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Thread: City Staff Yell's at me While at the Dog Park

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    There is an unfenced, off leash dog park a short walk from my home (its a large bush with trails throughout it and a main dog greeting area in the centre). I take the main road from my home to the dog park, cut across a baseball and soccer field (it's completely empty) and to the line of trees that marks the dog park boundary, where I and all other users of the park let our dogs off leash. I walk around the perimeter of the dog park tree line and about to follow the main trail leading to the centre of the park (my dog is still off leash but well under control and is actually walking beside me at this point, she's a JRT) when to my left a middle aged man steps out from behind a group of trees and begins yelling at me:
    Man - I SAW YOU WALKING ACROSS THE SCHOOL YARD (there is a public school with a field that directly backs the dog park, but is in the opposite directions from where I came from).
    Me - Excuse me? (I had my head phones in but on low)
    Man - I SAW YOU WALKING FROM OVER THERE (points to the school yard)
    Me (I'm now on the defensive so there was some attitude in my voice) - IF you actually saw me, you would have seen that I came from the OPPOSITE direction from 69th Ave.
    Man - Starts mumbling under his breath and is giving me VERY dirty looks.

    At this point I have no idea he works for the city. I just give him my 'I am not impressed with you' look, pop my head phones back in and continue my walk through the dog park. When I was heading back in the direction I came from is when I noticed the City of Edmonton truck parked directly beside the dog park and three men (including the one who yelled at me) sitting at the picnic table beside the truck. As I was walking up the path towards the men, the one who yelled at me kept staring and giving me dirty looks while the other 2 (younger, mid to late twenties or so) would look my way then look away.
    I was completely in the right based solely on the map of the dog park and exceptable places to allow them off leash, my dog was fully under voice and non-verbal (I can snap my fingers and she'll come directly to me, even when interacting with other dogs) control 110% of the time. He had no right to accuse me of anything....if this happens again, I think I'm going to ask for actual evidence of my "misconduct" as I know for a fact there will be traffic and other security cameras that can prove otherwise.
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    Reminds me of the time I was staying at a KOA camp ground. Took our dog for a walk along the road, and we happened to be passing by the park they had. Camp security pulled up beside me, forcing me off the road and onto the edge of the park.
    The guy then proceeds to say to me "No dogs in the park."

    I told him Ok, and just kept walking. But I'm terrible at hiding my facial expressions, so I know I looked at him like he was an idiot - I was nowhere near walking in the park until he forced me off the road, and it was a straight road so he could darn well see that I was walking ON the road when he pulled up to me.

    Some people, in the belief that they are following the rules set out by their employer, are just dumb.
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    I'm sorry you got yelled at, that is not right. But as a grandmother, it's also not right that you, and or others cut across a soccer field with your dog. I'm a dog owner and am well aware that we cannot control where they mark (not just pee). Soccer fields, school grounds, parks and such are off limits to dogs in Alberta (I also live here). I wouldn't want my grandson slipping while playing soccer and landing face first in the grass where some dog had decided to mark.

    Although I agree this man was rude and had no business treating you that way, please don't cut through places where children play with your dog.
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    In my community in BC, dogs are not permitted on school grounds or playing fields. It seems most people aren't aware of this but it does make sense for the reasons hollyquaiscer listed above. As the mother of two kids who played soccer for many years, I completely understand the rule. The man could certainly have approached you in a more professional way, though, to explain nicely what you were doing wrong. No one likes to be yelled at.
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