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Thread: Boy did I look stupid today..........

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    I print smartsources coupons I think I will use,or coupons that can become inavailaible because of the rules fast persons catch them and seems in limited number(still bitting my fingers for cereals coupons when they are great like BOGO) But If I will use them I make sure to verify the date before.Glad you are contacting Clear weird how the date on the coupon is made..must be a design error.
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    UPDATE 3:

    Woohooo received a great response from the Clear team. Not only are they going to examine the coupon and do something about it for the rest of the couponing community, they will send me a coupon too!

    Below is their email to me

    Hello Patricia,

    Thank you for contacting us. We do apologize for the experience you reported concerning our Clear Coupon.
    We distribute coupons through sites, such as, to accomplish specific marketing purposes, and both the consumer and the company benefit from their use. Retail stores are paid face value plus handling costs for participating in our coupon redemption programs.
    Our Brand team would like the opportunity to examine the coupon you printed from the SmartSource site. A prepaid label will be sent for you to return the coupon to us. Once received, we will be more than happy to send you a full value coupon for your inconvenience.
    Your assistance and patience is greatly appreciated.

    Clear Consumer Services
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    Great response from Clear.

    I've seen this happen a few times.. Smartsource and a couple times with websaver.... I've noticed when the company puts the expiry in the 'fine print' and then contract a company to distribute coupons, they clearly didn't read (or catch) the expiry in the wording.

    Terrible response from Smartsource though!! I agree that I hate when companies just give you a generic response like that. It's almost like saying "Thanks for contacting us, but we didn't bother to read your email, nor do we care about what you think"
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    Wow, way to go Clear for such a rapid response and a great one too. Helps me to have hope that customer service may not be dead afterall.
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    awesome that you got a response about it!
    I have had this kind of thing happen before. I've had manufactures coupons sent out direct from the company with two different dates before! I was able to use them though, as neither date was expired.

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    I wouldn't feel bad about this. The company made an error and you didn't do it on purpose. I would've made the same mistake. That big bold expiry date bar is what would catch my eye
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poirot View Post
    I've seen September 31 coupons expiry date too.
    Someone was asleep at the wheel

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