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Thread: I am I being "offensive" and not being serious [story/rant]

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    He is just over reacting and being a drama queen . No sense of humour & being overly sensitive .

    Nothing wrong with what you said , in fact you should have never apologised, as now he is going to think he was right & you are wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by win-star View Post
    Hi everyone!!

    Have a little rant/story I want to get out and opinion from.

    A co-worker asked me the day before to pick him up at the bus stop before work so he doesn't have to walk up to work. I agreed as we are very good friends/co-worker where we talked often and "hung out" outside of working hours and do alot of joking around.

    So ... the following day [today] he texted me "don't forget to pick me up!!"

    I responded "Who is this?! I forgot!! .... Joking haha"

    He responded back in about 10 mins ... "I'll walk to work instead, your joke is very offensive and I don't like it"

    [Walking is 1.8 km from bus stop to work]

    The whole day he never talked even though I apologized to him that I did not mean to hurt his feelings. Between me and him, we knew each other for 3+ years and we joke with/at each other without a problem. We traveled places a few times to tourist places.

    He says my joke was offensive and that he will not talk to me again because I am not handle the situation seriously.

    Do you think he's over doing the situation? I know it was wrong on my part but we normally "joke" like that and he never says a thing about not liking it or to stop the way i joke. It's just out of the blue he says I am not serious and offensive
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    Guys, how does a thread where everyone seems to agree the OP's friend over-reacted turn into members attacking each other?
    There is just no need for all the attacks lately

    /Thread tidied
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    Hmmm... I did it find a little odd, as you said you and him have known each other for 3 years (and are probably familiar with each other's style of humor by now). And like others already mentioned - maybe he was just having a crappy day at the time.
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    In his defence, considering you've been friends for a long time and he's just now asking you to pick him up it probably took A LOT of courage for him. It sounds like he doesn't like to impose on people so when you made that joke he felt rejected/like he was imposing and backed down. And it is easier to back down and ignore that person than it is to face them.

    That is what I think happened. That being said, it is silly and I hope you two can mend the issue and he can get a ride from you in the future!
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    He must have had a bad morning, it may be a little different if you had have joked and said something like "Get your own ride, gas costs money...jk" then he could be offended, but that still wouldn't be enough to treat you like that.

    But what you said wasn't even offensive in the least.
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    @ OP: I think that friend maybe over reacting but just wonder if you have ever accidently stood him up, cancel last min or just being unreliable in the past. That may explain why he get upset over that little joke. If not he's probably having a rough day.
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