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Thread: Computer Chair Smacked Me... But I Smacked Back! Popchips!

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    First, I checked my mail before leaving my house! Big box from a friend in the USA... she, all on her own time and money, sent me FIVE bags of Katy Perry's flavor of POPCHIPS ("Katy's Kettle Corn"). Now, 2 things... these are NOT yet in Canada (altho should be in 1-2 months)... and I have been waiting for a long time dying to taste the flavor my favorite girl created... yes, I love me some Katy Perry. It's a sweet and salty mix of amazingness -- and it's quite healthy -- that's Popchips' point. Try this flavor once they're in Canada... My heart is full... oh, and my mouth too, I spose, hey, lol. Oh, and I'm a freak and did mega research on Katy's life pre-fame and compiled it here:

    A few days ago as I was leaning back on my computer chair, part of the mechanism to lean back SHOT off (scared me, sound like a gun, ya'll!)... and was permanently stuck leaning back and I had to shift my weight to the front so it stayed down while in use, AY), so after looking around a bit and really not wanting to spend much (but enough for a decent chair), I went to good ol' Wal-Mart, lol!

    mainstays black leather chair (sign said $58, scanned $68.56), minus SCOP ($10 off sign price) = $48


    Thank YOU for reading! EH!

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    Oh, YUM - can't wait to taste those; so very kind of your friend to do that for you!

    Great deal on the chair - so glad you weren't hurt!

    A very embarrassing moment I had falling back with a chair - I was on a similar chair at a desk when I was teaching computers at a college - my class that evening happened to be Young Offenders who were brought over from their facility.
    I had leaned back, the chair fell back - and I got stuck - so I had to ask for help, and I'm a fluffy woman, so a few of the inmates had to come extricate me and get me up - and I was so fargin' scared, I was just a few months pregnant.... all was okay with baby, but I had a very hurt back.
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    great deal on the chair-have to try those katy chips when they get here -look good
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    Nice SCOP.
    Nice marketing by Katy Perry - pop chips. Who would have thunk it?

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