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Thread: Coupon inserts?

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    I moved to the lowrr mainland 8 months ago.. my job search has not been fruitful and i now find myself on welfare really needing coupons. I havenot found an insert in 8 months. If anyone can tell me where to find them i would really appreciate it. I also would like to mention a store i ws referred to by a homeless advocate. The store is called quest and tjey accept donations. I overheard a mom talking that it was the only way to get by. If u want more info pm me once im back on my feet i plan on making this group my new donation place.
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    Try at McDonalds and Tim Hortons the morning that the inserts come out, which I think is tomorrow. They give out free papers with breakfast and people abandon them so maybe you can grab a few before they get thrown into the recycle.
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    You can sign up on,,,
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    Also, call your local papers that have the inserts and see where they put them. I live in an apartment and don't get papers but stop at the local store and I am able to get the flyers and inserts when they come.

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