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Thread: Kids Cold Remedies

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    My DS is nearly seven and has a cold (which he caught from ME for once!). Cold remedies aren't recommended for kids six and under, and IMO they don't really work anyhow.

    I've had some success with coughs in the past my having DS eat a spoonful of honey. For whatever reason he doesn't like honey plain like that, but he eats it under protest. Tonight I gave him a bit of warm water with honey and fresh lemon juice dissolved in it (gave him this twice). Again, you'd think I was feeding him poison, I had to bribe him with a treat both times and he grimaced like it was awful. I tried it, it was like warm lemonade, not bad at all! We put the humidifier on in his room tonight; it's quite loud, but it helps too.

    What works for your kids?
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    If the kids are coughing enough to wake in the night, I put vicks on the bottoms of their feet and cover them with socks. It takes 10 minutes or so, but the cough will usually settle down. Honey for whatever reason doesn't work for us. For congestion we use vicks on the back and a warm mist humidifier. Also, as soon as the kids start getting sick we raise the head of their bed with a pillow under the mattress to help things move along.

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    for cough that doesn't stop try the new prospan for kids! it's amazing!!! also a glass warm milk with honey is good. and inhaling with chamomile tea and some thyme.(in a pot hot water and 2 tea bags chamomile tea and some thyme get his head over it and a towel...and stay with him, it's hot,let him breath deeply). a old home remedy is also cut some onion and pour some honey over it, let it stand for a while until there is a juice and give him 3 times daily 1 tablespoon of it.

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    We use Coryzalia Cold and Kids 0-9 Cough & Cold. I usually buy them at Shoppers Drug Mart. Have used with both girls since the beginning. They are homeopathic medicines that we could never get through cold season without. We are usually able to get away with fewer doses per day than recommended and both have worked amazingly well for them.
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    Never medicated our son for colds, either.

    For a cough/sore throat, a cool mist humidifier is awesome.

    For a drink with honey, try making tea with lemon, and add the honey. Son always loved it.

    Sucking on hard candies, like lemon drops or peppermint, for scratchy throat.

    Hope all is better soon!
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