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Thread: Scam

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    We just received a letter from a Laura Vivian to my husband, Madame (MALE: hubby's name), who is apparently a clairvoyant who is answering our pleas for financial help and will be sending us a cheque for $14,300.00 shortly, which is Stage 1 of two gifts!!!
    ..We do not require any financial assistance, nor do we respond to scams.
    I'm sure no one on here falls for such trash, but if you pass the word along, maybe someone will be less gullible, and not respond.....
    ..."I can see your smile from here, and I can feel the happiness filling you up. And yes, this is what a winner in games of chance such as the lottery feels, for example."..."Don't tell anyone! It is a gift I only give to those close to me, until today. And, as I have already said to you, (hubby's name), I was deeply moved by your story."
    Story??!! Gads!!! If there's one thing my husband is, is a supremely private person re finances (except with our DD who handles them) Honey, there is no story here!

    The last time we received anything like this, I informed the police so that they could make it public, but my name was then in the local paper as reporting this fraud! I wasn't thrilled with that, so this time I'll make certain I remain anonymous.

    Would anyone fall for this crap??!!! Send us $35 and we'll send you $14,000.00??!!
    Count me IN! LOL!!!
    Come to think of it, unfortunately....they do, all the time, that's why this is such a lucrative business...

    So please pass it along.....

    I found "our" letter on line....too funny!!!
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    Oy, those are always crazy.
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    It is a big spam that making fraud with those peoples who don't use internet regularly. So be aware of these type of spammers.
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