First camping trip with my boyfriend, he insists on taking a 25 foot trailer. No tent for him, ok whatever. He borrows a friends trailer and takes it to be serviced (he's very anal, and safe). We leave tomorrow at 1:30pm when I get off work but today he was driving the trailer home from the shop and something is wrong. Something with the wiring and the breakaway? I don't know much about it except if they don't get it fixed we can't go (he has his commercial driving license and could be in big trouble if inspected). So he calls the owner of the trailer who finally returns his call, they agree to meet at 7am to see if they can fix it. It also needs two new tires. The servicing was $600 and new tires will be $400. My boyfriend would rather give the money to his friend than go and rent a trailer but now look, we might be stranded in the city for the long weekend! He refuses to tent. I'm going either way but ugh, just pray for us tomorrow that it all works out, thank you!