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    Posted on 10.03.2006 by Goob

    I recently saw a site that had compiled a list of restuarants and other eateries that gave away free food on people’s birthdays. I thought it was such a good idea, that I decided to make such a list here on HIF to add to our resources. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy free stuff, especially around the time of year when you don’t like thinking about getting older? Well now you don’t have to focus on the added candle on your cake and instead can smile when you get a free meal or such! The original list I found hadn’t been updated since last March though, so I used it to start with, cleaned it up, took out some places that are only in certain cities, and then added all the others I found on the net.

    And remember, all deals are up to the specific restaurants and thus some might not participate. So if you’re standing in the middle of Taco Bell screaming for a free taco and they aren’t budging, don’t come crying to me! Also, feel free to add / refute any places you do / don’t see here!


    Abbotts Frozen Custard - Sign up and get a free treat.
    Alfy’s Pizza - Free mini pizza
    All-American Cafe - Free dessert
    Amato’s Sandwich Shop - Join the Tamatos Club and get a free birthday sandwich.
    Applebees - Free dessert
    Arby’s - Sign up and get coupons yearround, including on your birthday.
    Austin Grill - Free meal (May need to register first on their website)
    Bakers Square - Free pie
    Bandido’s - Free entree
    Baskin Robbins - Free ice cream treat
    Beaches Restaurant - Free meal
    Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream - Register on-line and you can get some free ice cream!
    Benihana’s Japanese Restaurant - Free dinner with 3 other paying guests. (So bring your friends!)
    Bennigan’s - Sign up for their Bennigan’s Club and get a coupon for a free entree plus a free dessert.
    Bj’s - Free Pazookie!! (otherwise known as a delicious dessert.)
    Blimp Subs - Join their BIP club and get a free 6′ sub on your birthday.
    Bob Evans - Free Kids Meal for kids under the age of 12.
    Bob’s Big Boy - Free hot fudge ice cream
    Boston Market - Free Kids B-Day meal coupon for kids under 12 and coupons online for their various entrees.
    Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3) - Free dozen hot wings
    Burger King - Free kids meal to all kids club members
    California Pizza Kitchen - Free kids meal during the month of their birthday, but you have to register first
    Caribou Coffee - If you join up, they’ll e-mail you a wee or two before your birthday with a coupon. Print it out and get a free coffee drink.
    Carrows - Free cake plus a free dessert now just for signing up.
    Cattlemen’s - Free dessert and cowboy hat (I’d go just for the cowboy hat!)
    Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse - Sign up and get a free dessert plus points for every dollar spent.
    Charlie’s Seafood - Free meal
    Cheesecake Factory - Free dessert
    Chevy’s - Free dessert and sombrero (First a cowboy hat, then a sombrero…heck yeah!)
    Chilis - Free dessert
    Chips N Giggles - Free meal
    Claim Jumper - Free dessert
    Coldstone Creamery - Join on-line and get a free creation (My…God…Is…This…Delicious…)
    Cracker Barrel - Free dessert
    Dairy Queen - Free ice cream coupon in e-mail for kids 16 and under. They also have a Blizzard Club for adults with the same offer.
    Damon’s Steakhouse - Here’s a little trick. All you have to do is make a new email address, sign up, and within 24 hours they will send you 10 bucks off your meal, with the purchase of another comparably priced meal. So every time you and a friend go, you can get $10 off no matter what. Plus, they send you a few coupons for your birthday!
    Don Pablos - Free dessert
    Denny’s - Free meal to kids under 10
    Einstein’s - Free meal
    El Chicos - Free dessert
    Ernie’s Steakhouse - Free meal
    Famous Dave’s Barbeque - Free meal with advance signup.
    Firestone Subs - Sign up and get an email for a free sub.
    Friendly’s - Free ice cream cone if you join their birthday club.
    Fuddruckers - Free ice cream sundae
    Glory Days Grill - Free sundae on your birthday if you sign up.
    Golden Corral - Free meal to Birthday Club members (And many people say this isn’t limited to just kids!) during month of birthday.
    Grillfish - Free meal
    Hard Rock Cafe - Free dessert
    Hometown Buffet - Free birthday cake
    Hooters - Free song & T-shirt (Pretty soon here I’m going to have an entire outfit!)
    Houlihans - Free coupon for an entree during your next visit up to a week after b-day (Kinda complicated…but free!)
    Joe’s Crab Shack - Free cake
    Krispy Kreme - Free half dozen glazed donuts and a coffee mug with either coffee or soda in it! You might want to sign up ahead of time.
    Logan’s Roadhouse - Free song and slice of cheesecake.
    Lotus - Free meal
    Macaroni Grill - Free dessert plus an OPERA-style “Happy Birthday” song, which is always different.
    Maggianos - $10 off purchase of $20 if you sign up in advance.
    Mainstreet Ventures (large chain of different restaurants. Click to see if any are near you.) - Up to 50% off your meal. It’s based on the number of people in your party. For example, 2 people dining = 50% off. 3 People dining = 33% off, 4 people dining = 25%, etc.
    Marie Calenders - Free dessert
    Memphis BBQ - Coupon good for a free Rack of Ribs & strawberry shortcake, but you must sign up on website 24 hours in advance.
    Mexican Village - Free meal
    Moe’s Southwest Grill - Signup for their newsletter and get a coupon for a free burrito. They also have a birthday club for kids under 10.
    Mongolian’s B.B.Q. - Signup for their Club Mongo and you’ll get a coupon for a free birthday meal.
    Moonies Diner - Free meal
    Noodles & Company - Signup for their newsletter and they’ll send ya a coupon for a free meal right around our birthday!
    O’Charley’s - I remember getting quite a few free desserts over the years from them!
    Old Spaghetti Warehouse - Free meal
    Olive Garden - Free dessert
    On The Border - Free appetizer if you sign up
    Outback Steakhouse - Free dessert or appetizer
    P.B. Loco - Sign up for their newsletters and you’ll receive coupons periodically for free stuff, as well as coupons for free stuff when your B-day rolls around.
    Pappa’s Restaurants (PAPPADEAUX, PAPPASITO’S, ETC) - Free dessert
    Paradiso’s - Free meal
    Perkin’s - Free stack of pancakes
    PF Changs - Free cake or cheesecake
    Pizza Express - Free meal
    Poncho’s - Free meal, dessert & picture
    Provino’s Italian Restaurant - Free $10.99 meal and ice cream dessert
    Qdoba Mexican Grill - Join their eClub and get a “buy one, get 1 entree free” coupon.
    Quizno’s - Join their mailing list and get a free birthday gift (I think this means coupons?)
    Red Lobster - Free slice of cake if you join their Overboard Club.
    Red Robin - Free Hamburger if you sign up for Eclub, plus a free gift just for signing up!
    Rock Bottom - Free appetizer for Mug Club members.
    Round Table - Free personal pizza
    Ruby Tuesday - Sign up in advance and they’ll send you something!
    Slush44 - An advertising company for Sonic, they’ll send you coupons for free Sonic goodies if you sign up ahead of time.
    Smoky Bones - Free meal
    Sonic - Free Wacky Pack Kid’s Meal on children’s birthdays if you register ahead of time.
    Souper Salad - Join their Souper Salad Club and they’ll e-mail you a coupon for one free birthday meal which can be used within a week or your birthday.
    Steak & Ale - Free mini choco cake plus other free gifts.
    Steak-N-Shake - Free dinner for “birthday club” kids
    Taco Bell - Free combo meal of your choice
    Texas De Brazil - Sign up for their e-club and they’ll send you a $40 gift certificate! This place can be pricey, but it’s soooo worth it.
    TGI Friday’s - Free birthday dessert plus free appetizer just for signing up!
    The Fox and Hound - Free appetizer just for joining plus free entree on your birthday.
    The Loft - Free meal
    The Palm - 3lb lobster, but you must be a member first and follow a few rules.
    The Pasta House - Free dessert
    The Vine Tavern - Free meal
    Todai Sefood Buffet - Free coupon or voucher for free meal next visit.
    Tony Roma’s - Free dessert if you sign up for Expert Club first.
    Uno’s Pizza - Sign up and get a free personal pizza on your birthday
    Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop - Free dessert and drink
    Wendy’s - Free kids meal
    Z’ Tejas - $15 coupon for the month of your birthday if you register first.
    Zio’s - Free dessert
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    If you sign up at Tony Roma's in the resturant for their Birthday Club - you also receive a free lunch/Dinner- Sun - Thurs of your Birthday Week.

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    If you sign up for Q107 or Edge102, they send you an email with a printable coupon for a Free meal at Jack Astors (value up to $22.99 I believe) and good for 2 weeks from the day before your birthday.

    Happy Birthday everybody!!


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    o wow.


    will you be my friend? please?

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    Boston Pizza - When you sign up you get a free Gourmet Pasta or Dessert on your birthday

    Sephora - you get a free Vanilla Cupcake Bath & Shower Bubbles online or in store
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    thank you very much

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    thank you!
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    Pizza Delight gives you a free meal on your birthday.

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    cool! thanks!

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    this is so great never new that there was so many places that gave you freebies for your birthday thank you so much

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    Welcome firecracker to!!

    This is just a little bit of so many great tips, and posts!


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    Happy B-Bay to me it's coming up soon!!
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    tuckers market place free meal I think I went last year also Town & Country down near the Guverment but it was crap! My Birthday is Friday and I have a Boston Pizza offer for free pasta entree Tony Roma Free Entree and I am waiting for my Jack Astors as part of Edge club. What a Bagel is supposed to give you a free dozen on your birthday but last year I called ahead and they asked if I had ever been there like that matters?? and then gave me attitude so I didn't bother. Happy Birthday everyone!

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