I went to a movie screener this morning and my spouse who feels like popcorn is a necessity got two kids snack packs for 8 dollars each from cineplex starcite for the kids we brought with us. It was a promotional box for a new kids film and I believe it is likely to be sold across all the cineplex until the movie is released next weekend. It came with a toy, popcorn, kid sized juice and small candy. I wouldn't have bought them if I was alone but that is because I tend to not buy snacks at the theaters. I strongly prefered the child appropriate portions in the boxes. The boxes had easy to punch out coupons on the box for 15 dollars off 60 dollar spent at toys r us. If you happen to be going to the movies this week with a kid and would be likely to spend 60 dollars before the July expiry date at toys r us, then it might be a good idea to get this kids snack pack or if you are really cheap there were hundreds of them going to dumpster as we left.

If anyone wants to trade me one or two of these coupons for something else let me know.