Anyone locally interested? Please PM me for more details on specific ones or to claim

Crisco - $1 x 3
Robin Hood Flour - $1 x 3
Splenda - $1 x 2
Carnation $2 wub3 x 3
Robin Hood Oats - $1 x 1
Folgers K cups -$2 on any x 1
French's Mustard -75c x 3
Franks Red Hot Sauce- $1 x 3
Buy Clean and Clear Men Shampoo and get Vaseline Men's or Degree free max $10.49 (May 1)

P&G Brand Saver coupons incluidng

Tide, Bounce, Natural Instincts, Covergirl, Swiffer, Febreeze, Iams, Charmin etc, please email if you want specifics on a brand.