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    Expired on: Sun, Jul 7th, 2013
    this a work in progress will be updating so keep checking back thanks

    trade list
    20x 0.75wub iogo 0% product exp aug 31st 2013 20x save 1.00 wub any 2 boxes of ritz crackerfuls crackers exp dec 31st 2013 10x1.00 off a pack of sunmaid raisin cinnamon swirl bread exp dec 31st 2013 5x2.00wub any package mapleleaf bacon portions exp sept 30 2013 30x0.50 wub 1 wheat thin crackers 175 grams size any variety upc 15042907 exp oct 31st 2013
    20x2.00 wub and childrens motrin product upc 04389040 exp feb 25 2014
    20x1.00 on any clover leaf flavored tuna 142 gr upc 25409185 exp sept 30 2013
    20x3.00 wub any 2 highliner flame savers 500g pan sears 540 g or signature 680 g upc 12605260 exp aug 31st 2013
    10x 0.50 wub and no yolks pasta upc 10834187 exp sept 30 2013
    20x 0.75 iogo zip product upc 29213102 exp aug 31st 2013
    15x b2g1 free boxes of special k 320 -553g websavers upc 71197366 exp dec 31st 2013
    20x 0.75 wub any iogo greek upc 29213069 exp aug 31st 2013
    15x 1.00 wub egg creations or egg creations French toast 500g liquid product upc 42407081 exp dec 31st 2013
    20x 1.00 wub Cavendish farms 750 gr from the farm upc 24504456 exp dec 3st 2013
    30x0.50 wub any international delight product upc 5070645 exp aug 31st 2013
    15x1.00 wub any highliner 215-700g product upc 12605259 exp aug 31st 2013
    30x2.00 wub any aveeno hair care product upc 04389965 exp dec 31st 2013
    10x0.50wub any 425ml bottle of natural café upc 80105666 exp sept 30 2013
    40x3.00wub 1 cesar wet multipack or twelve cesar wet individual trays any variety upc 08308896 exp aug 31st 2013
    10x 2.00 wub any nutisse hair color upc 46966852 exp aug 1st 2013
    10x0.50 wub any box of special k granola bars exp oct 31st 2013
    30x2.00 wub any zantac excludes small sizes 75mg 10 tab zantac 150mg 3tab or 8 tab upc04389297 exp dec 31st 2013
    15x1.00wub any allbran cranberries clusters cereal exp dec 31st 2013
    15x 2.00 wub any melitta coffee upc 14708826 exp dec 31st 2013
    30x 2.00 wub any melitta coffee upc 14708813 exp dec31st 2013
    10x 1.00 wub 2 friskies crispies cat treats or part mix upc 27675292 exp dec 31st 2013
    2x0.75 wub dole live right bites exp dec 31st 2013
    10x 2.00 wub any tena pad or underwear upc 28004862 exp November 30 2013
    20x 2.00 on any glad indoor bags excludes 20ct or 24ct upc 01224896 aug 31st 2013
    10x0.50 wub 1 motts fruitsations plus veggie upc 22223959 exp aug 31st 2013
    2x5.00 wub and hills science diet feline and canine canned or dry food upc 73103137 ecp dec 31st 2013
    2x1.00 wub any wasa upc 13800105 exp dec 2013
    15x0.50 wub any 1 maille product upc 4250729 exp dec 31st 2013
    30x 1.00 wub any 240 g or larger bluewater products upc 76405323 exp july 31st 2013
    10x 0.75 wub any la crème cow spreadable chesse upc 46216465 exp july 31st 2013
    10x 3.00 wub canesoral combipak exp dec 31st 2013 upc 07656574
    15x2.00 wub any glad indoorbags excudes 20st and 24ct uoc 01224548 exp aug 31st 2013
    10x 0.75 wub a box of hiney bunches of oats greek yougurt honey cruch cereal upc 26003681 exp july 31st 2013
    5x1.00wub any 1.75 6x 355ml or 4x 296 ml orangina beverage upc 22224053 exp aug 31st 2013
    10x0.75 wub a box of hiney bunches of oats greek yogurt honey crunch cereal 439g or shreddies granola almond crunch 540 g exp july 31st 2013
    10xb1g1free fantastic websaver exp aug 16 2013
    10x2.50 any special k jumbo sizes 700g-765g exp dec 31st 2013 websavers
    10x3.00wub any advil nighttime exp march 1 2014 websaver

    wish list
    3.00 of any zantac
    1.00$ Canada Dry Mott's wub (1)10x355ml, 12x355ml, or 6x710ml pack of Canada Dry or C'plus beverages, , Dec. 31, 2013
    Save $2 on your purchase of any one (1) Panebello frozen pizza exp. December 31, 2013
    save 5.00 dollar on any maple leaf product
    Save $1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal 216-425g
    FREE Lay's Potato Chips (270g/any flavour) WUB2 Tostitos Tortilla Chips (220g-320g/any variety) #23314203, exp. Sept.30 '13
    $1.50 Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener, expiry November 30, 2013 75 Cashmere, Purex, SpongeTowels or Scotties products 12016310 exp June 30, 2014
    $.75 White Swan products 12016323 exp June 30, 2014
    $0.30 Cavendish Product, any (24501835, NED)
    $4 ground beef or chicken wub oep kit + salsa, dec 31, 2013, 76145197
    2j&j mailout coupons good for Tylenol etc$3 J&J Mailout coupons good on Aveeno products 2013 expiry only
    hunts spagetti sauce coupons
    .75 kraft dinner smart
    $5 danone wub 3 RRLF exp august or december
    5$ Chapman's
    $4.00 Chapman’s ice cream
    $0.50 Hunt's Manwich 86400022 NED

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