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    Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for phone, tv and internet companies for the London area. My service provider is becoming a real pain with sudden large jumps in price without notice, having to renegotiate every 3 months... I'm not sure if I want to stream tv or not. I need good overall value, will not go back to satellite due to trees... I'm not good with technology, what are important questions to ask? I'm also tired of games- not getting straight answers on regular pricing, all these crazy deals that will expire soon after I get it and then my bills are back to over budget. Just good service, no b.s.
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    I use magic jack for my phone one year fee 60 dollars
    I do stream live tv for free with my pivos box and I only pay 73.00 a month for high speed endless bandwith with Bell
    the internet gives me access to everything
    I was paying 100.00 a month for the phone
    200.00 a month for cable tv
    and 100.00 a month for the internet
    a total of 400.00 a month and now only 73.00 a month on my large flat screen not a laptop
    of course I had to pay 100.00 for the pivos box to start
    from 400.00 to 73.00 a month ...yes its a dramatic difference
    Why would you not want that?

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