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    I am looking at opening a thrift store in Fort Erie and would like any feed back anyone may have. Do you already shop thrift stores? What do you feel makes a good thrift store ( ie. good prices, large inventory, store cleanliness, organization etc.). Do you travel out of town for thrift stores (ie Value Village)

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to give your input.
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    I don't travel out of town for a thrift store, I find Value Village over priced though.. I like, bibles for missions, christian benefit, these are cheap and you can sometimes find great stuff & consignment shops usually have nice quality stuff for a good price and I can take some stuff in to sell as well.. A good thrift shop, has great prices, clean, organised by type and size. The smell is very important as well, some places are stinky.. Some of my in laws live in NS.. they love a place called Frenchys.. apparently they just toss the clothes in bins and you search through it.. to find a great deal..

    Rotate for seasonal... the clothes need to be clean, no spots, nothing that needs to be sewed.. Fill a bag events are fun :o)

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