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Thread: Does anyone have good ab/bc hotel deals

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    Hey all. I am looking at taking a weekend trip with my boyfriend at the end of the month. We are in Calgary AB. We are looking for something close by with fun things to do like world biggest whatever or something like loch ness monster and good eats also important. We were thinking perhaps Drumheller but are not set on the destination. I am a little picky on the hotel as I want room service and free breakfast would be nice. I am also looking for a tv that has premium tv service (pay movies). We do not want to pay any more then about 500 for the whole weekend cheaper the better. So any suggestions? Thank you!!
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    Yahoo!! I was in Drumheller today, what a neat place that is.

    Priceline is often the best way to get a great deal on a hotel room. I book there almost always.Worth a try to see what they got!
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    I agree chk priceline....u can bid on hotel rms and get them for super cheap

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    Drumheller is TONS of fun! I know you want a hotel but if you even feel up for it, it is by far my favorite place to camp (actually, pretty much the only place I will camp lol). It has ghost towns all around it and you really feel like your in the wild west when your outside and can hear all the nighttime noises. Between the Royal Tyrell Museum and the worlds largest privately owned collection of reptiles (including a GIANT alligator) it is lots of fun for everyone. My bf and I are both in our early 20's and loved it.
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