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    The purpose of this forum is to provide news and discussion of electronics products and deals as well as user-driven technical advice, discussion and assistance for the Smart Canucks community.

    Participation in the Smart Canucks Canadian Electronics Deals forum is a privilege given to those who follow the usage rules outlined below. By participating in this forum you are agreeing to be bound by these rules.

    These rules are meant to supplement the rules Posted in the Smart Canucks Tea Room at . Read those rules as well.

    Failure to observe these rules may result in your post(s) being edited, negatively moderated or deleted. Smart Canucks reserves the right to ban abusers from the site and possibly seek legal action against them.

    1. Moderators

    The role of the Moderators is to enforce the rules and to organize posts and threads to ensure that a smooth and enjoyable community exists for all SC members.

    If you view a post or become aware of something that you think is a violation of the forum rules please click the "Report to Moderator" icon (the red triangle with an exclamation mark at the bottom left of the post in question) and include a short note about what the issue is. DO NOT get involved - be part of the solution, not the problem.

    The Moderators are governed by the Site Administrator. In the event that you dispute a Moderator's actions, you have the recourse of making a complaint by Private Message to the Admin, Boo Radley, for consideration. The Admin's ruling in a dispute applies to both the Moderators and the Members involved and is considered final.

    2. Posting

    SEARCH FIRST when you post a new deal, thread or question to see if the same topic has been already posted or answered. Use different keywords in the search box and try the advanced search too. Reposts and cross-threads may be merged with existing posts or deleted at the discretion of the moderators.

    Choose an appropriate subject line. Try to summarize the topic briefly in the subject, and elaborate in the message itself. Repeat the subject in the body if it will make things clearer. DO NOT use all caps - UPPER CASE LOOKS AS IF YOU ARE SHOUTING, and it is considered to be offensive.

    Moderators generally work from the oldest topics up to the newest ones, so please refrain from bumping your topics in hope of getting attention. Also, if you need to edit more information into a topic/post, please edit it and add it in rather than double posting.

    Members are not allowed to advertise affiliate links that lead to them earning cash, credits, or points, or embed referrer codes in links that will lead them to earnings. This includes member's Smart Canucks referrer codes.

    Absolutely no advertising or spam. Vendors who wish to advertise on this site/forum may contact the Administrator. Smartcanucks has methods that can identify members who are affiliated with sites and products they post about. Spam posts will be deleted immediately and the member posting it will be banned permanently by default.

    3. Posting Deals

    When posting a new deal, specify the item, vendor and deal period or date in the subject line. DO NOT make a subject line like "Cordless phone on sale". DO make a subject line like "Garmin StreetPilot C550 Half Price at The Source June 12-25<sup>th</sup> 2008”.

    Be sure to post the deal in the appropriate section of the forum.

    In the body of the post, include detailed information on the item, sale price, and date of the sale. Post the URL of the webpage (link) the deal can be found at if possible. If possible also include a picture of the item.

    Please do not post deals or products from U.S. vendors. SmartCanucks deals exclusively with vendors based in Canada. When in doubt, contact the forum moderators for advice.

    4. Posting in the Tech Talk, Support & Help Subforum

    When posting a question, Make your subject line as descriptive as possible - “Help!” would be a bad example, “How can I fix dead pixels on my LCD?” would be better.

    If you are seeking assistance to solve a tech problem you are having, and you have had your issue solved, edit the subject line to read “[SOLVED]” at the end so that other users know the topic is finished.


    Inappropriate language is not permitted on the support forum.
    Refrain from using coarse/insulting/vulgar language. This is a G rated site!

    You must respect staff and fellow members. Refrain from inflammatory comments. Abuse or harassment towards our moderators and/or members is not allowed. Keep all commentary civil, and be courteous at all times. You may disagree strongly with an opinion someone has. Disagree with the opinion, not the person. If you always use good manners and are polite to other people, your visits to the forum will be beneficial for all. Harassment of members includes derogatory comments about race, religion, sex (male or female bashing), sexual orientation, and economic or social status. Direct or indirect insults, slander and defamatory comments towards the site Administrator, Moderators and/or members will not be tolerated.

    Refrain from discussing politics or religion. Discussions on these subjects is sure to cause the start of a flame war and a disruption of the forums. They are not necessary in an Electronics forum. Strictly Forbidden!

    Every user is entitled to one account only. Additional accounts are not permitted.

    Do not astroturf or pretend to be/represent somebody else.

    6. Private Messaging

    Private Messaging is a feature of this forum and is a privilege for users who abide by the rules. The content of your private messages is also subject to the forum rules. Using the private messaging system to promote, advertise, harass, solicit or influence members is forbidden. In cases of suspected abuse, the private message system of the offending member will be monitored and recorded. Once evidence of misuse is obtained, the user will be banned.

    7. Right to edit the Rules.

    The Administrator and Moderators reserve the right to edit the above rules for clarity and to address new issues for the benefit of all Smart Canucks members.

    The End.

    Please take care to remember these rules so that everyone here at Smart Canucks can have a fulfilling and fun time here.

    Enjoy your time in our Electronics Deals Forum!
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