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On Sunday May 11 at 1:30pm I went to the Kingswood Valufoods store (Hammonds Plains Road) to purchase 4x packages of the Extra Lean Ground Beef for $3.49/lb that is clearly advertised on the front page of the current, valid flyer. This same flyer was available in-store. When I couldn't find the extra lean ground beef, I asked the cashier. I was informed by the cashier that this particular store does not stock this product and the nearest store that would is in Prospect.....32km away (30 minute drive). As a customer, I don't drive to Kingswood ValuFoods to be told that if I want the product I will need to drive way out of my way to buy it.

When I contacted the store, the manager told me they "are a small store and don't stock a lot of the items in the flyer." He said the flyer even says that in the small print on the back of the flyer. He said their lean ground beef is comparable to extra lean ground beef.... (apples and oranges). The lean ground beef was NOT on sale, so why would I want to pay more for something that is not what I wanted?

What's the point of sending out a flyer if you're not going to stock the items? Where's the logic? I'm not impressed and won't be wasting my time and shopping at that store anymore.

Has anyone else had bad experiences with ValuFoods and their advertised products/flyers?