Muskie Attack: An Up North Adventure by G.M. Moore is FREE TODAY (April 24) through THURSDAY (April 25). The book is for ages 9-12.

First, we had Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn; then came the Hardy Boys. Now welcome Pike and Griffy, two boys on a mission to catch the lunker of a lifetime.

G.M. Moore combines a Gary Paulsen-esque exhilaration for the outdoors with a problem-solving duo the likes of the Hardy Boys to create a fast-paced book that even the most reluctant reader won’t want to put down.

Muskie Attack (FREE today) is the first book in a three-part action/adventure series that targets ages 9-12. The Up North adventure series includes Ancient Elk Hunt (Book 2) and Snakehead Invasion (Book 3).