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Thread: Gluten free

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    Is there a store that only sells gluten free products in Winnipeg?? i am looking for my brother who just found out he cant handle gluten and were looking into food places and options.
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    They have Lorenzo's Bakery (All Gluten Free) - 1060 St Mary's Rd -

    Most stores like Sobeys, Safeway, Superstore etc have an aisle or a section with gluten free foods, which are commonly located with the natural/organic foods.
    Natural Food stores like Vita Health and Organza have a good selection.
    Bulk Barn has lots of different options with different flours and packaged foods (ie. Cereal, protein bars)
    I've never personally been but Meyers Whole Foods - 483 William Ave is supposed to have the largest gluten free selection in the city.

    I purchase a lot of stuff online from they have a pretty good selection of products and are comparable to other stores.

    If you look on you can search for restaurants that specifically offer gluten free options.
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    walmart has a section that has special diet foods, there is also a product line called glutino that is gluten free

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