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Thread: Popsicle is a Brand WALMART!! Don't you get it???

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    My compliant message to Walmart:

    "I was at Copper Creek location today at 3:30pm trying to price match three packs of creamicles against No frills ad popsicle novelties for $1.97 and was rejected! reasons given was it has to be "Breyers" Popsicles. Cashier was not sure and called the CSM over, I told the CSM that "Popsicle" is a brand by itself, and you won't find any brand that will have the word "Popsicle" on the packageing!? she does not show any common sense and refuse to admit that I was right after 30mins of debating with her in front of the freezer. I told her to pick out any other brands that says "Popsicle" on it and she was not able to. At the end she gave in and let me price match one pack, but I wanted three packs!!! and she acted like she is doing a big flavor for letting to even get one pack. I ask to speak to the higher authorities, and she said no one is there except for her. Yeah right lady! Not to mention, I was just there two days ago and walked out with the same three packs of creamicles for $1.97 with no hassles! two days after they are telling me they can't do the price match. Someone please give me a good explanation on these. I have love visiting this location before, the front end manager there is very nice, unfortunately she was on vacation. I left and went to no frills, and guess what Walmart, all Popsicle products were included in the sale and creamiscle is included! no frill is 5mins from me and Walmart is 10 mins from me, I chose spent my $ at Walmart just because I loved that location, but after today I don't think I would be there for a long while!"

    Just need to rant about it here, just feel so frustrated today from these. It was my favorite cashier who cashed me out today and I don't blame her since she only a cashier, but CSM should know better about Brands and products that they carry in the store!
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    That's an odd situation - Creamsicles say Creamsicle on the box top left where other products say Popsicle.

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