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    Do you have a bird friendly business in Toronto? Host the Toronto Bird Photo Booth and show off your best birds.
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    If you have a good location in the GTA, and have rare and colourful birds at your feeder, then you can host the booth and immortalize yourself and your birds. The best bird photos win prizes. Everyone will get more and more attention as the world becomes captivated by the contraption, as it travels around Toronto. Here's Dr. Archer Toronto dentist as she appears in her dental office in the photo gallery of Zoomers today holding the booth; she is promoting her upcoming week with the rigs in July.

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    An experienced birder with a yard and lots of resident birds of any kind could win this informal contest; so far all contenders have been business owners that are only amateur birders, just satisfied with getting the high tech equipment working, and getting some pictures of any species in their gallery. Vigorate Digital loyalty programs uploaded six shots of a lone English sparrow and considered themselves lucky to get that - read on how their booth was on borrowed land and near a construction site. But a veteran birder might have done things differently ..For example you could use the Wingscapes BirdPro trailcam to get woodpeckers in trees maybe? Or you could position the bird photo booth flat on a grassy lawn the get Brown Thrashers? or something more exciting than the pigeons and sparrows and starlings we've seen so far.
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    Toronto Bird Photo Booth goes around town and asks CEOs to come out from behind their desks and put down their office phones, like John Conn at Standard telecom, above, to take turns positioning the specially modified Bird Photo Booth near their business address. Then they're encouraged to submit the shots they collect into an exclusive photo contest - see what John got below.
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    This Common Grackle never looked so good as photographed here by the iPhone 5C inside the Toronto Bird Photo Booth set up in the back parking lot of Standard Telephone - June 2014. This bird is a fully developed adult male Common Grackle in the prime of his life - he has a very healthy coat, a long, dark bill, pale yellowish eyes and a long tail. His feathers appear black with purple, green blue sheen in the body plumage.
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    Patrons enrolled in this program get to play with cool motion control macro photography equipment; the iPhone 5 camera in the Bird Photo Booth with motion detector app enables birds take selfies! Both actual cameras have motion detectors and are specially fitted with lenses and optical adjustments to take close-ups and hopefully capture emotion filled 'head shots' of all birds perched on the bowl. promoted in part by a new Birdwatching weekly column in Toronto is Awesome magazine, and covered in other nature blogs and birding journals - US Green Technology article about the Toronto Bird Photo Booth details much of the for American readers. Below is David Shephard who runs a busy Ad Agency in Toronto by day, takes time out of building a Tiny House in Toronto to aim the cameras.
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    But of course its us, the loyal birdwatchers and its the birds themselves that are the big winners. . Overall our work and positive application of technology will help Toronto's residents evolve to become a more 'ornithologically aware' . The populations inside our biggest cities will celebrate birdwatching and even become more aware of the many different species besides seagulls, sparrows and starlings that are visible in our city streets.

    Do you have a bird friendly business in Toronto? Sound off below or PM me, or do both, if you'd like to take the Toronto Bird Photo Booth and show off your best birds.
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    Nice idea! If I had a business I'd definitely participate. Thanks for sharing it
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