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Thread: Lovely encounter with WalMart greeter

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    Just a short hubby and I did a little grocery run to WalMart after my appointment with my physiotherapist, so instead of hauling my wheelchair out of our van, he got one from the store and wheeled me to a motorized stroller. The greeter, a lady, was so attentive, I felt so pampered, and as my hubby was checking out later, I waited in my scooter by the doors and she came up to me and asked me if I had knee replacement surgery (my incision was evident below my capris) and I told her about the accident, and when my hubby arrived to transfer me back to the wheelchair, she asked me for my name, then said she'd pray for my full recovery!
    I didn't get her name, since I was being wheeled away, but I'm pretty sure God will know who I 'm talking about when I pray for her tonight.

    Anyway...just wanted to share a pleasant experience.
    I'll call the manager tomorrow and tell him or her about her and how attentive she was....not about the prayer, that may not be very PC....sigh...I hope they have a way of thanking their employees!

    UPDATE: I just spoke to the assistant manager and relayed my experience and it was obvious that a complimentary call re one of her employees was a refreshing departure from the usual calls she receives.
    She said the have a "star" reward system and the employee is congratulated at a meeting with other employees....Judging by her response, I know she'll follow through. Yay!
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