I have my home phone, digital cable and internet through Rogers and I was actually offered a pretty good deal the last time I called them about possibly canceling, which I was pleased with. I've also had my cell phone through Rogers for 15+ years, first through Pay As You Go and then later under contract. My contract is expiring around November and I checked the Rogers site which told me I was eligible for an upgrade. Last weekend I stopped into a Rogers Plus store with a specific phone in mind. The clerk grabbed the phone from the back and a new SIM card and we sat down at one of the computers while he looked at the details for my account. He then told me that I wasn't eligible to upgrade to that phone under my current plan and if I wanted that phone I would have to switch to a new plan, which was $20/month more than what I currently have . He told me that I could upgrade to the older version of the phone if I wanted, but I only had until July 11th to upgrade or I would HAVE to switch plans no matter what. I told him no thanks. If this is how Rogers is going to treat their cell phone customers, I will be switching once my contract is up. I will not be forced into anything. Since contracts can only be signed for 2 yrs instead of 3 yrs, I guess Rogers is taking it out on their customers. I plan on calling them and explaining exactly why I am leaving too. Bye bye Rogers