)
    Old Dutch chips
    McCains French Fries (good on regular, not superfries)
    Aunt Jemima pancake mix or syrup
    Gushers fruit snacks
    VH Steamers $1.50 WUB1
    1.00 wub 4 crispy minis
    $1 wub (2) Dawn products, 63660409, Jun 30,2014
    $2 any Dove MEN+Care product, 87410344, Jun 30,2013
    Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
    $4 any mens Schick Hydro razors
    $1 Iogo product
    $1 Nestlé Purelife water bottles, 24pk or larger
    $0.50 Aquafresh toothpaste (NED)
    Babybel , any (1 per rider)
    $1 Always pads (2013 expiry, not Radiant)
    $1 Always pantiliners (2013 expiry, not Radiant)
    $1 Royale, good on any (NED, from company)
    $0.50 any Crest (June 30/13)
    $2 Highliner, good on any
    $0.75 Blue Diamond nuts/almonds (NED)
    $0.50 Blue Diamond (NED) peelie
    $1 Dare & Grissol product, any (June 30/13)
    $0.75 Milk2Go (May 2013)
    $1 Armstrong Cheese (May 2013)
    $1.50 Wheat Thins
    $1 Driscoll's Berries
    $1 Fresh Express, on any Fresh Express packaged salad
    $1 off Dole Fruit N Crisp (Sept/30/2013)
    $0.50 Dr.Oetker Lemon Pie Filling, Dec 31,2013 - 1 per rider please
    $0.50 Dr.Oetker Cooked Pudding or Pie Filling Mix, Dec 31,2013 - 1 per rider please
    .35 Duncan Hines Cake Mix
    $0.50 E.D.Smith Pie Filling 540mL Dec 31,2013 - 1 per rider please
    $1 off any Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze or Ivanhoe product, expiring Dec.31
    $1 on any skinny cow multipack (frozen treat or chocolate) 10036701 May 31, 2013
    $1 Scotties Supreme Multi Pack Tissues
    $1.00 any REALFRUIT GUMMIES (30 June 2013)
    Renee’s Salad Dressing
    Pasta Sauce - not tomato sauce…not Newmans
    Pepperidge Farm $0.50 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Pretzels or Colours crackers or Grahams snacks (180-227g), 00924997, May 31, 2013
    $1 Peek Freans
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese and dips
    Live Clean baby - $2.50 WUB 2
    BOGO Special K Morning Shakes
    Woolite Sample
    Arctic Gardens-$1
    Astro Original Yogourt-good on ANY, not just the tubs (exp. Dec.31 '13) $1+
    Amooza twists
    Aylmer Accents $1 WUB 2
    Barilla Pasta-0.50+
    Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks-(multipleswanted)
    Black Diamond Cheese-$0.75+
    Bounce-$1 –good on sheets
    Bounty-good for 6 rolls-$1-2014
    Canadian Tire Money-$0.50
    Catelli Smart Pasta
    Charmin Toilet Paper-$1- not wub 2
    Cool Whip
    Dawn dishsoap $1 WUB 2 63660409 exp June 2014
    Dempster's Bagels
    dempster's oven fresh bread-$1 wub 1
    Diana Sauces
    D'Italiano Bread-RRLF
    Dole Canned goods
    Duncan Hines
    Eggo Waffles/Pancakes
    EGGS-REAL ones with shells-no omega and not wub another product
    Fresh Chicken
    Fresh fruit
    Fruit Loops
    Frosted Flakes
    Fruit Gushers
    General Mills Cereal (good on any)
    Glad Food Storage Product $1
    Gold Fish Crackers(good on Cheddar)
    Granola Bars
    Honey Combs
    Huggies Enjoy the Ride codes
    Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding-after Feb. 28th
    Hunt’s Thick n’ Rich Pasta Sauce-not wub paste
    Hunts Tomato Sauce-0.75 wub 2
    Honey Bunches of Oats-$1 -Dec'13
    Johnsonville Sausage coupon (good on Breakfast ones)-any amount
    Oasis Juice Boxes
    Knorr Products-$1 (wub okay)
    Kraft Peanut Butter -$1
    Lactantia Butter
    Lactantia Cream
    Lean Cuisine
    Lucky Charms
    Lunchmate Bucks-unused of course
    Lunchmate Stackers-0.75
    Majesta TP-$1 (multiples wanted)
    Marc Angelo Product-(multipleswanted)- $1
    Marzetti Veggie Dip
    McCain Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
    Milk-No Lactose Free or Organic-good on 4L bags!!!
    Minute Maid Frozen juice
    Nutri Grain Bars
    Pam $2 WUB 1 (NOT WUB meat or eggs)
    Pampers GTG codes
    Peek Freans $1 or $.75
    pop tarts
    Purex Laundry
    Purex Toilet Paper
    Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    Raisin Bran
    Ricotta Cheese-$1
    Robin Hood Flour-bakefest booklet only
    Secret Scent Expressions Exp.09/30/13 (NOTWUB) –$1
    Shake n’ Bake-RRRLLLFFF
    Special K Crips-$1
    Special K Cracker Chips-$1 not 0.50
    Special K (good on Red Berries)
    Stagg Chilli-good on cans-$1
    SummerFresh dips $1
    Sunlight Dish Soap-(multiples wanted)
    Tasty Taters-$0.50
    Tenderflake Product-$1
    Tide Laundry Liquid-$1+
    VH Sauces (Dec 2013 ONLY)
    Villagio BREAD
    Wong Wing product-$1
    Ziplock Bags-wub 2 okay, not wub another product

    COYOTE00's Wishlist
    Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
    Toonies for Tummies – no
    French – no
    Can you stack – yes
    Store Specific – Please check with me first
    Printables – No
    Duplicates: Ok unless stated otherwise

    COUNTS AS ALL $4.00
    I absolutely love FREE (no protein bars, baby, septic cleaner or kitty food please) anything else is great
    FPC Catelli
    FPC/BOGO Adult movie admission
    FPC Chocolate
    FPC FrozenVeggies
    FPC Eggs
    FPC Cereal or cereal Bars
    FPC Glad Product
    FPC McCain Regular Fries NED
    $3.00 any McCain product
    FPC Clorox Stain remover
    FPC Laundry Soap
    FPC Juice
    FPC Old El Paso
    FPC K-Cups
    FPC Cheese
    FPC Cake/Muffin Mixes
    FPC Dishwasher Soap
    FPC Yogurt
    FPC Catelli Product
    FPC Hair Dye
    FPC Bread
    FPC Philly Cream Cheese or cooking sauce
    FPC Ground Coffee
    FPC Got2B Hair prorduct
    FPC Kraft Parmesan Tubs
    Chapmans $5.00
    Artic Gardens $5.00 of any EXP Dec 31st, 2013
    Maple Leaf $5 or $10
    Neilson Real Dairy Ice cream $5.00
    $5Off any Oasis, Rougemont, Ever fresh, Orange Maison, Fruite, Graves, Allens, Fairlee productsNED
    Pepsi or Coke BOGO RRRRLLLFFF (good on regular)
    Platex $5.00
    Resers Product $9.00 off any NED
    FPC Granola Bars
    $5.00 Ziploc
    $5.00 any Mars Inc. Prt Food product
    Olymel $5.00 Voucher EXP June 30th, 2013
    $5.00 Royal Store Coupon NED
    Axe Body wash or Spray (not looking for haircare)
    Artic Gardens $2.00 + good on 1
    Campbells $3.00 on any UPC 00924290
    Eggs $2.00 WUB 2 dozen
    $2 off various products from the Energizer mother corp , like Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat, Wet Ones, Skintimate, Edge, Schick and Playtex. The code is #29007891 and it expires Dec.31 '13.
    Heinz $1.00 NED
    K-Cups $2.00 Folgers EXP APR 30th 2013
    Kelloggs Product on ANY $2.00 NED
    Marc Angelo $3.00 +
    Pepsi $1.00 off 12x355ml EXP July 31st, 2013
    Primo products $1.00 NED
    Sunlight $5.00
    Tropicana BOGO EXP Dec 2013
    Weston Bakery Products $1.50 NED
    Ahoy Extra Soft Cookies $1.00 EXP May 31st, 2013
    Armstrong $1.00 5070701 EXP May 31st, 2013
    Artic Gardens $1.00
    Aveeno Call In $3.00 (2013)
    Becel margerine $1.00 Good on ANY Size EXP Aug 31st, 2013
    Bread $3.00 WUB Ziploc
    Call in for Tylenol $2.00 EXP 2013 or later
    Call in for Bandaid $2.00 EXP 2013 or later
    Campbells $2.00 on any UPC 00924287
    Classico Product $1.00 off any NED
    Colgate - Palmolive Call In
    Downey Unstoppables $2.00 WUB1 Exp Dec 31st, 2013
    Fresh Fruit $2.00 WUB 2 Snack Packs EXP May 31st 2013
    Gallo, Safflo, Unico, Liberty Premium Collection product $1.00 NED
    General Mills Cereal good on any $1.00 EXPJune 30th, 2013
    Janes $2.00
    Johnsonville good on ANY $1.00 peelie or other
    Johnsonville $2.00 Johnsonville Link Sausage
    Kraft Habenaro Heat Shredded Cheese $3.00
    Kraft Products $2.00 WUB 4 Participating products EXP Mar 31st, 2013
    Marc Angelo $1.00 NED
    McCain Ultra Thin Crust Pizza NED or $1.00 off Ultra Thin (Dec 8th, 2013)
    Melitta $2.00 good on k-kups EXP Dec 31st, 2013
    Miracle Whip $1.00 EXP Jun 30th, 2013
    Neilson Real Dairy Ice cream $3.00
    Pam $2.00
    Platex Gentle Glide 36/40 count $3.00 EXP Dec 31st, 2013
    Quaker Harvest Crunch, Fibre & Omega-3, Yogourt or Oatmeal to Go Granola Bars (120g-200g, any flavour/variety) $2.00 Exp. Sept 30, 2013 UPC 15106399
    Royale $2.00 Good on any
    Safeway Farms Salad Product $1.00 EXP Dec 31st, 2013
    Sunright Juice or Bars BOGO EXP Oct 2013
    Tampax Radiant $3.00 WUB 1
    Unilever Hair Products $2.00 WUB 1, EXP Mar 31st, 2014
    Bassili's Best Product $1.50 EXP Dec 31st, 2013 Limit 1
    Becel or Imperial $0.75 good on any size
    Black Diamond Cheese (good on blocks) $.75 +
    Bolthouse carrots $0.50 EXP June 30th, 2013
    Bounce $1.00 Expiry Dec 2013 or 2014
    Bounty/Charmin/Puffs $3.00/$6.00
    Brisk Beverage $1.00 any 12 x 355ml EXP June 30th, 2013
    Campbells $1.00 good on any UPC
    Cheemo Perogies $1.00
    Cheerios $1.00 WUB1
    Chef Boyardee
    Cover Girl Clean or lashblast product $3.00 EXP June 30th, 2013 Limit 1
    Cracker Barrel Cheese (must be good on blocks please)
    Dempsters Bread $1.00 12521597 EXP 12/31/13
    Dole Salad $1.00 NED
    Dr Oteker Mug Cake BOGO
    El Montery ANY Product $1.00
    Europes Best Frozen Fruit or vegetable $1.00
    Fresh Express Salad $1.00
    Garnier, $1 Garnier Fructis Fruit Sensation Shampoo or Conditioner, 46966588, Dec 31,2013
    Green Giant frozen veg
    Glad Garbage Bags Indoor & Outdoor $2.00 EXP 2014
    Glad Food Storage products good on any $1.00 EXP 2014
    Heluva Good Dip $0.50 EXP May 31st, 2013
    Hunts sauces or paste
    Johnsonville Peelie good on any $0.50/$0.75 EXP 2013 or longer
    Kikkomen $1.00 EXP Dec 2013
    Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.00
    Lactancia Butter 0.75 +
    Lactancia Milk (good on regular 2% Milk) $1.00 off 2 x 2L or 1 4L EXP Aug 31st, 2013
    Pepsi Max 2L $0.50 84211893 EXP March 31st , 2013
    Playtex Peelie $2.00 WUB1 EXP 2013
    Poise, $2 any (1) pkg of POISE Body Cooling Towelettes, Feminine Wash, Panty Freshners, Personal Lubricant or Roll-On Cooling Gel, 49111037, Mar 31,2014
    Royale $1.00 3 PLY ANY Size EXP Dec 31st, 2013
    Thai Kitchen or Simply Asia participating products $1.00 EXP May 31st, 2013
    Snack Pack puddings
    Stag Chili $1.00 NED Limit 1
    Sunrype $1.00 1.36L
    Sunrype juice boxes 5 x 200ml $1.00 EXP Aug 1st, 2013
    Tenderflake Limit 1
    Tetley Specialty teas $1.00 EXP Sept 30th, 2013 Limit 1
    U-Kotex $1.00 49110122 March, 2014
    Wonderbread $2.00 WUB2
    Wong Wing Entree $1.00
    Wong Wing Frozen Product $3.00 WUB2
    Ziploc $1.00 WUB 1 or $2.00 WUB2
    CT MONEY OK (.50 = 1 COUPON)

    Melissa13 Wishlist

    NO: TFT/French/Store Specific/Inserts
    Printed: Only where noted and in colour only please
    Multiples: Max 2 unless otherwise noted

    FPC Allen’s Cocktail 1.89L (Sept 1 2013)
    $5 code
    $5 Arctic Gardens on any (Dec 2013)
    FPC Bassili’s Best Lasagna
    FPC Benadryl (good on any or caplets)
    FPC Bread / Bagels
    $5/$10 Burt’s Bees (good on any product)
    $2/$3 Campbell’s Call in
    FPC Cavendish
    Cineplex/Empire theatres Admit one ticket
    Cineplex Free Movie snack from Old El Paso box (May 31) (counts as all)
    $5 on any (1) Clorox product (Tilex, SOS, Pine-Sol, Green Works ect.) Dec 31 2013
    FPC Coffee (pretty much any - Instant / Ground ect.)
    $5 Colgate-Palmolive mail out
    FPC Colgate Sensitive Pro-relief 75ml toothpaste (Apr 2013)
    FPC Denny’s Grand Slam (June 2013)
    FPC Dr. Pepper / Coca-cola / Pepsi (good on cans/6-pk bottles)
    FPC Egg Creations
    Folgers Coffee Free Breakfast PIN
    FPC Gardein or other meatless products (ie Yves ect, not Tofu pls)
    $5 Gas Card
    $5 Glad product (NED)
    $10 Gold Seal products
    FPC Hain Celestial
    $5 Ice Cream/Chapman’s
    FPC In Cuisin Mashed Potatoes
    FPC J&J Replacement product (04386764, Jun 30 2013)
    FPC Kashi (from Silk promo)
    FPC Kelloggs Cereal / Cracker chips / Flatbread sandwich’s
    $5 Kimberly-Clark products
    FPC Kraft Singles White Cheddar 500g (June 30)
    FPC Kraft 100% Parmesan Cheese Tub (June 30)
    FPC Kraft Pure refrigerated dressing 355ml (June 30)
    FPC Leclerc product (1980831, NED)
    $5.00 Mars Canada Pet care products (good on Cesar/pedigree ect. - Dec 2014)
    $3.00 McCain products
    $5 McGavin’s bread card from Entertainment book (good in BC)
    FPC Naturegg Omega Pro or Nature’s Best eggs (Dec 31 2014)
    FPC Naturegg Simply Egg Whites / Omega Pro or Break Free coupons (NED)
    $5.00 Novartis any product (86715948, NED only pls - call in)
    FPC Old El Paso kit
    FPC Olivieri Pasta
    FPC Planter's product (85701276, NED)
    $5 Playtex Femine Hygiene, Personal Cleansing Cloths ect. (25332429, Dec 31 2013)
    FPC Pop chips
    FPC Quaker Granola Bars (good on Dipps or Café Squares)
    $4+ Quaker, Aunt Jemima (from company - Dec 2013)
    $10 Revlon Voucher
    FPC Reckitt Benckiser
    FPC Renee’s Gourmet dressing, sauce or dip (NED)
    $9.00 (up to) Resers products
    $10 Robax
    $5 Royale good on any
    FPC Silk Beverage or other Almond/soy milk
    FPC Skippy June 30.13
    FPC Storck Products (up to $10 - incl. Werther’s, Campino, Riesin ect.)
    Spin U Win code (worth all)
    FPC Sunlight laundry
    FPC Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce
    FPC Tassimo discs
    FPC Tetley Tea (good on green tea)

    $2 wub1 Always pads, liners or wipes
    $1 Always Panty Liners (Not radiant pls - Aug 2013)
    $1.00 Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Products (Dec 31 2014)
    $1/$2 Arctic Gardens Veggies (Dec 2013+)
    $1.00 Armstrong product (5070701 - May 31 2013)
    $2 Band-aid (J&J call in)
    $0.75 Bahlsen’s cookies (excl. Hit biscuits) NED - 1 per rider
    $0.75 Becel or Imperial Margarine Any size (87410575)
    $1.00 Becel Margarine good on any kind/size (Aug 31) - 1 per rider
    $2 Bertolli Olive Oil
    $2 Benadryl (Call in from J&J)
    $0.50 Bick’s product (Dec 31 2013 - hang tag)
    Biore Strip SAMPLE (= $1.00)
    $0.75 Blue Diamond Almonds (not wub) or $1 wub2 (Dec 2013)
    $1.00 wub1 Blue Diamond Almond Breeze (95800299 - Dec 31 2013) - 1 per rider
    $1.00 Bounce good on any (June 30 2014 only pls)
    $1.00 wub1 Bounty 6-pk OR any 2 towels or napkins (Any size - UPC 66011747 - Sept 30)
    $3 on Bread wub Ziploc
    $0.50 Cadbury Candy products 130g - 188g (June 30)
    Canadian Tire $
    BOGO Cavendish Fries
    $1.00 Cavendish Farms Potatoes 750g from Calendar Dec 31.13
    BOGO CheeCha Puffs
    $1.00 Christie Ahoy! Extras (May 31) - 1 per rider
    BOGO Cineplex adult admission PIN from GM cereal boxes (March-May) *worth all
    $1.00 wub1 Classico product (NED)
    $1.00 wub3 Clover Leaf Flavoured Tuna (Dec 31 2013+) - 1 per rider
    $1 Colgate Palmolive call-in
    $2 wub1 CoverGirl any product (Sept 2013)
    $1 Crest Pro Health Rinse (not 3D white)
    $1.00 Dare and Grissol products (June 2013 - from Cheese mag)
    $0.50 Dare Realfruit MINIS (11624891 - Sept 30) - 1 per rider
    $1.00 wub2 Dawn products (June 30 2014)
    $1.00 Dempster’s whole grain bread (Dec 31 2013)
    $1.50 wub2 Dr. Oetker Panebello pizzas (Dec 2013)
    $1.50 wub2 Dr. Oetker Ristorante Pizza (Dec 2013)
    $2.00 wub1 Dr. Oetker pizza (Dec 31)
    $1.00 wub1 Dr.Pepper, Pepsi, Crush ect. 12pk cans (July 31 2013) - 1 per rider
    $1.00 Dole Spinach Cherry Almond Salad kit or Endless Summer Salad Kit (NED)
    $1.00 Dole Fruit N Crisps (Sept 2013)
    $2.00 wub1 Dove Men Care product (June 2013)
    $2 wub2 Dozen Eggs (2013)
    $1.25 Egg Creations
    BOGO Egg Creations (June 2013)
    $0.50 Eggo Minis Waffles (June 30)
    $1.00 Eggos any kind (websaver - printed okay in colour only pls)
    $1.00 El Monterey Product
    $1.00 ET TU Kit good on any (NED)
    $1 Europe’s Best veggies (Oct/Dec 2013 - no insert pls)
    $1.00 Europe’s Best Frozen Veggies (Easter booklet insert - 61600368 - Mar 31, 2014)
    $0.75+ Fontaine Sante Hummus cocktail/classic (Dec 31, 2013)
    $2.00 on Fresh Fruit wub 2 Snack Packs (May 2013)
    $1.00 Fresh Express packaged salad (Dec 31 2013)
    Frizz Ease Hair Serum SAMPLE (counts as $1.00)
    $1.00 Gardein product
    $1.00/$2.00 any Gay Lea, Nordica, Ivanhoe product (Dec 31 2013 - call in)
    $2 on one Gillette Body wash or Deodorant (B1G1 okay)
    $2 Glad Indoor/Outdoor Bags (2014)
    $1 Glad Food Storage product
    $0.50 Gold Seal (good on any)
    $1 on any Gravol product (Apr 30 2013)
    $1.00 Gusto Della Casa (Dec 31 2015)
    $1 Hain Celestial good on any
    $1.00 Happy planet good on any (Dec 2015)
    $0.50 Hawaiian Punch (Dec 31) - 1 per rider
    $0.75 Hellman’s Mayo 890ml jar or 750g squeeze bottle (Dec 31 2013)
    $2.00 Jamieson vitamins good on any (websaver)
    $1.00 Kellogg’s Fruit Loops (websaver - Printed in colour only pls)
    $1.00 Kellogg’s: Rice Krispies cereal 525g or Vanilla 420g - Dec 31 2013
    $1.00 Kellogg’s Mini wheats good on any or Raspberry centres (June 30+ expiries) - 1 per rider
    $2.00 Kellogg’s good on any product (NED)
    Kellogg’s cereal PINS for tank top
    $1.00 Kikkoman (hang tag)
    $1.00 Kraft 100% Parmesan Grated Cheese 250g (June 30)
    $.75 any 500ml or 1L Lactantia cream (Sept 2013+) - 1 per rider
    $0.50 Leclerc cookie product (NED)
    $1.00 wub2 Maple Leaf Top Dogs or Dempster's/Ben's hot dog or hamburger buns, 00606240, Jun 30 2013 - 1 per rider
    $1.00+ Mars Canada Pet care products (good on Cesar/pedigree ect. - Dec 2014)
    $2 Maxwell House coffee
    $1.00 McCain Ultra Thin crust pizza
    $0.75 Milk 2 Go
    BOGO Mug Cake (June 1 2013 -
    $3.00 Neilson Real Dairy Ice Cream
    $1.00 Nescafe 3in1 coffee (15ct - Dec 2013)
    $0.50 Nestle Aero Bubble Bar (97g-105g) Dec 31 2013 - 1 per rider
    $1.00 wub2 New York Style products (NED)
    $2.00 wub1 Nexxus/Clear/Alberto/Dove/Axe ect. (hang tag, 89288628 - March 31 2014)
    $0.75 Nutri-Grain Soft Bakes bars (Aug 31+) - 1 per rider
    $1.00 Olympic good on Any Product excl. 175g (83702596, Dec 31 2014) - 1 per rider
    $0.50 One Step Travel Size hand sanitizer 50ml (NED)
    $1.00 Pepperidge Farm Sweet Biscuits (NED)
    $1.00 Pepperidge Farms Cracker Chips (Apr 30 2013)
    $2.00 wub1 Playtex Gentle Glide 18/20 count (Dec 31)
    $3.00 wub1 Playtex Gentle Glide 36/40 count (Dec 31)
    $1.00 Post HBOO cereal (Dec 31 2013 only please) - 1 per rider
    Pringles (not snack size pls)
    $2.00 Quaker Harvest Crunch, Fibre & Omega3, Yogurt, or Oatmeal to Go (120-220g,15106399, Sept 30 2013)
    $1.00 RealFruit Gummies (June 30 2013) 11621632
    $1.00 Royale (NED)
    $2.00 Royale any product / $2 Royale 6-pk Tissue (go coupons)
    $1.00 Safeway Farms Salad product (Dec 31)
    $2 wub1 12x355mL pk Schweppes Ginger ale/Club Soda or Tonic
    $2.00 wub1 Schick/Wet ones/Playtex/Banana Boat ect. (29007891 - Dec 31 2013)
    $1.50+ Silk/Almond Fresh 1/89L (good on Original - not coconut)
    $3 wub5 Smart Ones products
    $5 wub4 Smart Ones meals (Printable okay *in colour only please J)
    $1.00 wub1 Smart Ones
    $1.00 Special K Cracker chips (July 1)
    $1.00 Stagg chili (NED)
    $2 Stayfree J&J call in
    $1 Summer Fresh 300g topped hummus (Nov 30 2013)
    $1 Summer Fresh Dip or Hummus (Nov 30 2013)
    $1.00 Sunrype 1.36L Juice (Aug 1 2013)
    $1.00 Sunrype Juice Boxes (5x200ml) Aug 1 2013
    $1.00 Sunrype FunBites (8x18g) or Squiggles (7x18g) Aug 1 2013
    Buy any Sunrype 1.36L Juice and Get 3 Free Fruit to Go Bars (22308274 - Dec 31)
    $1.00 Tetley Green Tea any size (go coupon/NED or May 31+)
    $1.00 Tetley Specialty Tea product (from tea box - Sept 30)
    $1 any Thai Kitchen product
    $1.00 Tide (June 2014 - 63660467)
    $0.50 T.Marzetti, good on any or Hummus (NED)
    $0.75 T.Marzetti Simply Dressed salad dressing (Dec 31 2013)
    $1.50 wub both T.Marzetti Otria and Simply Dressed (Dec 31 2013)
    BOGO Tropicana juice
    $1 any Unilever ice cream product (Dec 2013)
    $1 U by Kotex - 49110122 (March 31 2014)
    $3.00 Van Houtte Ground 225g or larger (Sept 30+)
    $2 wub2 VH sauces (from calendar - 44407243 Dec 2013)
    $1.00 wub1 Weight Watchers baked goods (May 31) - 1 per rider
    $1.00 Welch’s 100% juice or Prune Nectar 1.36L (Dec 2013 - from Fibre 1 box)
    $1.50 Weston Bakeries product (good on Wonder/D’Italiano/Country Harvest) NED
    $1.50 wub1 Wheat thins crackers 175g (2013)
    $0.75 Wonderful Almonds (Dec 31+)
    $0.75 any Wonder or Wonder+ loaf (May 31 2013)
    $1.00 any Yves Veggie product (hoping these come back!!)
    (If your having trouble with my list, please PM me or if giving stickers, I could really use scrapbook type ones or fun rub ons, as I just started a Smash book )

    Sheemelady's wishlist

    Kelloggs SYB Pin
    Folgers Breakfast Pin -- or FPC Smuckers
    $4 Quaker Voucher
    $2 Kelloggs (valid on any - NED)
    $3 Bread WUB Ziploc
    $3 Ground Beef WUB Hamburger Helper
    $3 ANY McCain Product
    $2 Pillers Meats
    $3 Chapmans
    $1.50 Weston Bakeries (NED)
    $1 Cheemo Perogies
    $3 Aveeno eczema care or aveeno baby eczema products
    $2 JNJ Call In Valid on Splenda
    $2 JNJ Call In Valid on OB
    $3 ANY McCain Product
    $1 Classico
    $1 Billy Bee
    $3 WUB5 Smart ones
    BOGO Cheecha Puffs
    $2 Dr Oetker Pizza (WUB1)
    $.55 Bolthouse Carrots
    $1 Almond Breeze (WUB1) ***RRRRRLF***
    $1 Hain Celestial
    $1 Bolthouse Smoothies
    $1 Fresh Express Packaged Salads
    $1 Dare (valid on any)
    $2 ANY Royale Product (April/30/2013)
    BOGO any Sunrype Product or equal or lesser value
    $2 Sunrype fruit to go variety pack
    $0.50 any Pepsi-Co 2L product (see link for varieties), 84211978, Jul 31,2013
    $3 Tampax Radiant Tampons, 63946866, Sept 30,2013
    $.50 Cafe Lib (NED)
    $.50 Pillers (valid on any)
    $1 Smart Ones (WUB1)
    $1 Moov Peelie
    $$ off Hunts Manwich
    $1 Glad Storage (from Glad Garbage Bag boxes)
    $2 Janes Chicken
    $1 Dole Fruit Bowls
    $1 Catelli Pasta
    $1 Iogo
    $1 Minute Maid Juice Boxes
    $2 Unilever Hangtag
    $1 Special K Cracker Chips (barbqque or southwest)
    $1 Special K Flatbread Sandwiches
    $1 Unilever Hangtag
    $2 Quaker Granola Bars (from Quaker oatmeal packages)
    Duncan Hines Cake Mixes (gluten free)
    $1 any Kandoo Product
    $1 Wheetabix (no size restrictions)
    $.55/$1 Manns Fresh Cut Vegetables
    $1 Sunrise Soya Tofu (WUB1, valid on desert tofu)
    $2 ++ Tide Detergent
    $1 McCain Ultrathin Pizza
    $$ off Italpasta (no total italpasta)
    $$ off Dole Squishems
    $1 Dole Spinach Salad Kit
    $1 Kashi Cereal (limit one per rider)
    $1 Sunrype Juice Boxes
    $1 WUB2 Ziploc
    $3 Kraft Habanero Cheese
    $1.00 CloverLeaf Gourmet Flavoured White Tuna(142g)Jalapeno,sundried Tomato or Chipotle UPC 25409156 Ex.AUG.31/13
    $1 Glutino (valid on any - June/30/2013)
    $$ off Jell-O Powder
    $2 Childrens Motrin (04389040, Feb.25.2014)
    $1 any Becel Margarine (87410615)
    $2 Clean & CLear Morning Burst Body Wash 04390015, Jun 30,2014
    $.50 Mott's Fruitsations (not rockets, +veggie okay) ** max 1 per rider**
    $1 Glad Food Storage product, 01224069, Oct 31,2014
    $2 Glad Indoor OR Outdoor Bags (excl.20/24ct indoor bags & 8/10ct outdoor bags), 01224072, Oct 31,2014
    $2 Glad Compostable, Recycling or Clear Bags (excl. 10ct recycling & clear bags), 01224043, Oct 31,2014
    $2 Glad Indoor Kitchen Catchers Bags (excl. 20/24 indoor), 01224926, Aug 31,2013
    $1.50 Melitta Coffee, 14708464, Dec 31,2013
    $2 Melitta Coffee, 14708480, Jul 31,2013
    $2 Melitta Coffee, 14708826, Dec 31,2013
    $2 Melitta Single Serve Coffee or any Melitta Coffee, 14708813, Dec 31,0213
    $2 Melitta Single Serve Coffee or any Melitta Coffee, 14708796, Dec 31,2013

    Mandolimed's Wishlist - Y
    Printable - N
    French - N
    Store Specific/TFT – N

    Stacking – Some at London Drugs, very strict so not really (that’s why my list may seem harder than before L)

    Almost ANY FPC - pop,chips,yogurt etc of popular brands- there *SO* many out there – it ‘s just too much to list! Please nothing strange (like septic treatment/etc) or cats.
    ANY Share Your Breakfast Pins/FPCS except no thankyou to: Mini-Wheats* Centres Raspberry or All Bran* Cranberries

    PEPTO $3 any size ***RRRRRLF (SUPER ok with March31/13) will love you forever! *********
    $3 Ground Beef wub Hamburger Helper
    Rolllll Up The Rim Coffee win
    Free Movie Snack (from OEP box)
    Arctic Gardens, $5 Arctic Gardens product (Dec 31,2013)
    BOLTHOUSE call in (good on refrigerated salad dressing)
    Campbell's, $2 any Campbell's products
    Campbell's, $3 any Campbell's products

    EGGS $2wub2 dozen
    Heinz, $1 on any Heinz product, NED
    $3 Kraft Habanaro shredded cheese (June 2013)
    $2 off any Kelloggs Product –peelie
    $5 Maple Leaf, Various Brands (Dec 31 13)
    Nabob, $2+ (good on any or at least Swiss Water Decaffeinated)
    Quaker Chewy Granola bars $2
    Robax, $10 any Robax product (May 31,2013)
    Energizer Free Movie Code (let me know if sending-I will send you extra cpns!)
    Cineplex movie passes/concession for adults or kids (I can dream-let me know if sending-I will send you extra cpns!)

    Kellogg's, FPC Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Cereal 445g (Super OK w/ Mar 31 expiry)
    Natrel, FPC Natrel Baboo 1L (max value $3.29) ok w/ reasonable earlier expiry.
    Catelli, FPC (1) Catelli Pasta product (any variety, any size), 10833588, Mar 31,2014
    Coca-Cola, FPC 2L Fanta or 2L Sprite product (Jun 30,2013)
    Johnson & Johnson, FPC Replacement product (Jun 30,2013)
    Mars Canada, FPC M&M or Maltesers product 32-49g, (Jul 31,2014)
    Orville Redenbacher, FPC Orville Redenbacher Ready to Eat Popcorn, (Aug 31,2013)
    FREE Breakfast Item PIN (or coupon) From Specially Marked Folgers

    $1.00 Pepsi, 7UP, Mountain Dew, Mug, Dr Pepper, Crush, Schweppes, Brisk, All Flavours/Varieties, 12x355ml (84211952, Jul 31 13)
    Arctic Gardens, $2 Arctic Gardens product, (Dec 31,2013)
    Butterball Turkey Bacon $1 (facebook-if FPC count as all)
    Bolthouse Carrots .55c on any (June 30, 2013)
    Campbell's, $1 any Campbell's products
    Cheemo, $1 Cheemo Premium Perogies 907g bag or box, NED
    Clubhouse Gravy BOGO (not B1G1 flavorful, gravy only)
    Del Monte Fruit Twists $1
    Eggos $1.00 (NOT 50c please)
    Frank’s Red Hot Sauce $2
    Janes, $2 on any Janes product (Dec 31,2013)
    Johnsonville, good on breakfast sausage (2014/2015 expiry please)
    Kellogg's, $1 Kellogg's Rice Krispies 525g Cereal (Dec 31,2013) (NOT brown or gluten free please)
    Kellogg's, $2 on any Kellogg's product, (NED)
    Maxx Scoop Cat Litter $1 (NED)
    Orville Redenbacher, BOGO any Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (any past Feb 28,2013?)
    Pop Tarts $1
    Royale, $2 any Royale product (Apr 30,2013)
    Sunrype, $1 any Product.
    Tostitos Chips (wub ok)
    $3.00 Bread wub Ziploc
    $1 Old Dutch/Lays/Ruffles/Tostitos/Doritos/Smart Food
    $1 Old El Paso
    $1.00 wub 4 crispy minis!
    $2 Royale good on any (gocoupons)
    Rolllll Up The Rim Donut win

    Advil Childrens $5
    Advil $4 Night (VALID ON 10’s!)
    *$3 wub 2 Bounty, Charmin, Puff (Sep 2013)
    Christie, $1.50 Wheat Thins Crackers 175g, (Jun 30,2013)
    Dairyland, $0.75 any Milk2Go product, (May 31,2013) (limit 1)

    $1 off Dole Fruit Bowls, Parfait, or Gel (Sept 30/13)
    $1 Diaper Genie 2 refills (Dec 31/13)
    Dr Oetker BOGO mug cake (June 2013)
    Farkay Noodles NED (limit 1)
    Gerber snacks (good on any) (limit 1)
    General Mills, $1 any 330-505g General Mills Cereals (Jun 30,2013)
    GOLDEN dragon sauces (unicorn?-Id like to use on Thick Teriyaki)
    Kellogg's, $0.50 Kellogg's Pop Tarts (Jun 30,2013)
    Hunt's, $2 on fresh fruit wub (2) Hunt's Snack Pack 4ct (May 31,2013) RRLF
    J-E-L-L-O $1 ( is this valid on ANY?
    Jell-o (good on box powdered, NOT light, wub ok!)
    Kelloggs Buy 1 Rice Krispies Squares/Bars , All Bran Bars or Pop Tarts AND 1 Minute Maid 10x200ml and save $2 UPC 71196275 (June 30,2013) limit 1
    Kraft, $1 Kraft Miracle Whip 890mL, (Jun 30,2013) (not olive oil)
    Kraft, $0.50 Kraft Shake n Bake (Jun 30,2013)
    $1 WUB 2 Knorr? (NOT wub3, please)
    Marc Angelo – good on any product, not type specific (NED)
    $2 ML Prime (limit 1)
    MiO, $1 MiO Liquid Water Enhancer (limit 1)
    Pillars – good on any product, not type specific RLF
    Oasis Juice Boxes $1 (Mar 31,2013 is OK)
    .75 Barilla Pasta (not 50c)
    Pop Chips
    Stagg Chili $1.00 NED
    YOPLAIT $1 peelie any product 29212385 (April 2013) (limit 1)
    BREATHE right *advanced (orange) SAMPLE (sealed in plastic)
    $1 WYB a Kraft Dream Whip and One Jell-o instant pudding or Jell-o jelly powder product (any variety) 05537293 June 30, 2013

    darringleanne's Wishlist

    French: N
    Printed: N
    TFT: N
    Stacking: N
    Store Specific N
    Personalized: N - with someones name on it
    Multiples: Y

    - FPC any food pm me first
    - FPC Mini Wheats
    - FPC Bacon
    - FPC Fanta
    - FPC Lean Cuisine
    -Any Call in from Campbells, Dare, Unilever, Quaker, General Mills, Hershey, J&J, Post, Kelloggs, Primo, Always, Colgate/Palmolive, Pepsico, SC
    - B1G1 Grillem's
    - B1G1 Healthy Choice Steamer
    - $4 off any Quaker, Aunt Jemima or Rice-A-Roni, products, 15106298, Dec 31,2013
    - $2 Schweppe's (cutout from box)
    - $2 ANY Janes chicken
    - $3 Skintimate shave gel
    - $1+ Colgate Call-in
    - J&J call in's
    - Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce
    - $1+ Eggo waffles
    - $1+ Imperial Margerine
    - $1 Crest toothpaste good on any
    - $3 hamburger from hamburger helper box
    - Minute rice
    - Power aid
    - Frozen dinners
    - any bread
    - Kraft peanut butter
    - Kraft cheese whiz
    - kraft miracle whip
    - International delight
    - Campbells soup
    - catelli pasta
    - Kelloggs granola bars
    - Kelloggs special k fruit crisps
    - Sketchers pins RRLF
    - Clear shampoo
    - Dove hair care
    - Any peelie
    - $1 ANY Dare/Grissol product
    - $0.50 ANY Dare product
    - Glad kitchen catchers
    - $1 ANY Folgers
    - $1 Tog Dogs
    - Pepsi (any)
    - $2 Royale toilet paper
    - Pizza Pops / Pizza pockets
    - Knorr $1 WUB2
    - Shake N Bake
    - Snack pack puddings
    - Purex liquid laundry soap not wub
    - $1+ Purex toilet paper
    - Pringles (not snack can)
    - $2 Wonderbread
    - VH sauces
    - Pam (not WUB eggs)
    - General mills cereal
    - 1.00 Armstrong or Black Diamond cheese (good on blocks)
    - McCain Pizza
    - Ragu or Classico pasta sauce
    - $1.50 Colgate Total Advance not wub
    - Lays / Ruffles chips
    - Sunripe or Mcain juice
    - Kraft Parmasan Cheese (shaker)
    - Kraft Salad Dressing
    - Lean Cuisine/Stouffers frozen meals
    - Lunchmate Bucks
    - Maple Leaf Natural Selections deli meats
    - McCain Pizza
    - Michelina's frozen Dinners
    - Nature Valley Bars (valid on peanut variety)
    - Old El Paso
    - Peek Freans
    - Pepsi (valid on regular)
    - Perogies
    - Philadelphia Cream Cheese (not Garlic)
    - Shake ‘n Bake exp. June 2013
    - Simply Orange
    - Tostitos Tortilla Chips
    - Twizzlers
    - VH sauce $2 wub 2 (valid on any)
    - Ziploc $1 off 1/$2 off 2 (not $1 wub 2 please)
    - .50 Canadian Tire Money
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    of course I am in
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    Quote Originally Posted by KK7 View Post
    of course I am in
    LOL thank you Kim....I think everyone on here has forgotten about me
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    I am in. Will send everything in a while when I go on the computer. Glad to have you back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawlightning View Post
    I am in. Will send everything in a while when I go on the computer. Glad to have you back.
    Thank you and Welcome aboard

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    Quote Originally Posted by solosaver View Post
    LOL thank you Kim....I think everyone on here has forgotten about me

    I would NEVER forget you
    Name:  winnie-the-pooh-quotes-sayings-positive-best-friends-amazing.jpg
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    any more riders on this fine Sunday night??

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    I will join... I dont have a wishlist I will work on that now and try to have it to you by the end of the day

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    Quote Originally Posted by bricon1621 View Post
    I will join... I dont have a wishlist I will work on that now and try to have it to you by the end of the day
    Sounds great

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    I'll ride
    shop my webstore:

    Use this code to save at

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    Quote Originally Posted by couponsrule View Post
    I'll ride

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    Can I add coupons????? ; ) wink wink
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